The Culture Wars Come to Fluvanna County High School

A tenth-grade student at Fluvanna County High School has proposed producing stickers featuring a redesigned school logo in rainbow colors in order to show “support” for the “LGBTQ+ community.”

In her letter to the School Board, the student recommends that the rainbow logo stickers then be distributed to sympathetic teachers for in-school display:

I am a tenth-grade student at the high school, and president of the Alliance club sponsored by Ms. Rebecca Newman. The purpose of Alliance club is to create a safe and non-judgmental space for students within or supporting the LGBTQ+ community. In order for some of the teachers that support our club to display their support, we would like to give out stickers to teachers displaying the Fluco “F” in rainbow colors. I am requesting permission for the club to use the logo shown below so that we can encourage a safe, accepting space in our school. If you would like to contact me about this, I am available at [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration,


The student’s letter does not reference the problem of politicization, but it is an issue worthy of consideration. Teachers will be judged, positively or negatively, by their acceptance or rejection of the rainbow stickers.

And despite the club’s tacit advocacy of safety and acceptance for all, older posts from the Alliance’s now-dormant Facebook page imply hostility and intolerance towards those who do not accept the club’s premise:

In addition, political appropriation of the school’s logo opens the door for other such customizations that certainly would deviate from the present political paradigm.

Can teachers be asked to promote safe spaces for pro-life students, those in support of the NRA and 2nd Amendment? For protection of and expressed sympathy towards conservatives, Southern Heritage, Christians, Hamas?

Everything old is new again, as the Fluvanna County School Board stands at the edge of a vast chasm. A capitulation to one interest group will lead to demands by others who may not be as palatable. Will the board have the courage and wisdom to just say “no” or will Fluvanna County High School become the latest battleground in the ongoing Culture Wars?

The student’s proposal is on the School Board agenda for November 7.

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