31 Days of October, Day 27

Today we traveled through Blacksburg, Montgomery, Giles, and Craig counties, New Castle, Paint Bank, Allegheny County, West Virginia, Covington, Bath County, Hot Springs, Warm Springs, Highland County, Monterey, and finally Augusta County. In our travels, we found some of the prettiest colors of this season.

We took Rt. 460 Business (Main Street) out of Blacksburg to Rt. 460 west where color along the road had increased since several days ago, then onto Rt. 42 to Rt. 311, and we turned north on Rt. 311 and followed to the West Virginia line. We then turned north on Rt. 194 back into Virginia and followed to Covington where we picked up Rt. 220 North, passing Falling Spring Falls, then The Homestead, and north to Monterey. We then turned east on Rt. 250 and followed it back to Augusta County.

But first we stopped at Joe’s Trees in Craig County where there was a hunt for the Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. We found apple butter, honey comb, pepper jelly … and brought home the memories of a festive autumn atmosphere together with temps in the low 50s and misty rain.

Before descending into New Castle, we stopped at an overlook and took pics of mountains in the distance.

Looking over New Castle, the county seat of Craig County.

Looking over New Castle

Rt. 42 in Craig County

Rt. 311 west of New Castle where the roadway was lined by the colors of fall.


The pics don’t do justice to just how beautiful it was.

Entering Paint Bank on Rt. 311 from the east.

Paint Bank is merely an intersection at Rt. 18 and Rt. 311 with a general store, service station, and several lodging facilities. Continuing west on Rt. 311, we were on our way to Crows, Virginia … but first we had to cross through a corner of West Virginia that projected into the Commonwealth.

Rt. 194 took us to Covington where we hooked up on Rt. 60 east on our way to Rt. 220 north to Highland. Tomorrow I’ll share more photos of autumn colors in western Virginia along our journey from Covington through Bath County, Highland County, and home to Augusta County.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell

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