The World Is Run By Those Who Show Up

Not all Virginia Republicans voted for Corey Stewart to be the GOP nominee to challenge incumbent Senator Tim Kaine. Yet he is now the face of Virginia Republicans to the nation.

Tuesday’s primary had extremely low turnout.

To paraphrases one commenter on Facebook, in a state of eight million people, just 300,000 voted in the GOP primary, and only 135,000 of them voted for Corey Stewart. He noted that 135,000 people screwed up the other 8 million people and reminded that George Allen used to always say the world is run by those who show up.

On Tuesday the Corey supporters were more energized to get to the polls and vote in their guy. They showed up.

Every vote counts, and elections have consequences.

Cover photo: Iraqis hold up their ink-stained index fingers, proof that they voted