Taylor and Jones Make Pitches to Republican Women

Congressman Scott Taylor (VA-02)

With the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate and 2nd District House of Representatives one week away, the Nimmo Republican Women held their monthly meeting at the Virginia Beach National Golf Course.

Following club business and a delicious meal, Congressman Scott Taylor spoke on his travels throughout the Middle East and President Trump’s position to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. Taylor highlighted his work on military preparedness needs and his work with foreign relations in the Middle East and South America. Congressman Taylor is clearly an expert in this field, as shown in his long and in depth analysis of many of the situations facing the United States and our Military.

Also in attendance was Mary Jones of James City County. Jones is running against Taylor for the Republican nomination for Congress.

Jones was greeting voters while handing out a flier that was incredibly misleading in regards to votes Taylor has taken while in Congress. Taylor addressed the misleading flier several times in his remarks to the group.

Jones spoke of her time on the Board of Supervisors in James City County and her support of President Trump. Her main gripe with Congressman Taylor is the vote for the budget in which he could only vote yes or no due to the procedures of voting on a final budget. Taylor highlighted his opposition to continuing resolutions and raised his frustrations with the Senate in how they are doing business. Taylor voted yes on the budget, and the bill was signed by President Trump.

Jones did not take questions following her speech.

Overall the meeting was very relaxed and non-controversial considering the election is in one week.  City Council candidates Tim Worst (Princess Anne), Dee Oliver (At-Large), and school board candidate Kendra Edwards (Beach) were all in attendance and greeting voters.

Club President Jeanne Baker has done a great job recruiting new members and growing the club. The next meeting for the Nimmo Republican Women will be in September. None of the Senate Candidates had a presence at the meeting.

Congressional candidate Mary Jones

Cole Trower, Marta Rollins

Patricia Knight, Betsy Kennedy, Marta Rollins

Tim Worst listening to a voter

Cindy Free, Tina Mapes
Debra Price, Dee Oliver