Whether You Agree With Him or Not, Delegate Glenn Davis Is a Class Act

How often have our elected officials taken votes that we disagree with? If you look at politics today, a lot of people complain that those who serve us are not always available to their constituents or that when they take a tough vote they duck their heads in the sand.

This week the Virginia General Assembly passed a budget that included Medicaid expansion. There were tense moments, arguments, and tough disagreements. Everyone in Virginia, whether they be a legislator or citizen, had their opinion. Republicans were split on the issue and there was fierce debate before the legislation was passed.

Following the vote, concerned citizens took to social media to post their frustrations to the Republican members who voted for expansion. I personally had friends on both sides of the argument and respected the various opinions. What I found refreshing in all of the chaos was the fact that one of our elected officials decided to host a live Facebook townhall from his home to answer questions people had of him and the process.

Delegate Glenn Davis, whether one agrees with his vote or not, should be commended for his openness, transparency, and willingness to interact with voters immediately following such a tough situation. He and his wife Chelle are true public servants.

Delegate Davis hosted his Facebook townhall because it was the right thing to do. To put himself out there to answer questions that we the people had of what just happened was a prime example of leadership. He did his best to answer legitimate questions for those who honestly wanted answers on policy, and he did his best in dealing with those who simply just wanted to troll him and throw gas on the fire.

Either way, Delegate Davis listened, was patient, and did his best to do his job in explaining why he came to the conclusion he did. He took the jabs thrown, like he should, and continue to progress the dialogue.

There is something special in this as we move forward. I hope those reading realize this post is not pro Medicaid expansion or anti Medicaid expansion, but rather a guiding point to how our elected leaders can better serve we the people.

None of us will agree all the time but what we do agree on is the need to be transparent and genuine with voters. Thank you, Delegate Glenn Davis, for being transparent and genuine with us.

Author’s note: I served as Glenn Davis’ campaign manager for Lieutenant Governor and Delegate. We remain close friends.