WATCH: Del. Glenn Davis Roasts Corey Stewart on House Floor

Corey Stewart is a hopeless junkie whose drug of choice is negative attention.

With Medicaid expansion and the budget dominating this week’s news cycle, and desperately in need of another, ever-stronger fix, the clown prince of Virginia politics got the attention he wanted when he stood Thursday out front of the capitol and made lewd, sexually-charged remarks about delegates and their wives.

Clutching a roll of toilet paper, Stewart called legislators “flaccid” before remarking, “I feel sorry for their wives,” as part of a bizarre rant against Medicaid expansion which relied less on the facts being debated inside the chamber and more on his penchant for nasty personal attacks. Acting seemingly without shame, Stewart took aim at lawmakers with all the tact and wit of a washed-up, B-circuit insult comic — even though Virginia stopped laughing at his antics a long time ago.

The day after, outraged by what he said was an attack on the “Virginia Way” which he said was “defined by how we conduct ourselves,” Delegate Glenn Davis from Virginia beach denounced Stewart from the House floor, to resounding applause from all corners of the chamber.

Decrying Stewart’s lack of civility, Davis firmly punched back at the bully on behalf of the institution of the General Assembly itself, denouncing Stewart as a “political demagogue who stood on the capitol grounds, hawking his candidacy, and hurling personal insults at members of this body, armed with toilet paper.”

“It’s rich and ironic to be lectured on fiscal responsibility by someone who has supported a long list of tax increases back home, fueling spending growth that would make a real conservative blush, and who happily switches positions for the opportunity to raise dollars for his various political campaigns,” Davis continued, alluding to Corey’s long record of hiking taxes in Prince William County, where he serves as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

Saying that Corey’s conduct “stains our Commonwealth, Davis continued, “At the end of the day, for government to work, we can’t allow our service to be degraded into embarrassing charades by attention seekers whose only skill is theatrics.”

Davis closed with a sharp rebuke:

“Mr. Speaker, for too long, we have allowed the Virginia way to be shouted down by a charlatan whose record doesn’t match his record, and right now, I’m done with fake politicians. I’m done with Minnesotans who pretend to be Southern gentlemen. I’m done with phonies who think they’re Donald Trump because they can tweet, and I’m done with holier-than-thou politicians who want to preach about ethics and fiscal responsibility when they have demonstrated that they possess neither.”

The chamber’s reaction was clear: applause, and lots of it.

Stewart is currently vying for the Republican nomination for United States Senate in 2018.

The Virginia Way in politics is only as strong as the people who enforce it — the voters. As Republicans in the Commonwealth consider their options for the party’s nomination for U.S. Senate, Bearing Drift encourages all readers to watch this video and consider the style of politics and the individuals we want representing our party and our values.


From The Washington Post: ‘A phony’ and ‘a charlatan’: Corey Stewart gets taste of own medicine.

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