Stephen Spiker: Why I’m Staying in the Republican Party

By Stephen Spiker

Kyle’s resignation should be a wake-up call. November 2017 should have been a wake-up call. The murder of Heather Heyer should have been a wake-up call. Yet I have a feeling we’ll be hitting the snooze button all the way through the 2018 elections.

My good friend and (former) colleague on the 11th District Republican Committee Kyle McDaniel resigned from his SCC position yesterday, and announced he was leaving the Republican Party. I respect his decision and told him, as a friend, I support him. I was even quoted by the Washington Post in the article they wrote about him. During that short conversation, the Post reporter asked if I, as the Young Republican representative to the 11th District Committee, was considering leaving as well.

I told him “No.”

I joined the Republican Party because I’m a conservative. Just because many in the Republican Party have moved on from conservatism doesn’t mean that I will, too. The Republican Party is still the best platform to advocate for candidates and policies I support.

I’ve been asked a few times, given some of the disagreements I’ve had with fellow Republicans, what top three issues I would center the party on. Here’s what I tell them:

1) Free markets 
This includes promoting free trade, fighting protectionism, rescinding absurd licensing requirements, eliminating market-distorting subsidies and loopholes, reforming the tax code, and reducing regulations. When markets are free, small businesses are empowered.

2) Free people
We should adhere to the 10th Amendment, and limit the size and scope of government. We also need to hold government accountable, including the judicial system. When government is limited, individuals are empowered.

3) Pro-life
I’m fervently pro-life. That said, we also need to keep in mind that this topic calls for compassion, not aggression. People get pushed in the pro-choice direction when they see the self-serving legislative and campaign scramble to become the pro-lifest person who ever pro-lifed, which results in ridiculous legislation and even more ridiculous rhetoric that doesn’t help anybody.

These three positions call for a robust legal immigration system. Immigration is and always has been a positive benefit for the United States by creating economic opportunity. Every immigrant is another consumer who has an economic demand for housing, cars, clothing, food, cell phones, entertainment, and kitchen utensils. The demand they create for those products and services creates jobs.

Moreover, these positions value life and treat people with respect, no matter where they happen to have been born. If you believe, as I do, that God created man in his image and we are all His children, then it is our calling to treat all immigrants, illegal immigrants, asylees, refugees, and migrants as the human beings they are.

Some leaders in the Republican Party struggle with that.

I share many of Kyle McDaniel’s concerns, particularly concerning the rise of populist and nativist sentiments. Because I hold a pro-immigration position, I’ve been called a RINO. I’ve been called a globalist. I’ve been called a Cultural Marxist. I’ve been called a cuckservative. I’ve been called a race traitor. I’ve been called all of those things, by Republicans, for agreeing with Ronald Reagan.

People point out to me, as they’ve pointed out to Kyle, that these attacks don’t represent “most” of the Republican Party. Maybe they’re the loudest contingent, or they get all the attention. I think that’s correct: most Republicans don’t agree with Fredy Burgos that refugees are sub-human, or that countries should only be “rooted in a common ancestry,” or that Catholics are going to hell.

But many in the Republican Party enable those viewpoints by not addressing them. They defend and embrace those viewpoints when they stifle efforts to confront them. They argue, “Let’s not air our dirty laundry;” instead, they’d rather stink up the entire house. It won’t help us win votes, they say, as if demonstrating moral leadership would turn voters off.

This is a problem that requires more than just flatly denying that racism exists or issuing platitudes about equality or citing the 160-year-old history of the Republican Party. The only way to push back on perceptions that the Republican Party is racist is by pushing back on racism within the ranks of the Republican Party.

Kyle’s resignation should be a wake-up call. November 2017 should have been a wake-up call. The murder of Heather Heyer should have been a wake-up call. Yet I have a feeling we’ll be hitting the snooze button all the way through the 2018 elections.

Leaders in the party don’t want to rock the boat, which means that they get upset when I’m quoted by the Washington Post for stating the painfully obvious: The Republican Party today has trouble attracting support from young voters. Polls confirm this.The electoral shellacking we took in 2017 confirms this. Yet noticing that there’s a problem ruffles feathers.

I challenge us to do better.

Fortunately, I think we can and will, and that’s why I’m staying. I have an optimistic view of our long-term prospects, because Young Republicans are the future leaders of the party. Some, like Kishore Thota, Nadia Elgendy, Glen Sturtevant, Emily Brewer, Paul Prados, Willie Deutsch, and Ron Meyer, are already leaders and elected officials changing perceptions about the party across the Commonwealth. Anyone who knows these names knows they don’t agree on everything, and that’s okay. But our generation will shape what the party will become. That gives me hope that we can build a Republican Party that defends conservative principles and wins elections, all while respecting the dignity of individuals of all backgrounds.

Stephen Spiker is a Republican pollster and former campaign manager who currently serves as the Young Republican representative on the 11th District Republican Committee.

  • James Young

    Perhaps the murder of Kathryn Steinle should have been a wake up call.

    • Jim Portugul

      Steven, nobody in Washington is hitting the snooze button. No republican is snoozing in Virginia when it comes to stealing elections.

      Irresponsible republicans are running up the national debt as fast as they can in their attempt at what amounts to “purchasing” votes for future elections. However, as anyone can see, republicans cannot even pass a budget. Trump is the joke of the world. A 33/34 year old banana republic dictator is making trump and the entire USA look like complete idiots. S Korea has now jumped into bed with N Korea rather than the lying, incompetant, trump administration.

      Your #1 and #2 above will never happen under our corrupt campaign finance and PAC, legalized bribery system of government. #3 is none of your or my business unless you are going to have an abortion. I know I won’t be having one.

      It’s amazing that the catholic church screams so loudly against wearing a condom, or using birth control, or abortion. And yet, the catholic church doesn’t seem to have a problem with the crooked, corruption filled, thieves, crooks, and liars, who are part of our corrupt political system and also claim to be catholics. Why is the catholic church not policing their membership on things not related to abortion?

      As you “seem” to acknowledge, it is hypocritical to crusade for a “free people”, and “free markets” and yet take away the God given right to chose between good and evil.

      Capitalism and our Constitution simply do not work with a corrupt society. At least one of the authors of the Constitution knew it was worthless paper within a corrupt society. No form of government other than a fear based government will work with a corrupt society.

      • Peter Foster

        Hey, I have a question. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion of Kyle or his decision, when was the last time a Republican won an election that Democrats did not accuse them of stealing?

        • SunnyL


  • old_redneck

    Check out the following insanity by Virginia GOP State Central Committee member Fredy Burgos, in response to the resignation of VA conservative activist Kyle McDaniel (who wrote, “I can no longer stomach those who support nativism, or their apologists and enablers.”). Among other things, Burgos says that McDaniel quit because “he was upset that people were not accepting his cultural Marxist point of view.” Burgos, by the way, is about as far right/extreme as you can get in this country (or any country), and it’s
    VERY telling that he remains a member in good standing of the VA GOP’s
    State Central Committee.

    The only thing missing from Burgos’s rant is that he omitted ” SIEG HEIL!!!” from the closing.

    — quote from Burgos


    Whey They Hate And Why They Wish To Silence Opposition

    They hate someone who believes in nation state.

    They hate someone who isn’t ashamed to be a patriot.

    They hate someone who is being tough on illegal immigration.

    They hate someone who calls out radical Islam.

    They hate someone who they feel is illeducated and who is too common to do the job.

    The hate comes from University edoctrination of Marxism that is
    disguised through culture, it is called cultural Marxism which is
    liberalism of today. Since the direct selling of economic socialism has
    failed in the United States, Marxist professors have introduced cultural
    Marxism. It is a weapon so sinister, evil, deadly, and effective that
    communist invading armies could never have accomplished so much success
    in advancing socialism in the United States. This cultural Marxist
    weapon has had all of us, at some point, capitulate to it, whether
    through the way we speak to each other or our thinking. This secular
    humanist cultural Marxist weapon is what we call today, political
    correctness. Polital correctness is a system of mental slavery. It is a
    system of good manners that has been misused as a form of oppression. It
    is leftist bullying that silences opposition to their bad policies. To
    make it seem impolite and immoral to mention the obvious. They believe
    by changing the culture, the identity of a nation, it will no longer be a
    nation but just another community of a one world order of thinking that
    has been growing in western Europe.

    Marxists have tought many millennials that moral values are a social
    construct therefore there are no set core of values, no right or wrong,
    and it is why law and order is crumbling to situational ethics or
    lawlessness. It is why many accept the erosion of our nations values and
    traditions. It is why they believe, what once was known as degenerate
    behavior in society, we must accept it as normal or else we are bigots
    or haters of those people. Unlike before 1965, immigration of today
    allows people from third world nations that are illiterate in their own
    language, will always be a dependent to our welfare system, and bring
    cultures that run contrary or even dangerous to our own way of life. We
    are told that we must accept and capitulate our own way of life, change
    our nations culture for these people. If we don’t accept the change of
    our societies traditional Judeo-Christian culture, we are racists and
    hate those people. The reason why they believe we are wrong on
    immigration and are racist for it, is because since most people from the
    third world have a skin color that is darker than traditional European
    people that originally populated our nation, then we must hate those
    people because of the color of their skin. That is idiotic and
    ridiculous but it is what many millinials think when in fact they
    themselves are unconsciously being racist. This is insulting to normal
    Americans and is what I fight against.

    Many millennials who have accepted this thinking, are not interested
    in conserving American values and traditions. It is why they are not
    conservatives. American conservatism is not just economic but very
    importantly, cultural. It is this cultual change in our country, through
    a foreign ideology, cultural Marxism, that makes it a danger to our way
    of life.

    We have been electing and appointing young cultural Marxists into
    leadership positions into the Republican Party without truly vetting
    whether they have American conservative values or one that is foreign to
    this country. It is why the Republican Party has moved left under a
    perversion of American conservatism. We have gone left under a globalist
    one world order of ‘compassionate conservatism’.

    Their secular humanist ideology that promotes socialism through
    cultural Marxism, is an ideology that thousands of Americans soldiers
    have died fighting against and it must be rejected and not be allowed in
    leadership positions within the Republican Party.

    Former Republican official, Kyle McDaniel, quit the Republican Party
    because he was upset that people were not accepting his cultural Marxist
    point of view. He was so upset of my views which were are in contrary
    to his view of culture that he decided to not be a Republican which is
    revealing. I celebrate Kyle McDaniel’s resignation from the Republican
    Party because his views were not in line with the views of most
    Americans. It was not in line with an American conservative party, the
    Republican Party, and what it should be. His views was one that has
    helped the Republican Party lose elections locally because it helped to
    remove a differentiation between Republicans and Democrats on issues
    that matter most to ordinary people. His cultural Marxist views, also
    known as liberal, where not one that backs American workers, not one for
    America first, but one that lowers our standards for all, including new
    immigrants that liberals claim they are trying to help. I sincerely
    wish him the best for his future away from politics. What we all should
    be happy and thankful for is that Kyle McDaniel’s success in the future
    will not be in politics.

    It is time to have more leaders in the Republican Party with vetted
    American conservative values. We need a new level on the scale of
    leadership with real working people with proven accomplishments in
    dealing with the public. True American conservatives will help us win
    again and make America great again.


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