Sturtevant, Brewer Give Republican Response to Governor’s Address

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam addressed a joint session of the General Assembly Monday night where he again emphasized the points he had touched on during his inauguration speech: stricter gun control, protecting abortion rights, expanding Medicaid, education, and joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, among other issues. (See his complete remarks here.)

The Republican response was given (see above video) by Senator Glen Sturtevant (Chesterfield County) and freshman Delegate Emily Brewer (Suffolk).

  • Jim Portugul

    Republicans and Democrats also gave their response to SB 9. Both parties showed that they are still kissing James Beamers and Thomas Farrell ll’s power company asses by trashing SB 9. If people only knew how crooked and corrupt Virginia government is, or, maybe they do. It’s all about the cabbage.

    Being the worst society has to offer is the only requirment to be elected to public office in Virginia.

    “the only good republican is a jailed republican”

  • old_redneck

    I’ll just drop this fact here.

    Owsley County, Kentucky, is the poorest county in the nation with the highest incidence of food stamp usage and various welfare payments.

    Owsley County, Kentucky, is 99.22% white and 95% Republican.

    Speaking of a shithole . . . .

  • old_redneck

    Who is Delegate Todd C. Gilbert? Is he really as dumb as a rock and is he as big a horse’s ass as he sounds like?

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