Vargas: Gillespie Will Be a Governor Who Keeps Us Safe

By Danny Vargas

I’ve known Ed for years, and I know he understands the danger gangs like MS-13 pose to our community. I also know that he will make public safety a key focus as our next governor.

I worked closely with former Congressman Frank Wolf when he created the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force. This effort includes initiatives to not only combat gangs, but also help gang members looking for a way out to leave a violent life of crime. Ed has made continued funding for it a priority.

Gangs are a threat to everyone, including the immigrant community. The Washington Post reported as much, quoting my friend Cristóbal J. Alex, president of the Latino Victory Fund as saying,  “Undocumented Latinos are often the victims of gangs like MS-13.”

Ed is a thoughtful leader and understands the complex challenges we’re facing. In his public safety plan, he notes, “Gangs prey on our most vulnerable communities, including immigrant communities who are trapped due to social, legal or economic restrictions.”

It is the liberal Washington Post and Ed’s opponents who are conflating immigrants with these violent gang members and dangerous criminals — not Ed.

While Ed’s opponents can and will continue to drive their politically-motivated narrative, I know that he’ll continue to do the right thing for Virginia. He is the only candidate with a detailed plan to keep Virginia safe.

I want my governor to stand up for the rule of law and protect all of our communities, including the immigrant community. I know Ed will, because he understands that providing for public safety is an essential responsibility of government, and his commitment to public service will not be swayed.

Danny Vargas, president of marketing firm VARCom Solutions, is a noted business and community leader, and media commentator.  He chairs and organization working to create an American Latino Museum within the Smithsonian Institution and is a former chairman of the Virginia Board of Workforce Development and the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Danny ran for the House of Delegates in the 86th District and was appointed by Speaker Howell to a commission advancing economic opportunities for low-income Virginians.