Vargas: Gillespie Will Be a Governor Who Keeps Us Safe

By Danny Vargas

I’ve known Ed for years, and I know he understands the danger gangs like MS-13 pose to our community. I also know that he will make public safety a key focus as our next governor.

I worked closely with former Congressman Frank Wolf when he created the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force. This effort includes initiatives to not only combat gangs, but also help gang members looking for a way out to leave a violent life of crime. Ed has made continued funding for it a priority.

Gangs are a threat to everyone, including the immigrant community. The Washington Post reported as much, quoting my friend Cristóbal J. Alex, president of the Latino Victory Fund as saying,  “Undocumented Latinos are often the victims of gangs like MS-13.”

Ed is a thoughtful leader and understands the complex challenges we’re facing. In his public safety plan, he notes, “Gangs prey on our most vulnerable communities, including immigrant communities who are trapped due to social, legal or economic restrictions.”

It is the liberal Washington Post and Ed’s opponents who are conflating immigrants with these violent gang members and dangerous criminals — not Ed.

While Ed’s opponents can and will continue to drive their politically-motivated narrative, I know that he’ll continue to do the right thing for Virginia. He is the only candidate with a detailed plan to keep Virginia safe.

I want my governor to stand up for the rule of law and protect all of our communities, including the immigrant community. I know Ed will, because he understands that providing for public safety is an essential responsibility of government, and his commitment to public service will not be swayed.

Danny Vargas, president of marketing firm VARCom Solutions, is a noted business and community leader, and media commentator.  He chairs and organization working to create an American Latino Museum within the Smithsonian Institution and is a former chairman of the Virginia Board of Workforce Development and the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Danny ran for the House of Delegates in the 86th District and was appointed by Speaker Howell to a commission advancing economic opportunities for low-income Virginians.

  • Chad Davis

    I’m hoping for a sweep in November….Governor Gillespie, Lt. Governor Vogel, and Attorney General Adams.

    • MD Russ

      It is probably not going to happen in a year when Donald Trump is in the White House, Chad. When the POTUS resorts to school-yard name calling with a pudgy dough-boy Korean dictator, that does not tend to help down-ticket candidates in his political party-of-convenience. The fact that the Republican leadership in Congress has steadfastly refused to condemn Trump only exacerbates the problem for Virginia Republicans.

      • DJRippert

        I’m not so sure. It’s becoming obvious that the Obama – Clinton benign neglect of foreign policy has left us in a very difficult position. Whether it’s North Korea or Iran – Barry O’Dumbass sailed us down the river.

        • old_redneck

          “benign neglect of foreign policy” — you have got to be kidding.

          In the first place, North Korean nuclear development has been going on for at least three decades . . . it did not happen during the past 8 years.

          More important, though, is the FACT that we are made safe through the skillful, thoughtful application of our economic, diplomatic, political and — sometimes — military power IN CONCERT WITH like-minded friends and allies. Chest-thumping, blustering threats do not make us safe. Ripping up alliances that have stood the test of half-a-century makes no one secure. The schoolyard bully contributes nothing.

          However, you Republicans seem not to be smart enough to understand these fundamental facts.

          • MD Russ

            Neither appeasement nor bullying is effective. “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

        • MD Russ

          If memory serves me correctly, during six of the eight years of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy years Republicans held the majority in the House and in at least the last two years they also held the majority in the Senate. So exactly what where the Republican majorities doing about foreign policy, except for bitching about ObamaCare without a plan of their own and sitting around with their thumbs up their butts?

  • SJane

    I have heard Ed Gillespie talk, he is very personable, he is a good listener, and he has some major plans to keep Virginia moving and growing. My Virginia family goes back to 1600s before the state lines were settled. Virginia has produced more US Presidents than any of the other states to date, and championed major templates for legislation that is used today! The greatest concentration of population is in NoVA and most of the capital funding comes from that area. When I learned that CA and NY are bringing funding into Virginia to elect a Democrat candidate for VA Governor, my blood boils. If Virginia can’t stand on its own integrity, ethics, and the citizens of the Commonwealth, HOW is out of state money going to help any of the citizens, EXCEPT the sanctuaries, illegals, and a corrupt Governor’s mansion from a previous administration?
    VOTE Ed Gillespie, he is a Virginian, with ethics and integrity for the citizens.

    • MD Russ

      How are CA and NY bringing any more funding into Virginia than alt-right and conservative PAC’s are bringing? This election is a referendum on Donald Trump and both sides are playing hard ball.

    • ameri…canwork

      I live in the Lynchburg area. I am a lifelong Virginian and a Licensed Building Contractor.
      I have seen Ed’s add to fight
      MS-13 , at best it is half hearted.
      Ed can run the add all he wants but we know down here why MS-13 and other illegal alien criminals come here. It is because of the illegal employment. I can employ all the illegal aliens that I want. No E-Verify will stop me because no legislators or legislation will stop me from this because I can employ them as Unlicensed Subcontractors, I can violate prohibited acts of Statute
      54.1-1100 , issue a 1099 instead of the W-2/W wage system and not even have to file a copy of the 1099 with the Commonwealth and if the Audit agent at the VEC sees my check written to the u licensed contractor he will classify th as bona-fide independent contractors.
      Please read this story about how Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell allowed this very thing that I speak of.
      story ran on Feb, 2012
      I personally find his add on
      MS-13 to be disingenuous.
      Two of those killers of Raymond Wood fled Montgomery County MD murders to Lynchburg to work and hide.
      They took him from his home in Lynchburg to Bedford County cut off his hands, slit his throat, pulled his tounge out of it then ran him over with the car.
      This is not the first instance of MS-13 in Bedford County. The OSHA Compliance Officer from the Va. Dept of Labor and Industry(DOLI) had written crew Unlicensed Subcontractors who were MS-13 a violation on a building lot right next door over from a sitting Senators Legislative Assistant.
      1)If Ed is elected will he keep in place the Policy Change by Governor McAuliffe implemented on July,1st 2015 Makin VOSHA/DOLI notify DPOR of the use of unlicensed contractors?
      2) What will Ed be looking for Employee Misclassification legislation (JLARC427)?
      If Ed is not proactive in his measures he will provide Santurary to this scum while costing Va. Countless Construction jobs and cost us an excess of 100 Million to Va’s General fund.
      3) Don’t kill the messenger but research Attempted Abduction at Va Tech June, 2012 Under The last complicit Republican Governor “Bob for Jobs” McDonnell.
      This young lady was dragged, yes dragged!!! to the illegal alien kidnappers truck.
      4) Research arrest of Santos Guzman at The Goodwill Store in Forest, VA – Bedford County also
      I believe July of 2007 , yes these Republicans have been complicit for quite some time,
      they don’t care.

      • DJRippert

        Keep posting brother. You are right. If you want to end illegal immigration you need to end illegal employment of people illegally in America. However, neither patry wants to do that.

        • ameri…canwork

          I will show no quarter to either of the elected.
          ***Republican Senator Steve Newman new years ago, week before McAuliffe was enlightened.
          Please verify this policy change;
          ****On July,01 2015 Governor McAuliffe had current Dept. of Labor and Industry (DOLI) Commissioner Ray Davenport (former AFLCIO Lobbyist ) implement a *Notification policy* to The Dept. Of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) for Investegation when OSHA issues a violation to an *Unlicensed Subcontractor*(tiered contracting) these investegations bring in the Va. Dept of Taxation, The Va. Workers Compensation Commission and the kicker The Dept. OF Commerce,
          All of this is taking place under McAuliffes Executive Order 24 as part of the Employee Misclassification Task Force, mandated by JLARC427.
          Rattle their cages;
          E-mail this to;
          1) Senator Newman
          2) Ed Gillespie
          3) Ralph Northam
          and any other of the bought and paid for by PAC money.
          Ask of these investegations;
          1) How many of these unlicensed contractors have VEC accounts, Employer ID numbers?
          2) How many are filing Quarterly Reports with the Va. Employment Commission?
          3) Same questions apply to the General Contractor.
          STOP THE FRAUD!!!!
          And for Steve, sorry to bust up Organized Crime of illegal employment!!!
          Let’s exhibit some honest leadership, G_d would be very pleased.

      • SJane

        -VA has/had over 5K non-citizens registered to vote. This is on hands of present admin. Dem. in Gov. mansion.
        – VA – HB 253 sponsored by Del Minchew (adjourned sine die) =
        Summary: Local License Tax & state, contractor license, cert. of worker’s comp. compliance; remove requirement that contractors verify worker’s Comp. compliance before receiving a local License to do bus., and make such a requirement conditional of receiving a State Contractor’s License…went down.(NOT on the hands of Gillespie.)
        – Ed Gillespie has been a Consultant and owner of a consulting group for a number of years, and has had clients such a Bank of America, ATT, and Athem BC/BS…jobs have been lost due to incorrect bank regulations (Gillespie did not make bank regs.), communication companies wanting liberties in VA NOT getting them; and Anthem BC/BS attempting a merger. jobs lost.(NONE of these situations were the direct result of Ed Gillespie.) Consultants give the best advise they have to offer/know at the time, BUT NO ONE has to take it.
        – I am NOT promoting Ed Gillespie, I only know what I know from background, Medical Industry, and that the Present Dems in Richmond, VA DO NOT have the people of VA’s interest at heart, IF they also help criminals to vote, illegals to work w/o papers, and VA taxpayers fund DACA students over VA resident students, this is a selective/identity process not Democratic…IMO

        • ameri…canwork

          I will concede to you all you claim about illegsl voters and whatever else if you stay on task with the illegal employment, payroll , tax, and insurance fraud and illegal commerce.
          Sound fair?

          1)The Notification policy by the Dept of Labor and Industry to DPOR implemented on July 1st, 2015 *cause a reaction* from The Tidewater Builders Association Director/Republican Senator Bill DeSteph is was SB483. Within this bill he was seeking to lift the OSHA fine imposed on the General Contractor instead of his unlicensed subcontractor as it is now.
          He was also seeking to make the notification to any other agency or court against the law, thus blocking a proper adjudication process.
          As a licensed contractor myself it is my right to have those illegal employers investegated and have the cases heard before the Board of Contractors, it is a scales of Justice thing for me.
          We would not want to make interdepartmental illegal would we? When I read the section describing to my employees one of them said; “there is a turd in the pool”
          2) Let’s discuss HB253,
          Drop the business licensing all together.
          The Contractor License applicant must
          a)pass all testing , background and credit checks
          b) now purchase a worker’s compensation policy
          c) must purchase a general liability policy
          d) must obtain a Federal Tax ID number
          e) Must obtain a Va. Employment Commission Account.

          Once these requirements are meet copies must be notarized, a copy must be filed with the Va. Workers Compensation Commission and The Dept.of Professional and Occupational Regulation for final approval to obtain a Contractors license.
          f) Now we must amend the Va. Unemployment Compensation Act so **ALL Contractors** are subject to the random VEC audits.
          g) All Building Permit Applications , Statewide must require that ALL subcontractors and their VEC account must be submitted on the application (a fraud protection thing)
          We must also make an amendment within this so no unlicensed contractor can be classified as a bona-fide independent contractor. We cannot have the VEC Deregulating Contractor law. Add to the 20 point IRS check , don’t let the fat cat bureaucrat Administratively Deregulate Va laws. No opputunity for bribes or complicit action.
          Currently there a lumber companies operating in Va with nothing more than a designated employee who hold the contractors license. These companies offer what they call install services (slang turn key).
          These services cover most aspects of trades needed for Construction and some use unlicensed subcontractors with no tax or VEC accounts.
          These Companies must be audited in their localities where they operate out of,
          not from another location or State.
          Contractor License reciprocity, State to State must also a VEC account.

          I am not a softie on this issue as you can now tell.
          If these measures are not meet there are loopholes for me to hire *anyone* I wish unabated;
          *Tax dodgers
          *Child Support dodgers
          *Drug dealers
          Please enlighten me on the DPOR regulations that Ed is desiring to cut to “spur job growth”

          If these measures are not met;
          1) How will Va end Employee Misclassification (JLARC427)?
          2) How will Va keep illegal immigrants off of State jobssites? Private jobsites?
          3) How will you stop wife from selling new homes built using illegal labor
          (cheaper homes), illegal commerce?
          4) How will Ed stop me from employing criminals?

          Both Candidates must answer this to have a single credible bone in their body.
          Governor McAuliffe must answer all of Va. now!

          • ameri…canwork

            I wonder what Va spends on Building Trades Education in our High Schools and Community Colleges?
            Engineering failure?

    • ameri…canwork

      Just so you have all the facts.
      1)Mr. Vargas was born in New York, he is American and also a DC insider.
      2) Mr.Vargas was appointed Chairman of The Va. Workforce Council under Governor Bob McDonnell.
      3) I can tell you from my professional experience, As a Class A Licensed Building Contractor of 30 plus years here in Va. When you receive your New or Renewed Contractors License in Va. You will receive the license and a *General Information Sheet*
      On this sheet there was a Statement *REMOVED*;
      “You are *Required* to ensure that all Subcontractors and trade related individuals that you hire hold the appropriate licence issued by DPOR” Upon renewing my license under Governor McDonnell *this statement was removed* I called DPOR immediately upon receiving this.
      I questioned it and was told that either Governor McDonnell himself or the Dept. of Commerce Commissioner Cheng was responsible.
      4) Currently the Director is
      Jay W, DeBoer he’s has sat on the Joint Legislative Audit Review Committee (JLARC427).
      Feel free to question him, he serves at the pleasure or our current Governor and the citizens of our fine Commonwealth.
      Please remember it is a Prohibited Act for a licensed Contractor to Sub-Contract work to a Unlicensed Subcontractor and according to Statute
      54.1-1100 ALL Contractors must hold a license.
      5) He is very tied in with Executive order 24 and the Notification Policy to DPOR, Dept.of Taxation , The Va. Workers Compensation Commission and The Dept. of Commerce
      Is Ed just throwing wasted tax dollars at Law Enforcement? Va. Law Enforcement has ABSOLUTELY no ENFORCEMENT in these laws that I discussed. Ed received an Endorsement from The Va Police Benevolent Association because he said he would give them more money, that is all.
      Thank you,
      and may God bless Va. we are going to need it.

      • SJane

        YOUR issues are very specific to you and yours. PRESENTLY, there are no incentives to keep the process honest by present Admin….Let’s see how this is handled by a New Governor and Admin.
        WARNING many of these websites have incomplete data and they get paid to write that way, IF someone is “scrolling” for data to suit a cause, a position, or learn additional facts.
        Those that are known as Law Enforcement/Enforcer have NOTHING to do with your situation or the positions stated in any of your presented data, this is ALL administrative by cabinet/director positions/regulations/policies.

        • ameri…canwork

          I know all too well that this falls on the Governor’s appointed Commissioners.
          Now that you and hopefully
          Ed knows there are people and businesses watching and listening to his words.
          So what will Ed be looking for in Employee Misclassification Legislation from our General Assembly?
          Who is at the forefront of this issue for Republicans?
          How can Ed protect Virginia from MS-13 when I can hire them as Unlicensed Contractors?
          Is Ed as tough and committed to this issue of fraud as myself?
          Please direct me to his policy.
          It is time for Ed to say that he will go after illegal employers.
          And what was SB483 about?

        • ameri…canwork

          These issues I discussed are critical to my business and it’s employees.
          The are also critical to Va.
          and are current.
          You have given your endorsement to Ed because you had heard him speak, that is weak.
          You have responded in a defenseless manner.
          I have given you a format to display your knowledge of employment fraud that exploits foreign labor in Va at the expense of legal Va. Employers and our General fund.
          I ask you one more time ;
          What was the purpose of Republican SB483, to block notification to proper State agencies so as a proper adjudication process can take place?
          And please REMEMBER this is NOT just my ISSUE but the Commonwealths,
          AS DISCUSSED in Joint Legislative Audit Review Committee 427, please stay on policy.

          • SJane

            Opinions on this site are those of Bloggers.
            I DO NOT speak for Ed’s Campaign nor anyone else’s; nor DO I know the intricacies, nor clairvoyant on of ALL issues/policies facing Virginia. Presented were facts that are available to ALL to read from local publications or VA Gov. websites. Accuracy is NOT guaranteed, only presented. IF it is Business/Labor/Employment issues the Labor/Employment agencies are there to serve and answer questions….NOT a Blogger….IMO

    • Downstater

      I would be happier if Jill Vogel were running for Gov. She is a real Virginian.

      • ameri…canwork

        In this story the DC insider wrote;
        “Ed is a thoughtful leader and understands the complex issues we’re facing in Va”

        Being what I know of this, the vast public safety and the very enormous financial burden to Va’s General fund and her legal workforce shouldn’t I question his knowledge of the issue being that he has not displayed the knowledge?
        Simplicity at its finest.

      • SJane

        Jill Vogel from Fauquier County ran at Lt. Gov., she is an ethics lawyer and should be an excellent asset to Ed Gillespie…IMO
        I know the area she comes from and many of the people. Ed Gillespie was born and raised in Alex/Arl. areas of NO VA. his father owned a business. BOTH of these candidates should know and have Virginia covered by their experiences and knowledge. One area very congested city-like, and the other rural farm majestic country with some incredible Virginians.

  • old_redneck

    Oh, please. All this GOP alarm about”gangs” and “MS13” is nothing but typical Republican FEAR FEAR FEAR!!!! If it’s notterrorists or Willie Horton or gangs, it’s some other boogeyman.

    Meanwhile real people are concerned about job growth, good schools, good roads and health care.

    • ameri…canwork

      Eds’ jobs plan is to cut DPOR Regulations, spur job growth and broaden the base.
      1) What Regulations, Prohibited Act #29 Contracting with an unlicensed contractor or Subcontractors in the delivery of Contracting Services found in
      2) How will he collect from the illegal?
      3)How come he is not interested in combating Employee Misclassification ,Unlicensed contracting , the payroll, tax and insurance fraud it produces.
      It appears to be he is not interested in enforcing existing Va laws.
      Do you think that he has even read JLARC427?
      Or the investegative story written by Kendrick Ward of in Feb 2015
      Rouge Subcontractors undermine Va’s Legal Workforce
      If not he is not of leadership quality
      and will be providing Executive Santurary himself.

  • old_redneck

    Gillespie has been lining his pockets for years by preying on Virginians. His work for Bank of America is just one example.

    Ed has tried to keep much of his private-sector past under wraps, but years of legally-mandated disclosures reveal Gillespie has made millions lobbying and consulting for shady companies. Before launching his gubernatorial campaign in 2016, Gillespie made millions from his lobbying and consulting
    businesses work for clients like Enron, Nelnet, and Bank of America. By
    combining the years 2006, 2013, and 2016 alone, he’s made up to $5.2
    million from lobbying and consulting. And during this time, hundreds of
    Virginians were laid off from the very same companies Gillespie worked
    for. Virginians were left to grapple with the effects?—?the worst recession since the Great Depression.

    It’s hard to sum up Ed’s history of making money at the expense of hardworking Virginians in a few words. So here’s the abbreviated version: Ed does business by taking cash from the same companies that put profits over people.

    Just take his lobbying and consulting work for Bank of America, for example.

    Before taking a position in the White House in 2007, Ed started his work as a high-paid lobbyist for Bank of America.

    From 2005 to 2007, his lobbying firm Quinn, Gillespie & Associates (QGA) reported making $780,000 from Bank of America by lobbying Congress, the president, and government agencies on financial services issues according to a lobbying disclosure report. Later in 2007, during his time in the Bush White House, Ed played a lead role in gathering support for the 2008 bailout
    of big banks. The end result? Bank of America benefitted the most from
    that deal, making it the second biggest recipient of taxpayer bailout

    After leaving the White House in 2009, Ed restarted his paid consulting work
    for Bank of America, which lasted up until his run for governor.

    A 2013 report notes that Ed was consulting for Bank of America on efforts to, once again, break up big banks, and he’s reported to have made $3 million from his consulting firm that backed Bank of America among other clients.

    Ed’s lucrative work for Bank of America coincided with its lead role in a
    foreclosure crisis that devastated Virginia communities.

    The foreclosure crisis of 2009 ravaged Virginia communities as tens of thousands of Virginians lost their homes and unemployment levels rose. Not coincidentally, Ed’s consulting work for Bank of America continued to line his pockets while thousands of Virginians lost their homes.

    While Ed worked for Bank of America, the company settled lawsuits over
    deceptive loan practices and illegally foreclosing on military servicemembers.

    In 2010, Bank of America, which acquired Countrywide Financial (a mortgage lender) in 2008 paid $600 million to settle lawsuits claiming that it concealed
    risk as it loosened standards to receive home loans. Later in 2013, a
    jury found Bank of America liable for selling defective mortgages in the
    lead up to the housing crisis. What’s more, from 2006 to 2009, the bank
    was illegally foreclosing houses of servicemembers and was later
    ordered to pay $20 million to the folks it hurt.

    Ed’s been bringing home a check from Bank of America for more than a decade, while the bank has laid off hundreds of Virginians.

    As one of the largest employers in the Richmond area and the headquarters of Bank of America’s Virginia operations, the effect of Bank of America’s Virginia layoffs were felt by many. Between 2007 and 2015, Bank of America laid off hundreds of employees across Virginia, in Richmond, Fairfax, and Hampton Roads.

    Make no mistake?—?Ed’s in it for himself. His relationship with Bank of America
    is only one example of literally hundreds of conflicts that have put him
    at odds with the well-being of Virginia. As long he’s getting paid, he
    couldn’t care less about the hardworking people of our commonwealth. His
    slogan, “For all Virginians” couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • ameri…canwork

    Ed Gillespie should call Senator Newman and ask ;
    Have you had a illegal employment problem with Building Contractors using illegal aliens as Unlicensed Subcontractors from about 1999?
    We were attacked on 9/11 , we thought the border would be sealed then. Nope George Bush gave 25 Million illegal aliens “our Homeland security ”
    Thanks Bush advisor Gillespie.
    Texas screwed their workers in their Employee Misclassification Laws with back room deals.
    Brietbart ran a great story on it.

  • ameri…canwork

    Well Mr. Vargas,
    Is Ed willing to combat their labor exploitatation?
    1) the fact that they work for way less than their American counterpart?
    2) the fact that they are not up to the safety standards that American employers adhere too by the requirements place on them?
    3) the fact that they have had fatalities due to these substandard safety standards?
    4) the fact that when man is issued a 1099 as a unlicensed subcontractor , then he has no VEC account so to protect them in the event of job loss, not meeting minimum wage requirements or overtime pay?
    Interesting, huh?

    • David Obermark

      Yes, I see many high quality citizens who are willing to work but who can not find jobs that pay a living wage. They are forced to compete within a labor pool where illegal immigrants are willing to work for less.

      I see this every day, and I have seen it everywhere across our nation.

      • ameri…canwork

        It would be a welcomed change for Ed to just say;
        I am going to end Contractor, payroll, tax and workers Compensation insurance fraud in Va.
        Ed currently is saying;
        I will cut DPOR Regulations, spur job growth and broaden the base.
        Myself as a Licensed Building Contractor there are no DPOR regulations that Ed can cut causing me to hire 1 single individual. Then how will he collect (broaden the base)?
        It is all hogwash.
        He needs better advice if he is genuine.

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