Bigotry on State Central

You may remember the name Fredy Burgos. You may not; he’s the shill representing the 11th District on State Central, who last year was universally condemned after calling Muslims a “death cult organized by Satan.”

After then-CR Vice Chair Nadia Elgendy openly criticized both Burgos and State Central for allowing such disgusting behavior, Burgos quickly apologized, claiming his comments were “misconstrued” and that he values the “diversity of perspective that includes Muslims.”

You won’t be surprised to learn, that was all a lie.

Despite the public warning from RPV Chair John Whitbeck, Burgos’ unhinged rants have continued, blasting all sects, religions and races…except whites.

On August 20th, Burgos’ launched a whites-first rant on Facebook, announcing that Republican leaders are pushing for a “Cultural Cleansing of Virginia and the United States,” and that the “idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracial marry or adopt non-white children” is a “cancer”, and “must be cut out.

This is bigotry. It is disgusting, and reprehensible.

And this man sits on the leadership group allegedly representing my interests as a Republican, while providing ‘leadership’ for our party statewide.

This is a man who sits on a committee alongside Young Republican Federation of Virginia Chairman Kishore Thotta, an Indian-American, and the College Republican Federation of Virginia Chairwoman, Nadia Elgendy, a Muslim. And the litany of examples of that Burgos’ bigotry is aimed at, in 2017. We have elected officials with adopted children, we have interracially married Republicans, we have Republicans of all races, sects and religion in the modern Republican Party.

Burgos’ disgusting public statements, repeatedly endorsing and promoting a hateful ideology, spewing filth and bigotry runs completely counter to the Republican Creed of Virginia, which he has sworn to uphold.

“We believe… That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities…”

I set out to figure out where this filth came from. It took about 30 seconds to find the white supremacist site “Destroy Cultural Marxism: What is Cultural Marxism?”, featuring a copy of Burgos’ rant on whites-first, word for word, including some ‘helpful’ memes:

Unsurprisingly, Burgos’ hate goes further. Despite a public apology on his attacks on Muslims in June 2016, Burgos has continued to post rants and attacks against the second largest religion in the world. Earlier this year, he posted quotes from British commentators deriding Muslim immigrants as “feral humans”, then with Burgos’ own commentary, “calling them ‘humans’ is a bit of a stretch.” Misconstrue that.

After posting, a number of Burgos’ friends jumped in, commenting with in Anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim rhetoric, including racial slurs calling them “Muzrats”, “moslem-parasites”, claiming the Prophet Mohammed raped a nine year old girl. You won’t be surprised to learn, Burgos liked almost all of their comments. (see below)

Burgos’ doesn’t limit his bigotry towards non-whites and Muslims. He has also posted rants attacking the Catholic Church and Pope Francis, claiming that Pope Francis is allowing ‘Satan’s seregates [sic] speak for the the Devil thanks to the Catholic church leader Pope Francis. The wolf in sheeps [sic] clothing continues to howl…”. Further, Burgos’ friend follows up with a comment deriding Pope Francis, claiming “It’s becoming clear Francis is the anti-Christ.” Again, you won’t be surprised to learn, Burgos liked the comment.

It’s 2017, and yet somehow, despite all of this, Fredy Burgos continues to serve in the leadership of the Republican Party as a member of State Central. One year ago, Burgos made Virginia news, as The Washington Post, Daily Press and other outlets, including Bearing Drift, covered the story. Yet Burgos is still on State Central, and still spewing hate. His statements and rantings are an embarrassment.

Burgos’ claims that his comments previously were somehow “misconstrued”, and his public apology last year, are meaningless.

Such hate, bigotry and un-Republican values cannot stand. That goes double in the post-Charlottesville world. There can be no middle ground here, no compromise, and no backing down. This sort of bigotry and hateful thinking has no home in the Republican Party.

The Republican Party of Virginia gave Fredy Burgos another chance, a chance he did not deserve. Even when given that second chance, he has continued to embarrass the Republican Party of Virginia.

Burgos must be removed from State Central. He cannot continue to represent the Republican Party of Virginia. We cannot allow Democrats to point to Burgos as an example of what our Party stands for – because we don’t stand for any of Burgos’ hate or his bigotry.

In a world where calling out white supremacy and bigotry cannot be understated or misconstrued, Fredy Burgos must resign immediately from State Central, or face being expelled from the committee. There should be no place for him in our party.

Here’s the additional unfortunate screenshots of the attacks on Muslims.

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