Bigotry on State Central

You may remember the name Fredy Burgos. You may not; he’s the shill representing the 11th District on State Central, who last year was universally condemned after calling Muslims a “death cult organized by Satan.”

After then-CR Vice Chair Nadia Elgendy openly criticized both Burgos and State Central for allowing such disgusting behavior, Burgos quickly apologized, claiming his comments were “misconstrued” and that he values the “diversity of perspective that includes Muslims.”

You won’t be surprised to learn, that was all a lie.

Despite the public warning from RPV Chair John Whitbeck, Burgos’ unhinged rants have continued, blasting all sects, religions and races…except whites.

On August 20th, Burgos’ launched a whites-first rant on Facebook, announcing that Republican leaders are pushing for a “Cultural Cleansing of Virginia and the United States,” and that the “idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracial marry or adopt non-white children” is a “cancer”, and “must be cut out.

This is bigotry. It is disgusting, and reprehensible.

And this man sits on the leadership group allegedly representing my interests as a Republican, while providing ‘leadership’ for our party statewide.

This is a man who sits on a committee alongside Young Republican Federation of Virginia Chairman Kishore Thotta, an Indian-American, and the College Republican Federation of Virginia Chairwoman, Nadia Elgendy, a Muslim. And the litany of examples of that Burgos’ bigotry is aimed at, in 2017. We have elected officials with adopted children, we have interracially married Republicans, we have Republicans of all races, sects and religion in the modern Republican Party.

Burgos’ disgusting public statements, repeatedly endorsing and promoting a hateful ideology, spewing filth and bigotry runs completely counter to the Republican Creed of Virginia, which he has sworn to uphold.

“We believe… That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities…”

I set out to figure out where this filth came from. It took about 30 seconds to find the white supremacist site “Destroy Cultural Marxism: What is Cultural Marxism?”, featuring a copy of Burgos’ rant on whites-first, word for word, including some ‘helpful’ memes:

Unsurprisingly, Burgos’ hate goes further. Despite a public apology on his attacks on Muslims in June 2016, Burgos has continued to post rants and attacks against the second largest religion in the world. Earlier this year, he posted quotes from British commentators deriding Muslim immigrants as “feral humans”, then with Burgos’ own commentary, “calling them ‘humans’ is a bit of a stretch.” Misconstrue that.

After posting, a number of Burgos’ friends jumped in, commenting with in Anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim rhetoric, including racial slurs calling them “Muzrats”, “moslem-parasites”, claiming the Prophet Mohammed raped a nine year old girl. You won’t be surprised to learn, Burgos liked almost all of their comments. (see below)

Burgos’ doesn’t limit his bigotry towards non-whites and Muslims. He has also posted rants attacking the Catholic Church and Pope Francis, claiming that Pope Francis is allowing ‘Satan’s seregates [sic] speak for the the Devil thanks to the Catholic church leader Pope Francis. The wolf in sheeps [sic] clothing continues to howl…”. Further, Burgos’ friend follows up with a comment deriding Pope Francis, claiming “It’s becoming clear Francis is the anti-Christ.” Again, you won’t be surprised to learn, Burgos liked the comment.

It’s 2017, and yet somehow, despite all of this, Fredy Burgos continues to serve in the leadership of the Republican Party as a member of State Central. One year ago, Burgos made Virginia news, as The Washington Post, Daily Press and other outlets, including Bearing Drift, covered the story. Yet Burgos is still on State Central, and still spewing hate. His statements and rantings are an embarrassment.

Burgos’ claims that his comments previously were somehow “misconstrued”, and his public apology last year, are meaningless.

Such hate, bigotry and un-Republican values cannot stand. That goes double in the post-Charlottesville world. There can be no middle ground here, no compromise, and no backing down. This sort of bigotry and hateful thinking has no home in the Republican Party.

The Republican Party of Virginia gave Fredy Burgos another chance, a chance he did not deserve. Even when given that second chance, he has continued to embarrass the Republican Party of Virginia.

Burgos must be removed from State Central. He cannot continue to represent the Republican Party of Virginia. We cannot allow Democrats to point to Burgos as an example of what our Party stands for – because we don’t stand for any of Burgos’ hate or his bigotry.

In a world where calling out white supremacy and bigotry cannot be understated or misconstrued, Fredy Burgos must resign immediately from State Central, or face being expelled from the committee. There should be no place for him in our party.

Here’s the additional unfortunate screenshots of the attacks on Muslims.

  • Turbocohen

    SCC, do your fucking job. If you are Republicans, it is incumbent upon you to drain this nasty pus filled abcess from the party.

  • Armin Gaul

    Speaking up for whites AND christians? In the current year?

    Clearly this man is a monster.

    GOP will throw this truth teller under the bus and still get called racists anyway lol.

    It is impossible to be “one of the good whites” as long as you’re alive and well, white.

    Because to the anti-whites there is no such thing as a “good white”. Being born white is their version of original sin after all.

    Think they’re joking?

    “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the White race.
    The goal of abolishing the White race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White supremacists.
    We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed. Treason to the White race is Loyalty to Humanity.”

    Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Professor

    (in academia calling for the physical genocide of whites gets you praise, not condemnation)

    Only a “white supremacist” would want to continue existing. You’re not a vile “white supremacist” are you eh?

    Oh, and the Marxist scum (Traitor Bergoglio aka “Pope” Francis) occupying the chair of Peter is an abject abomination. I am a proud Catholic and any criticism levied towards this agent of Soros is perfectly licit and sadly necessary.

    Just remember, telling the truth in an age of universal deceit is a revolutionary act. Godspeed Mr. Burgos.

      • Armin Gaul

        Alas, and yes, even unfortunately sometimes the truth is counter-Semitic. The US didn’t go from 90% to 63% white in two and a half generations out of nowhere.


        Good summary of how the floodgates to the third world got opened here:

        In the Senate hearings for the 1965 bill, Senator Jacob Javits would play a prominent role. Javits was Jewish. He previously authored an essay in 1951 entitled “Let’s open the gates” that proposed an immigration level of 500,000 per year for 20 years without regard for nations of origin. In 1961, he proposed a bill to destroy the national origins quota system. He also aimed at removing barriers due to race and ethnicity.

        Emmanuel Celler, the author of the bill as mentioned previously, has been battling for 40 years now for open borders immigration. Jewish organizations (American Council for Judaism Philanthropic Fund, Council of Jewish Federations & Welfare Funds and B’nai B’rith Women) filed briefs in support of the 1965 Act. Also, organizations like the ACLU and the Americans for Democratic Action filed briefs (both had large Jewish memberships).

      • BigGaySteve

        I used to be a leftist & believed in equality. Working in inner city hospitals for years I realized I would never meet a black as smart as seen on TV. Affirmative action is reparations white kids from families earning under $20,000 per year score within 1% of blacks from families earning over $200,000 per year.

        By the way this chart without the red is from the journal of blacks in higher EDU who admits that if it was only based on merit there would be no black medical doctors.

  • Shaun Kenney

    Everyone knows this is a problem.
    Everyone knows Fredy isn’t the only one.

    …why is everyone afraid to talk about it?

    • David Eggleston

      For God’s sake! We have a 9-11 and Sandy Hook Truther on SCC. And we wonder why sane people are fleeing the Party in droves.

      • BigGaySteve

        See 5 sec before the FAKE NEWS version of inne cent black attacked in Cville and see black chimping out attacking white man from behind with a bat. Its worse than when they lied about Gentle Mike Brown being in church when he was actually beating up a liquor store clerk 10 min before he died.

        • mezurak

          They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That garbage video that no one could make heads or tails of is worth two. Bull Sh!t.

  • I have no idea why Fredy keeps getting a pass.

    • Because Trump.

    • Tyler Spires

      Because he is not PC and wont bend down to the cucks like you that want to give up OUR America to the MOSLOM invaders.

      • Tyler Spires

        Im making fun of the ALT-Reich with the above statement for anyone that cant sense the sarcasm.

      • Right, right. I keep forgetting. If it’s not mentioned to me on an hourly basis, I forget.

    • old_redneck

      Oh, stop it with the crocodile tears.

      The RPV “tolerates” him because he delivers votes.

      • Uh…not really.

        • Jim Portugul

          My question is why haven’t Kaine and Warner condemned Atifa?

          • They haven’t killed anybody in Virginia lately.

          • Jim Portugul

            Nobody has killed anybody until there is a conviction.

          • Really? I guess Heather Heyer’s still alive then, huh.

          • Jim Portugul

            Who killed her?

            Or, was she lured by antifa into believing a lie which cost her dearly? If the trial were to be moved to the old 7th District, what would the outcome be?

            Why are we not talking about the 17 innocent sailors who died in the last 2 months for nothing? They signed up to fight and die for this country, not to die for some stupid and poorly managed Navy. There is truly a crime there.

          • James Alex Fields has been arrested for killing her.

            Going to sea is and always has been dangerous. They signed up to serve, and they did.

          • Jim Portugul

            Based solely on the info I have at this time, I would not convict if I was on that jury.

            Those 17 were not killed because they went to sea. They were killed by the US Navy, with is now run by crony capitalism, ie, stupid frekin’ idiots. What a waste of our finest. Murdered by a Navy/government run amok.

            It says a lot about you that you would defend both the leadership of the Navy and Antifa in the same post. Shame on you Mr. Schoeneman.

          • Nobody has all the info at this point, but there’s no arguing that he didn’t kill her. Whether it was an accident or intentional is the issue.

            We don’t know, at least in regards to the McCain, what happened yet. Regardless, whether it was an accident or negligence, they died doing their jobs, and acting like they died for no reason is spitting on their memory. You’re the one who should be ashamed.

            Antifa didn’t kill Heather Heyer. The Navy didn’t kill those men.

          • Jim Portugul

            So, the Navy has so far fired one Admiral, the CO and EX of the Fitzgerald by mistake? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Looks as if even lawyers no longer believe that these days.

            You and I have disagreed for years regarding accountability. Justice for someone killed at a riot, there by their own choice, obviously means more to you than 17 of our finest killed while sleeping in there bunks.

            There is no excuse for what happened to the Fitzgerald and McCain. None what so ever. There also is no excuse for the actions of the Virginia State Police in Charlottesville.

          • The Admiral was fired because this was the fourth ship collision while he was in charge. It may not have been fair, but it’s standard procedure for heads to roll when this stuff happens. It was more than just the CO and XO of the Fitzgerald – it was the entire bridge watch who was relieved, and the command master chief for the ship, too. As for the McCain, we don’t know what happened there, yet.

            You’ve got a double standard here between what happened in Charlottesville and what happened on these ships. At least with the Fitz there’s more information, but we don’t know almost anything about the McCain collision.

            There’s a big difference between Heather Heyer and the men and women on those ships. Heather was a civilian, she was engaging in constitutionally protected speech, and she has every right to expect that she’d be protected by the police and others while she was engaged in that protest. These men and women were on active duty, on combatant vessels of the US Navy. They knew that dying on the job was a real possibility, and the sea is unforgiving. Mistakes happen, and while that doesn’t make it okay, it was something they knew going in was a possibility. I doubt Heyer ever thought that she could end up dead going to that protest.

            There are no excuses for what happened on those ships, you’re right. And there’s no excuse for the fact that Heyer was killed – likely murdered. Why are you willing to excuse the guy who did that?

          • Jim Portugul

            Good question. First, let me make it clear I am not a member nor supporter of either group, period, they should have locked them all up.

            However, the Nazi/White whatever, did have a permit to exercise their right to free speech, without fear of being attacked. Those antifa did not have any prior authorization or permit to conduct a protest. But, they were not protesting as they were attacking legally authorized protesters exercising they right to free speech. It is very clear who started the violence. The only reason antifa was there was for violence. Who threw the urine grenades?

            I started calling Congressman Wittman, Sens. Warner and Kaines offices a year ago with my concerns about military plane crashes. I called quite a few times as the number of military planes crashes grew. This then grew into ship collisions with people dying. My phone calls escalated as did the number of $65 million planes being pissed down the toilet with no explanation. Until last week I got absolutely no comment, until I received an e-mail from Wittman’s offfice saying that there would be a Congressional hearing starting September 7. What you call a mistake, I call gross negligence. Not at the bottom, but at the top. If one of those 17 dead was your son or daughter, no doubt you would be barking a far different tune.

            You appear to once again just protecting your $turf$ by trying to blame anyone but your “business partners”, the Admirals and Congressmen who are the ones to blame and should be jailed for these 17 dead.

          • Jim, Heather was killed at a counter march blocks away from Emancipation Park, where the other rally was held.

            You go out of your way to give the guy who killed Heather the benefit of the doubt, but you then accuse people who had literally nothing to do with these ship collisions for the death of those sailors? Unless you’re claiming that there was some fundamental issue with the ships, which I’ve not see, the negligence was on the parts of their fellow crew members, not up the chain.

          • Jim Portugul

            Regarding your industry ships Brian, who is responsible for the hiring of qualified, reponsible and experienced people, and ensuring that the captain and his officers have the necessary training and experience to safely operate those ships? Regarding the airlines, who exactly is responsible for putting qualified people in the cockpit, and seeing that the planes are properly maintained by qualified individuals? So your argument is that the military is any different?

            There is no doubt that the Admirals and the Congress are going to blame their own management yfailure on the need for $100’s of billions of more dollars each year. They will flip the hearings on these collisions into nothing more than a Navy fund raiser on September 7. We already pay nearly $1 BILLION each and every day in interest on a $20 TRILLION debt. Congressman Wittman voted for sequestration. Surely Congressman Wittman would not have voted for sequestration knowing that the Navy could no longer function?

            Regarding Charlottesville, the guy is innocent until proven guilty. How much money he can get to hire a Johnny Cochran type lawyer will certainly help determine the outcome. Location is everything in this trial. It will be very difficult or impossible for him to get a fair trial with the crooked media demanding a lynch mob trial.

            Remember this, Goliath went to a fight long ago expecting a far different outcome. One never knows what will happen in a fight. Without antifa, this would have been a peaceful, lawful, march or protest. With a properly managed state police, perhaps the outcome would have been different. Somebody at the top needs to be fired for the inaction of the Virginia State Police. Only one group had a permit and a legal right to protest that day in Charlottesville. And it was certainly not “your” people.

          • No, my argument is that if somebody hires a captain, and that captain makes a mistake and gets somebody killed, it’s not the person who hired the captain who was negligent. Negligent hiring is a thing, but it’s a pretty uncommon thing. In the end, the person with the direct power to do something is the one you blame in an accident. So blame the Captains and bridge crews of the Fitz and McCain. Trying to blame everybody up the chain from the Admirals to the President isn’t right.

            Sequestration was never supposed to actually happen – it was a stick to force the supercommittee to do it’s job. Wittman has been one of the leaders of getting rid of sequestration – he’s not to blame here. You really think cutting funding to the Navy is going to make accidents less likely?

            And again, like I said, you’re willing to give the guy who actually drove his car into a woman and killed her – nobody is disputing that he was the guy who did it – the benefit of the doubt, but you’re willing to condemn people who weren’t even in the same hemisphere for what happened on those ships? It’s an absurd double standard.

            The only people at those rallies who could even remotely be considered “my” people were the police.

            As for the “without Antifa” – that’s a complete bullshit argument. That’s the equivalent of “she shouldn’t have gone out dressed like that” or “he should have just done what the police said.” Heyer was nowhere near the Neo-Nazis when she was killed. Having a permit doesn’t give those guys the right to kill somebody. For fuck’s sake, man.

          • Jim Portugul

            Bullshit Shoeneman. When the same people hired 4 ship captains and officers and since January 31, all 4 wreck their ships in calm and clear weather, hell yes those doing the hiring are responsible. 17 dead and billions of dollars in equipment destroyed and you are trying to sell me a bowl of your usual stupid shit soup????

            And, the same people are hiring the military pilots and maintenance people who have crashed billions in airplanes and killed how many in the past year alone. This is a problem at the top, not the bottom.

            Don’t try to sell you DC “kumbaya” stupid shit soup to me Schoeneman.

          • You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Jim Portugul

            Screw the establishment.

          • Screw uniformed people who refuse to learn.

          • Jim Portugul

            Ok, but remember this Mr. Schoeneman, I didn’t say she wasn’t dead. I said nobody killed her without a conviction. As an attorney, you know that I am right. And, we do not have any conviction as yet. Also, if the trial is moved to the old 7th District, or some place with the same demo’s, we may never have a conviction.

            I doubt Trump would let justice get involved if he walks on a state charge.

            Screw the corrupt, crooked, Wall St. owned, Israeli run media.

          • No, as an attorney, I think your statement is completely idiotic.

            “Killed” is not a legal term. If somebody dies at the hands of somebody else, they’ve been killed. Whether that person is legally culpable for the death has to be determined by a jury.

            You could say “nobody has been convicted for murdering her” but you can’t use “killed” and pretend you’re trying to make a legal argument.

            I find it hard to believe that you can’t find an impartial jury that will weigh the facts and make a good faith decision on a verdict, even in the 7th.

            And stop with the racist shit.

          • Jim Portugul
  • mark Jawsz

    Well, being able to marry whom you want is a basic human right. Speaking out against racial intermarriage on the grounds of race alone is racism. Calling Moslems subhuman is bigotry pure and simple. While I acknowledge publicly that there is a problem with some of the beliefs that many, many, many Moslems adhere to (for example, 50% of Moslems worldwide believe that apostates should be killed…and that is bat shit crazy), as individuals the Moslems I have known for the past 50 years (to include grade school classmates, college advisors, mechanics, oral surgeons, cardiologists, fellow soldiers, and co-workers ) have been first rate people. In fact, when it comes to the evils of usury and private centralized banks running the affairs of countries, Moslems are ahead of the game. Their Koran prohibits usury and they know more than the average American just what the Federal Reserve REALLY is.
    But this Burgos character is right in that cultural Marxism is anti-white. And how anyone who claims to be right of center can deny that, has their head up their ass. Just look at what they are indoctrinating students with in our universities today. Racist bullshit that states only white people can be racist and that all white people enjoy privilege. You guys ought to listen to Ben Shapiro. But then again, you would probably call him “racist” too.

    • “Cultural marxism” isn’t actually a thing. This is another made up pile of nonsense being spread around the internet by people with too much time on their hands.

      First it was statism. Then it was globalism. Now it’s cultural marxism. Give me a break. More Alinsky style tactics from the people who love to complain about Alinsky.

      • Stephen Spiker

        Worth remembering, the term “Cultural Marxism” is literally repackaged Nazi propaganda. This line of attack is nothing new; in fact, it never is.

        • Always.

        • mark Jawsz

          You just cannot resist the urge to call anyone who sees this problem differently than you as a Nazi, can you? You are as bad as the effing leftists. In fact, maybe you are one.

        • mezurak

          Here’s some more non-existent cultural Marxism for you.

      • mark Jawsz

        Whatever you want to call it, it is real and it is of concern. Today, in our universities college kids are being taught that ONLY WHITES are racist and that the plight of blacks is the fault of white privilege. As I said, listen to Ben Shapiro. I agree with him on cultural issues more than anyone else, and he is no Nazi.

        • That’s funny. I spent 12 years in college for my three degrees, and not once was I ever taught that only whites are racist and the plight of blacks is the fault of white privilege.

          If you’re in college, you’re not a kid, and you’re not some 10 year old who will repeat everything you hear and never think critically. If you’re tired of college students acting like snowflakes, stop treating them like that.

          This is not a thing, and it’s not of real concern. It’s more made up crap to keep stoke the fires of people who don’t seem capable of any kind of political activity unless they’re angry at something or someone.

          • AlienJohn

            They are talking about TODAYS college youths. Not 1970s big difference

          • I finished my last degree in 2011.

          • mark Jawsz

            Oh, so just because you did not experience anti-white indoctrination, I guess it does not exist. So, henceforth we should proclaim that the experiences of Brian Schoeneman dictate reality. For example, if millions of folks come down with some serious strain of flu, it will be no problem unless Brian the All Knowing, All Seeing catches the flu. Because if he does not observe it, or see it in his crystal ball, then it did not happen. Thanks for straightening me out, Brian.

          • I went to a liberal school in the heart of DC. If it wasn’t happening there, then it’s probably not happening anywhere else. Most of this nonsense sounds like conspiracy theory BS.

            I’m providing you with first hand information from someone who was there that this isn’t happening. You can continue to believe BS articles written on BS sites by guys trying to fleece you out of your money, or you can take it from me.

          • mark Jawsz

            It will be one of my future articles for TBE. I will have lots of examples. In the words of the “Captain” in Cool Hand Luke, “Some men you just can’t reach.”

          • And I’m sure all of those examples will be well researched and completely accurate. None of them will be anecdotal hearsay, and none of them will be published by websites like Breitbart and Infowars, I’m sure.

            Mark, you’re ignoring my fundamental point – college students aren’t kids. If they’re being brainwashed, that’s no different from the folks out there who are being taken advantage of by hucksters from the far right. If you raise your kids properly, and they learn how to think for themselves, no amount of liberal propaganda in a classroom is going to change their minds.

            Again, you want college students to stop being snowflakes, stop treating them like they’re children who are too stupid and impressionable to understand the difference between fact and propaganda.

          • mark Jawsz

            I could print article after article displaying this anti-White propaganda all day long, and you would still keep your hand in the sand.

          • Are you honestly worried that fringe kook stuff like that is going to actually matter? It won’t.

          • mark Jawsz

            Really? Fringe kook stuff? It is being taught at our MAJOR universities, not some off the wall community college. You don’t think this stuff is fueling the rise of Antifa? I could say the same thing about the Nazis and the KKK. That is fringe kook stuff and you BD-ers shit in your pants over them.

          • Your contention was that this stuff was endemic and it was brainwashing college students. There are plenty of random one-off classes – that article is almost 15 years old. Do you think that class is still being taught? It’s not, at least at Princeton. I checked, since they were name checked in the article. I see a handful of these kinds of classes being taught around the country.

            They’re not required classes. They’re fringe classes. Every college has fringe classes. Did you not take any fringe classes in college?

            No, this stuff isn’t fueling the rise of Antifa – what’s fueling the rise of Antifa is the rise of the KKK and Neo-Nazis, and the misguided belief that it’s okay to meet violence with violence.

            We haven’t been co-opted by the left, nor are we oblivious to their excess. We just don’t wet our pants about stupid nonsense like you do. If I had a dollar for every “this is going to end the world if we don’t stop it” line of argument I’ve heard over the last twenty years, I could self-fund my next campaign.

            Common core, the muslim brotherhood, sharia law, Agenda 21, Antifa, Jade Helm, the North American Union, the Federal Reserve hate, the “gay agenda”…. at some point, are you guys going to stop with this constant bullshit and realize everything you’re afraid of is just in your mind?

      • BigGaySteve

        Leftists and Cuckservatives hate
        more than swastikas because they know everyone ever caught on camera spraying one was a hoax like the 2 lesbians who burned down their house in CA for insurance fraud.

      • I’m still stuck on statism. 😉

  • David Eggleston

    To quote Fredy, “Pinochet’s helicopter rides weren’t all bad.” Interpret that as you like.

  • Lee Pillsbury

    God bless you DJ. I have argued with and against Fredy for over a year now. I was appalled last year that he wasnt at the least censured by SCC and that Nadia wasn’t allowed to address this situation at the next meeting of SCC. Fredy needs to go. We all too often focus on party unity when we need to focus on party discipline.If we cannot cast out a bigot like Fredy, what the hell good is it to HAVE a party?

    • BigGaySteve

      Oy vey its better to lose like a noble while the other side is playing dirty. You are the reason Cuckservatives couldn’t conserve little girls bathrooms

      • Lee Pillsbury

        Fuck you, yes, it IS better to lose nobly than to win with racist scumbags like you. Some of us have principles.

        • Scoob

          Principles like kissing dem ass and attacking fellow republicans? Attacking a SCC member like a democrat, except I don’t see too many attacks on democrats . . .

  • State Central needs to come back to earth. These people smear all of us with their stench.

  • AlienJohn

    What is wrong with this? White people should have white babies, simple as that. As for moslems they are cockroaches. Once they become infested in an area you have to exterminate them to save the region from their fanatical CULT ideas, Not a religion at all. They are pedophiles and rapists and low IQ who will never assimilate to our culture

    • Stephen Spiker

      You are free to think this. The Republican Party is not for you. Go away.

    • old_redneck

      Spoken like a true Republican.

    • Henry Ryto

      I’m first generation Finnish-American. I look it: blonde hair, blue eyes, reddish beard, and pale complexion.

      I served on the Virginia Beach Republican City Committee for 7 years, and was Captain of 3 precincts during that tenure. My latest political endeavor was a volunteer for Mike Huckabee helping him get on the Virginia ballot in 2016.

      The best part: my previous girlfriend was African-American. I’m chief admin on Facebook of a group promoting relationships between White men and Black women. I’ll father my babies interracial, AlienJohn.

      • mark Jawsz

        A lot of people do not know this, Henry, but marriages between white men and black women have the lowest divorce rates of all.

  • mezurak

    Wasn’t Burgos a Latino once upon a time? When did he transgender to Caucasian? Isn’t there a process that can be used to kick Burgos to the curb? Or maybe the RPV version of the Antifa method would be quicker with less embarrassing questions from the hoi polloi.

    • mark Jawsz

      Mezurak – c’mon. You are showing some common, widespread ignorance. Many Latinos are Caucasian and white. Here let me learn you. All whites are Caucasians, but not all Caucasians are white. Most Arabs, Turks, Persians, Pakistanis, Indians (well, northern Indians) are Caucasian, but they are not necessarily white. So, many Latinos to varying degrees are of mixed indigenous and Spanish (even Irish) ancestry. Some have black ancestry. But millions and millions of Latinos are of European or predominantly European ancestry – hence they are Caucasian. That includes well known “Latinos” such as Cesar Romero, Ricardo Montalban, Fernando Llamas, Vanna White (she is Puerto Rican) and Cameron Diaz. Think of it as a Venn Diagram.

      • mezurak

        Ah, so that’s why the pictures of Latin American government officials look so different from most southern Latinos coming to America. The officials drew a Venn Diagram, rounded up the difference, and then charged them $5K to hot box up to Texas with the next drug shipment. Maybe Antifa has been protesting the wrong whitey.

        Oh look, here’s one now.

        • mark Jawsz

          The people who run Latin America, in fact they have been running Latin America for 500 years, look just like Senor Burgos. They took the best land and set up an economic system that suited them. Meanwhile, the peons and campesinos are mostly of indigenous and Mestizo ancestry. It certainly is in the advantage of the White “Latinos” to send the poor people here, where they can earn some pesos and send them back home, where they will ultimately end up in the hands of the ruling Whites. Pretty good deal for the White “Latinos.” They get the pesos, the rich gringos here get the cheap labor, and the common folks get stuck with the bills in terms of depressed wages for the working class, shittier schools, and higher health insurance premiums.

          • mezurak

            I prefer the peons of the world. For some reason, everyday is a fiesta when I’m around. Makes for a memorable experience… Maybe so?? At least that’s what they told me the next day.

  • old_redneck

    What else should we expect from a political party that elects “Jew-Joke” Whitbeck as its chairman?

    What else should we expect from a political party that tolerates Bob “Sideshow” Marshall?

    What else should we expect from a political party that chooses Jill “Transvaginal Ultrasound” Vogel as their Lt Gov candidate?

    What else should we expect from a political party that nominates Mark “Miscarriage is a Crime” Obenshain as their Atttorney General candidate?

    Then, there’s that clown Trump . . .

  • notjohnsmosby

    So, does Fredy believe he’s white?

  • ebase22

    Is there a process in which a SCC member can be removed? And if there is, are there any other members who would support removal?

    • Fist Rockbone

      There’s a process for everything, and lacking one, one can be created to remove anyone from anything. Ask Mark Berg. Ask Jeff Frederick

  • mark Jawsz

    I despise the Nazis. Anyone who claims to be pro-white or wishing to unite the right behind a swastika is off their rocker. Not only did the Nazis have genocidal designs on Ashkenazi Jews, but also on Slavs, who last I looked were white. And the Slavs, if I am not incorrect, designed the best tank in WW2, put a man into space before everyone else, and have composed some of the world’s greatest music.
    Excluding the western hemisphere,there are about 200 million Slavs, and Nazi doctrine viewed them as sub-human. Nazis are against white unity and any Slavic person who flocks to the Nazis is crazy.
    I am not even pro-white, but rather for family, for my friends, for freedom of religion, and pro-working class. However, I am well aware that much of the popular culture and the academia is anti-White. Only a deluded fool would deny that. Thus, I am against the anti-Whites, be they any color. So, rather than being pro-White I am an anti anti-White. The folks at Bearing Drift, who ignore black racism and the anti-Whites, think people like me are crazy. They make excuses for black bigots such as Wes Bellamy, black crime, and ignore anti-White indoctrination and behavior. And that GOES DOUBLE for the GOP, and that is the real problem. Not a few KKK and Nazi odd balls and kooks. But the widespread anti-White indoctrination prevalent in our schools, universities, and popular culture which the GOP totally ignores. They are cowards.

  • Henry Ryto

    “my normal values”? So anyone who supports interracial relationships and marriage is abnormal? headdesk

    • Fist Rockbone

      I reject the concept of “race”. We may be of different ethnicity, but we are all one race. Same number of chromosomes, able to mate and bear healthy children, transfuse blood, donate & except organs, the compatibility of which has nothing to do with skin color or ethnic features. We may have different cultural traditions, but we have one nationality, American.

      What I care about is whether or not you love this country, its Constitution, and the civil society it provides. Oppose these things, and I don’t care what color your skin, or where you or your ancestors hail from. You are not my fellow citizen.

  • Fist Rockbone

    Boot his ass, and make a big show of “policing our own”. No one can tell you what to think and feel, but when your self-expression reflects poorly on an organization within which you are a representative/leader, the organization has every right to remove you.

  • Scoob

    Actually, this is a pretty good distraction from the federal GOPers failing to repeal Obamacare, as promised.

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  • Connie S.

    Bearing Drift exists in an alternate, surreal dimension where facts and the truth simply don’t matter to some of its authors.

    You guys do realize that Fredy Burgos is Chilean, right? As in – he is a Latino. He’s also a first-generation American. And he’s married to a nice caucasian lady, and they have 3 lovely bi-racial daughters.

    So tell me again, how he is a Latino but also a white supremacist? And how he’s in his OWN inter-racial marriage, but is also AGAINST inter-racial marriages? See? Facts are pesky things.

    Fredy Burgos is a nice, intelligent, brave and principled man, whom I am happy to call my friend. Like myself, he is an ardent Trump supporter from early on, that’s how I met him two years ago. Fredy’s big sin – in the eyes of globalists, NeverTrumps – is he’s such a strong voice for populism and nationalism. Globalists gnash their teeth at our populist President Trump, and they foam at the mouth in rage, thinking how populist Corey Stewart is going to be our next Senator.

    Globalist Republicans can’t stand the accension of Deplorables in the Party; we Trumplicans are taking over! So the swamp-dwelling globalists are out to destroy Fredy and try to drive him out of the Party. By any reprehensible means they can, including hit pieces in blogs, full of sickening, vile lies.

    Fredy’s words speak for himself best. This public post is take from his own Facebook page –

    Clarify Misconceptions

    I am a Chilean citizen by blood and a United States citizen by choice. There is nothing I love more, besides Jesus Christ and my family, than the United States. The culture, the American way of life, the opportunity that my family received was due to law and order which most countries don’t have. It has enabled me to own a successful home improvement business. Like many Americans I am in a interracial marriage with three beautiful daughters. In the United States you can marry the women you love without race being an issue. It is why getting back to law and order, conserving our borders, language, and culture of our country is essential for new immigrants that live in this country to obtain that American dream.

    I am the only Latino, elected GOP official in Northern Virginia, that defends the Republican Party on local and national Spanish speaking news channels. I am a Latino standing up for the safety and future of the Latino community. I advocate for illegal alien criminals to be removed from our neighborhoods and deported. I advocate for a strong southern border to prevent illegal alien criminals to re-enter our country. This can be done with more man power and building a wall. I advocate for less legal immigration for the benefit of increasing employment for people who already live in the United States. I advocate less legal immigration from countries that have radical Islamic terrorist problems for the safety of immigrants and all Americans that live in our country. I advocate for greater school choice to help elevate education results for minorities in Fairfax County and Virginia. While providing information, I was unaware that something I copied contained racist language. I have deleted that language because I reject racism. I apologize for my oversight, it will not happen again.

    The front line victims of murder and other crimes, conducted by an out of control immigration system in Northern Virginia, are those in the Latino community. Many wish to keep me silent because it is offensive to tell the truth and they do not want a conservative voice in the Latino community that is contrary to their point of view. It is why I am under attack and accused of being racist. The real Latino community demands safety and so do I.

    Bottom line: The RPV and all of Virginia is fortunate to have such a great man as Fredy Burgos on their SCC. He is a wonderful GOP Ambassador to the Hispanic community up in NoVA; the RPV should be thrilled. As for some of the nasty, malcontent commenters here: You better get used to him, because Fredy’s not going anywhere. Oh, and quit seeing racism in EVERY litte thing, will ya? #MAGA #Stewart2018 #Trump2020

  • ash

    Hate causes more hate. It is an endless recycle that eats its own creators.

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