Ed Gillespie’s New TV Ad Hits D.C. Media Market

Republican Ed Gillespie has come out with a new TV ad for his gubernatorial campaign, the first of the general election to air in the Washington, D.C. media market. Previous ads have been running in markets across Virginia.

This ad shows the son of an immigrant who worked his way through college as a Senate parking lot attendant and later became Counselor to President George W. Bush.  Now he is running for governor “to ensure the next generation can do better than the generation that came before them by putting forward policies that will allow all Virginians to fulfill themselves and pursue their dreams whatever that dream may be,” according to his campaign manager.

The ad appears  just as the latest numbers show Gillespie trailing Democrat Ralph Northam in the most recent Roanoke College Poll. The race, however, has not passed the traditional Labor Day start of campaign season.

TV ad transcript:

Ed Gillespie: “My grandfather worked in a corporate boardroom, but he never sat at a table like this. He polished it. He was a janitor. I inherited his work ethic from my parents, who ran a small grocery store. They never went to college, but insisted I do. I got a degree, started three small businesses, and advised a President of the United States. Where we start out in life shouldn’t determine where we end up. I’m running for governor so all Virginians can realize the American Dream.” 

  • Cam

    Because Ed Gillespie is related to immigrants, we shouldn’t build the wall? C’mon. I mean, what percentage of Ed Gillespie’s vote are expected to come from illegal aliens?

    Trump is right when he talks about liberating the American people from the scourge of illegal aliens and that’s nowhere more true than in Northern Virginia.

    Looks like Gillespie’s already on track to lose another one.

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  • SJane

    Virginians should be aware and concerned that again a Billionaire is staking the election for Northam in Virginia. Tom Steyer, CA Hedge Fund Manager and against the Keystone Pipeline is pouring funds into VA coffers for a Democrat candidate.

    IF Virginians cannot select and fund their own candidates, WHY should another state be allowed to make choices and decisions for Virginians?
    The public is in hysteria w/what Russia is accused of doing for our National Election, and YET another state is allowed to have in-put and finance a candidate, rather than the people of that state for their own Governor.

    This happened when McAuliffe was elected VA Gov. NY’s Mike Bloomberg financed his campaign for Virginia Governor…Was that OK?……NO
    Agendas that are ongoing in states across the country that residents are NOT aware of, is encroaching into daily lives of every American citizen today…
    SILENCE and unaware is NO longer an option for state residents…IMO

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