Leahy: The Time for Ed Gillespie’s ‘Buckley Moment’ Has Arrived

Is it time for Ed Gillespie to cast Corey Stewart out of the GOP?

The rioting in Charlottesville over the weekend has made one thing very clear: Virginia’s Republican party needs an exorcism.

And the only person who can do that is Ed Gillespie, the party’s gubernatorial nominee.

As with most of Virginia’s political class, Gillespie has strongly condemned the hatred and violence that erupted in Charlottesville.  But there was a notable dissent: Republican Corey A. Stewart.

As The Post’s Laura Vozzella and Fenit Nerappil reported, Stewart, “blamed ‘half the violence’ on counterprotesters and criticized fellow Republicans who condemned the white nationalists.”

The story continued: “ ‘All the weak Republicans, they couldn’t apologize fast enough,’ Stewart said in an interview with The Washington Post. ‘They played right into the hands of the left wing. Those [Nazi] people have nothing to do with the Republican Party. There was no reason to apologize.’ ”

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