Statewide Candidates React to Saturday’s Events in Charlotteville

Robert E Lee statue Emancipation Park CharlottesvilleEven as Governor Terry McAuliffe was in Charlotteville telling the neo-Nazis and white supremacists to “go home. You are not wanted in this great Commonwealth,” former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and alt-right cult leader Richard Spencer promised (threatened?) to come back.

All of the candidates for statewide office offered reactions and thoughts to the events in Charlottesville on Friday and Saturday, which included a torchlight rally on UVA Grounds that looked like a student-film project version of Triumph of the Will (or Nelson Eddy singing and a male chorus singing “Stout Hearted Men”) on Friday and an aborted rally in Lee/Emancipation Park that ended in one death, multiple injuries and at least three arrests.

Considering their different political parties, campaign platforms, and personal histories, the reactions by the candidates for Virginia Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General were remarkably similar: pray for the victims, condemning the racists, Virginia is better than this.

Ed Gillespie, Republican candidate for Governor, on Twitter:

“Having a right to spew vile hate does not make it right. It is painful to see these ugly events in Charlottesville last night and today. These displays have no place in our Commonwealth, and the mentality on display is rejected by the decent, thoughtful and compassionate fellow Virginians I see every day. I know we all appreciate the law enforcement officials maintaining order and protecting public safety there.”

He later added with regard to the terrorist-attack-by-car on 4th and Main Streets: “Definitely tragic effect of vile neo Nazi and white supremacist actions.”

Cliff Hyra, Libertarian candidate for Governor, on Facebook:

“Horrific and tragic events in Charlottesville today. White nationalists and neo-nazis threaten the liberty of us all, and as Virginians we must stand united against them. My heart goes out to the victims of the brutal terrorist attack and their families. I wish a swift and full recovery to those hospitalized, and offer my deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives.

“It is shocking and unbelievable to me that a political disagreement over statues could serve as an excuse for violent combat and heinous murder. I am heartbroken today, and also fearful for the future of our country and our commonwealth. We must act now to root out and extirpate all support for political violence. Peaceful discussion and political action are the only way forward.”

Ralph Northam, Democratic candidate for Governor, on Twitter: “As the disgusting display by white supremacists we’re seeing in Charlottesville turns more violent: Please, stay safe and stay clear.”

About an hour later, he Tweeted: “I’ve been briefed by @VaPSHS and am in contact with @GovernorVA and @MikeSigner. The display of hate in Charlottesville has no place in VA.”

At 6:30 p.m., he added: “.@TerryMcAuliffe and @MikeSigner are right—there’s no place in our commonwealth for hate and white supremacy. It’s on all of us to prove it.”

Justin Fairfax, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, on Twitter: “I am saddened by the scenes of violence and demonstrations of hatred in one of Virginia’s greatest cities. We can…”

Jill Vogel, Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, on Twitter: “I am horrified by the hate being displayed in Charlottesville. It is not the Virginia that I know and love and I condemn this vile display of racism.”

John Adams, Republican candidate for Attorney General, on Facebook: “The Nazi-ideology on display in Charlottesville is disgusting. Our greatest generation fought and crushed it; so will we.”

Mark Herring, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, on Twitter: “The violence, chaos, and apparent loss of life in Charlottesville is not the fault of ‘many sides.’ It is racists and white supremacists.”

  • Stephen Spiker

    Corey Stewart takes the bold position of refusing to condemn or denounce actual literal neo-Nazis.

    • Cam

      It’s clear that Terry McAuliffe orchestrated the violence in
      Charlottesville, along with his local muscle, leading to two
      dead VSP officers.

      McAuliffe, Signer, Al Thomas just didn’t anticipate the police chopper crash; that their incitement of this violence would lead
      to dead police officers.

      This is terrorism, against the citizens of the Commonwealth, by the Governor and his henchmen.

      • Stephen Spiker

        Terry McAuliffe, plotting with the lizard people right?

        • Cam

          At best, Terry McAuliffe engaged in criminal negligence. At worst it’s manslaughter of the two VSP troopers.

          Do you hate cops? Or just have an affinity for criminal democrats?

          • Stephen Spiker

            I hate stupidity and conspiracy theories, and especially hate both of them together.

          • Cam

            I feel bad for the Troopers’ families, in particular.

            They went to work on Saturday, as they went every day, in good faith; likely completely unaware of the diabolical scheme underway via Clinton understudy Terry McAuliffe and his henchmen in C’ville.

            And they paid for it with their lives, burned to death in a hellfire chopper crash after being dispatched to watch over violence orchestrated by Terry McAuliffe, etc. And their families are going to pay for it for their entire lives. A lasting legacy of multi-generational crime by the governor.

            The good news, and there is a tad of that, is that their families will learn the most valuable lesson of all: Never trust a democrat. Never. Never. Never.

            The further good news is that Terry McAuliffe’s dreams of higher office are likely permanently finished. Out with a literal bang instead of whimper.

            At least Corey Stewart’s telling the truth.

          • Miguel Sanchez

            You’re just determined to keep doubling-down with the completely stupid and insane, aren’t you?

          • Cam

            There’s no denying that the governor and his Charlottesville henchmen set the stage for violence in Charlottesville. And they’ve been rewarded for it so far.

            With the Feds involved, truth will likely come out, but we’ll see.

          • old_redneck


            The “Unite the Right rally” stopped being a rally sometime Friday night when a stream of torch carrying Nazis arrived at night to the University of Virginia campus chanting “blood and soil.” They used those torches as weapons in fights with counter-protesters.

            On Saturday, NBC said, “Charlottesville rally turned deadly.” CNN said, “1 dead, 19 injured after crash near Unite the Right rally.”

            What took place was not a rally. Who wears paramilitary gear and carries automatic weapons to a rally? Who takes shields and helmets and pepper spray and bats and sticks to a rally? The car didn’t “crash”— it was driven at full speed into a crowd of

            What happened in Charlottesville was American Nazis and Klansmen purposefully staging a riot. Furthermore, when people are shot down in the street, the perpetrators will be Posse Comitatus or 3 Percenters or Oath Keepers.

            I was born and reared in Wilkinson County, MS. I know ignorant white trash when I see it and I saw a lot of it in Charlottesville — David Duke, Jason Keesler, Richard Spencer . . .

          • Cam

            The Constitution clearly articulates the inalienable right to peaceable assembly, which was summarily violated by the City of Charlottesville and by the Virginia State Police.

            Whose orders were they following? There are only two possibilities: The Mayor and the Governor.

            Terry McAuliffe, as a Clinton crony, obviously knows that violence would play well for democrat constituencies of women and blacks and thus he set the stage for that violence.

            And he almost got away with it, until the chopper went down, killing the two VSP troopers. And now their blood, is on his hands.

            Terry McAuliffe’s career is finished and, with any luck, he’ll end up in Federal prison.

    • Jim Portugul

      There were two sides involved in the violence yesterday. Why are you not talking about the other side? Are you afraid they will pull another Ferguson or Baltimore on your town?

      I bet you are still hiding under your bed??? You, along with Brian and Shawn, all pissing yourself, calling on Reagan to rise from the grave and save your asses.

      • Stephen Spiker

        One side literally murdered a person. I’m taking the side against white supremacists and murderers. Sorry that bothers you so much.

        • Jim Portugul

          Both sides went there looking for a fight. There are unknown risks involved in any fight. This practice of your jumping into bed with the radical Clintonite left when convenient is nothing new.

          • Stephen Spiker

            Oddly enough, I still remain anti-Nazi and anti-murder.

          • Jim Portugul

            Yes, and anti-Conservative, anti-American also.

            I am not Nazi, or white nationalist, Republican, or Democrat. However, we cannot let thugs run wild in Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson, or Charlottesville. They should all have been locked up. The taxpayer is paying for police services.

          • Cam

            There will be no conviction for “murder”. There’s plenty of rear-angle video, publicly available, that shows antifa terrorists violently attacking the vehicle with clubs or bats before it accelerated.

            At worst, it’s leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving. A good lawyer could probably get the kid off with a hefty settlement from the City and the State as well.

          • Eric the half a troll

            Yes, I choose to support the side that went there to fight the Nazis. Seems like a pretty simple choice for an American to make.

        • Cam

          Rushing to conclusions serves no one well.

          There’s rear-angle video clearly showing the antifa terrorists violently attacking the Dodge Challenger *before* it accelerates.

          Reckless driving and leaving the scene, at worst.

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  • mezurak

    So does the ACLU have a place in America? After all, they colluded with the neo Nazis to allow this all to happen. And that judge, he needs to find a new home too! Did the protesters on the other side have a permit to be on the streets? The GA can fix this with a new law restricting protests to lawful Virginia residents only. Oh and destroy those danm statues today. There, that should make it all better.

    • David Obermark

      All citizens have a right to demonstrate and voice their opinion. They do not have the right to plow a car into opposing viewpoints.

      • mezurak

        Looking at the video it’s plain there was a majority of action over words from both sides. Hundreds in attendance but reportedly only three arrested? There was nothing peaceful in any of these protests. It was a political gang war.

        • Cam

          And the stage was intentionally set for it by Terry McAuliffe because he knew the media optics would be favorable to democrat interest groups such as women and blacks.

          At the very least, this is criminal negligence by Terry McAuliffe, etc.

    • Downstater

      C’ville City Council bears responsibility for what happened too. Everything was fine with that statue for over a century until some black hater got elected to city council and used its removal to punish good people who only wanted their history preserved. You also want to blame the car driver, of course, but to blame a piece of granite?

  • Cam

    It’s pretty clear that Terry McAuliffe orchestrated the violence in
    Charlottesville, along with his local muscle, leading to two dead police officers.

    McAuliffe, Signer, Al Thomas just didn’t anticipate the police chopper crash; that their incitement of violence would lead to dead police.

    This is terrorism – against the citizens of the Commonwealth, by the Governor and his henchmen.

    • David Obermark

      Why do not you grow up or, even better yet, grow a brain?

      • Cam

        It’s undeniable that Terry McAuliffe had the political motive to set the stage for violence in Charlottesville because he knew it wold play well with women, blacks, and other democrat interest groups.

        McAuliffe now has the blood of two Virginia state troopers on his hands. That’s just criminal.

        • David Obermark

          Nobody is to blame for the State Troopers losing their lives unless somebody failed to do maintenance on the copter.

          However somebody deliberately drove an automobile into dissenting voices. It is ludicrous to blame this result on ANY standing Virginia Representative from either party.

          • Cam

            Regardless, that doesn’t change the fact that Terry McAuliffe had the motive and the opportunity to set the stage for political violence, in Charlottesville, and he did so.

            From that decision, made by McAuliffe, all else flows. This is a clear-cut case of terrorism, against United States citizen, by the governor and he needs to be held accountable.

            Will do the Feds do so?

          • Miguel Sanchez

            Man, every time I think the blame ducking/shifting can’t get any more ridiculous or stupid, along comes someone like Cam to say “Hold my beer and watch this!”

          • Cam

            You can whine all you want, but you can’t change the facts. And the facts are clear:

            1 – Terry McAuliffe and his henchmen had a political motive to set the stage for violence in Charlottesville
            2 – Terry McAuliffe and his henchmen acted upon that political motive
            3 – Two Virginia State Police officers died due to the circumstances caused by McAuliffe et al.
            4 – McAuliffe’s criminal action(s) warrant thorough investigation and charges, if possible

            Those two VSP officers went to work in good faith, per the governor’s direction and authority, as unwitting participants in McAuliffe’s diabolical political scheme.

            And they lost their lives because of it.

            Of course some of it’s on them — they trusted a democrat. Never, never, never trust a democrat.

  • old_redneck


    There’s your garden variety stupid.

    Then, there’s some really, really stupid.

    But on top of the pile is the industrial grade stupid from something using the nym “Cam.”

    I thought for a minute I was reading The Bull Elephant.

  • DJRippert

    Yesterday, in Seattle, there was another right wing demonstration. It drew the expected counter-protesters. However, the politicians in Washington State and Seattle acted with considerably more competence than our politicians in Virginia.

    Here’s a first hand account from one of the counter-protesters in Virginia (i.e. not a white supremacist) –

    But others, including Mr. Kessler and Ms. Caine-Conley, openly wondered if the violence could have been prevented.

    “There was no police presence,” Ms. Caine-Conley said. “We were watching people punch each other; people were bleeding all the while police were inside of barricades at the park, watching. It was essentially just brawling on the street and community members trying to protect each other.”

    And here’s a first hand account from a counter protester in Seattle (i.e. not a white supremacist) –

    A protest organizer told NBC affiliate KING that police attacked and blocked them from entering the rally.

    “I think what they did today was actually a huge disgrace,” the unidentified organizer told the station. “Their job is not to protect Nazis.”


    Of course, the job of the police is to protect the Nazis – regardless of the abhorrence of their beliefs. When either side tried to break through the police lines that separated them they were pepper sprayed and stopped. At the end of the rally in Seattle there were no serious injuries.

    I have learned over the years that when looking at a fiasco and needing to choose between conspiracy and incompetence it is almost always correct to choose incompetence. In Washington / Seattle a competent government organized its law enforcement personnel to maintain separation of the opposing parties and prevent the initial brawling that inevitably leads to escalation. In Virginia / Charlottesville that did not happen.

    To be clear:

    1. I am sure the individual law enforcement officers were doing as they were instructed. This has nothing to do with individual policemen or state troopers.

    2. The people who committed criminal acts did so of their own volition. They need to be pursued, arrested, indicted, charged, convicted and incarcerated.

  • old_redneck

    Tom Periello has laid out the best commentary so far on the Charlottesville Nazi mob action:

    Meanwhile, Slate points out that Trump’s ties to white supremacists go back a long way, and, he is staffing his administration with nuts and loons.

    The NYT editorial board, in a signed editorial, minces no words.
    — quote

    Meanwhile a handful of congressional Republicans have condemned the hate on display in Charlottesville, and in our politics. Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado said of white supremacists, “We don’t want them in our base,
    they shouldn’t be in a base, we shouldn’t call them part of a base.”

    But Mr. Trump does, and in his desperation to rescue his failing presidency, he again clung to them.

    — end quote

  • old_redneck

    Whitbeck told Wolf Blitzer: “You can’t just eradicate the bad parts of our history by just taking down statues.”

    You can’t? Says who?

    They took down the statues of Hitler after we defeated the Nazis.

    They took down the statues of Stalin when the USSR disintegrated.

    They tore down the statues of Saddam in Iraq.

    That’s what happens when you LOSE…… the statues come down.

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