Gillespie Releases “Don’t Get Fooled Again”

The Ed Gillespie for Governor campaign has released their first YouTube ad of their campaign against Ralph Northam titled “Don’t Get Fooled Again.”

The video is based on recent news that the state of Mississippi is prepared to sue GreenTech, the company that then-CEO Terry McAuiliffe promised would bring a thousand jobs to the state, but resulted in millions of dollars in losses.

From the Washington Free-Beacon:

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s (D.) former electric car company has been audited to repay $6.4 million of public funds to the state of Mississippi.

GreenTech Automotive, which McAuliffe left in 2012, was unable to deliver on its promise to create jobs in the state of Mississippi, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Now Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering is asking for the full sum of $5 million in public loans, along with interest and recovery costs, to be repaid in full within 30 days. He warned GreenTech CEO Charles Wang that failure to pay could result in the state filing a lawsuit against the company.

The ad prominently features McAuliffe and his pursuits with the Chinese automotive company, but what is also of interest is the mention of Lindenburg Industry, LLC.

This issue has cost Virginia taxpayers. From WRIC:

In 2014, Gov. Terry McAuliffe posed for a photo where he gave a Chinese company known as Lindenburg Industry $1.4 million in grant money. In return, they were supposed to create hundreds of new jobs in an old factory building that had sat empty for years. Eighteen months later, that town is now left asking where are the jobs and where is all that money.

So, here’s the real question – this project came before the Virginia Economic Development Partnership – a committee that the lieutenant governor sits on. However, as noted by Gillespie this past December, Northam has been woefully absent:

Reform is desperately needed at VEDP, but Governor McAuliffe and Lieutenant Governor Northam had their chance and they blew it. In fact, Lieutenant Governor Northam left early or failed to attend 73 percent of VEDP board meetings before the JLARC report.

McAuliffe failed in Mississippi. And McAuliffe-Northam had the chance to prevent failure in Appomattox. They didn’t.

In other words: “Don’t Get Fooled Again.”

  • SJane

    The apparent lack of integrity and poor business decision that McAuliffe has made to date, boggles the mind. He starts off w/a scam that involved his father-I-law Richard Swann, Establish a pension fund w/Brotherhood of Elec Workers in Orlando, FL; fund puts up $38 M, McAuliffe NOTHING, but he got 50% of stake.
    McAuliffe & CA Congressman Coehlo worked together on Junk bonds, and Tony Coeholo resigned in 1989, after taking a sweetheart loan. He got into fiber optic Co. business collapsed, McAuliffe cashed out..others left holding the bag.
    McAuliffe gets in business w/Hillary Clinton’s brother Anthony Rodham, created Green Tech, Elec. car co. everyone knows how that ended…and more.
    Terry McAuliffe has had questionable business dealing since he started a paving Co. in NY state……comes to Virginia, on Clintons’ coat-tails, become head of DNC during G.W Bush’s time in office, McAuliffe acts as bag-man for the Clinton house purchase in DC…..and the beat goes on.
    READ full article by Stephanie Mencimer staff writer for Mother Jones Washington bureau Nov 2013, “I Can’t Believe Terry McAuliffe is going to be Gov. of Virginia”…THIS man, Terry McAuliffe has set the example for the upcoming Dem. Ralph Northam 2017 running for VA Gov….Does the public really want to support Ralph Northam for Virginia’s New Governor? Food for thought..

  • Chad Parker

    Great message. Ridiculously horrible ad. I’m hoping this was made by a high school-aged intern playing with video editing software for the first time, and not by a paid vendor.

    • Bill

      Kind of like Ed lighting off fireworks in a white dress shirt in his last ad.

      This campaign just doesn’t get it.

  • Peacemaker

    Hey now…I would love to have one of those little cars to pull behind my 40′ stainless steel, 8V71 Detroit Diesel bus that I am re-re-converting. I’d save a fortune in diesel fuel from pulling my Jeep.

    Yes, this is a totally smartassed comment 🙂

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