Cosgrove to Remain in State Senate

John Cosgrove loves Chesapeake and wants to serve it. And it’s no surprise that he’d consider a position within the city, like the Clerk of Court, in order to serve.

However, Cosgrove has also been a diligent state legislator for years and has concluded that fulfilling his term as state senator is the best course of action and, given the work he has done for transportation and the Hampton Roads’ community, he recognizes that being an advocate for the region and the state at-large is his calling.

“It is my belief that I can serve the people of Chesapeake and the entire Commonwealth of Virginia by staying in the Senate of Virginia,” writes Cosgrove. “I currently serve on five committees and four subcommittees where important policy decisions are made for our citizens. After serious consideration and discussions with my family and the leadership of the Senate of Virginia, I am withdrawing from the campaign for Chesapeake Clerk of Court. The narrow Republican majority in the Senate must be maintained and my vote can make the difference on many important decisions.”

Chesapeake does have some big issues on the table at the state level where it is important we have a strong voice like Cosgrove in the senate.

Majority Leader Tommy Norment agrees.

“As a senior member of the Transportation Committee, John brings a wealth of experience on issues critical to Hampton Roads. His depth of knowledge on the mechanics of our electoral system proved invaluable on Privileges and Elections during this year’s session. And, John is one of the strongest and most reliable pro-business voices on the Commerce and Labor Committee,” said Norment.

“I know John would do a great job in any elected government position. Right now, though, with three members of our caucus seeking statewide office and with potential changes to the makeup and the leadership of some of the key committees on which John serves, we really need him representing the people of the 14th District.”

Cosgrove has endorsed Chesapeake Mayor Alan Krasnoff for the position of Clerk of Court.

  • mezurak

    So a compromise was reached. Let the Mayor get his retirement money, then swap places in the next election. That way both get $100k plus, a great retirement, and still keep the district in GOP hands. Don’t you love it when a scheme comes together? Sharing is such a lovely thing.

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