Reeves LG Favorite by One Percent; Adams Cruising Towards GOP AG Nod

Reeves wins first LG Poll by 1%

– Bryce Reeves – 586 votes (31.04%)
– Jill Vogel – 567 votes (30.03%)
– Glenn Davis – 556 votes (29.45%)Each GOP candidate clearly has an excellent online/social media strategy.

John Adams easily won the preference poll for attorney general with 54% of the vote.
  • Deborah Byington

    wtg mr reeves i knew you could do it

  • TheVirginia

    Would someone please explain to me something that Bryce Reeves has accomplished as senator? He’s my senator. He doesn’t show up for anything. He doesn’t answer constituents. I miss the days of Ed Houck. He was always available for every picnic, banquet, forum, commencement. He worked for his constituents. I get the distinct feeling that Reeves thinks we’re supposed to be there for him. So why him? What do Republicans in Virginia see in this man that makes them think he’d be a good lieutenant governor.

  • TheVirginia

    I recall that he did show up for one event and referred to the mayor of Gordonsville as the Mayor of the County. He wasn’t misspeaking. He didn’t know. I asked for his help about a problem I was having with a college in the state. He told me that since that college was not located in his district I would need to put my question to the senator from that district. What the heck. He doesn’t understand the basic structure of government.

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