EXCLUSIVE: Dave Brat’s Barbaric Refusal To Ban Sex-Selective Abortions

I told you Dave Brat wasn’t pro-life.

The National Pro-Life Alliance puts out its national survey every two years.  The questions are basic: do you support parental consent, a cooling down period of 48 hours, a ban on sex selective abortion, a ban on RU-486… a constitutional amendment affirming the right to life.

Seems pretty boilerplate, right?  Of course pro-lifers would support such common sense laws and amendments.

Yet on the 2016 NPLA National Survey, Dave Brat (self-proclaimed “Calvinist Catholic”) voted NO on questions 1, 2, 4, and 6 — and left 10 blank.

The questions?

1. Will you support federal legislation giving parents the right to stop any abortion from being performed on their minor daughter, except to save the life of the mother?

Dave Brat said NO on parental consent, meaning that a public school guidance counselor and a Planned Parenthood could literally force a decision on your 16-year old daughter… without your knowledge.

2. Will you support requiring a 48-hour “cooling off” period, and mandatory counseling on the risks and consequences of abortion for persons who believe they may want to have an abortion?

Dave Brat said NO…

4. Will you support legislation to outlaw so-called “sex selection” abortions?

Dave Brat said NO on what has to be the one of the more appalling questions asked.  Sex-selective abortions based on whether the child is a boy or a girl?  Is what the Chinese Communists do… it is a barbaric practice that ought to be directly opposed by anyone with a moral conscience (just not Dave Brat).

6. Should the federal government bar the distribution of “home abortion drugs” like RU-486?

Dave Brat said NO on banning mifepristone, the “abortion pill” that is in fact more dangerous than a surgical abortion based on how the drug interacts with the female body — effectively shedding the uterine wall and inducing a tremendous amount of bleeding, the results of which have been absolutely unsafe and mortifying.

10. Will you support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning abortion except to save the life of the mother?

Dave Brat said NO ANSWER.  Really, Dave?  Nothing?

Of course, all of this confirms what pro-lifers and conservatives already knew about Walter Stosch’s left hand man.  Stack it on to the fact that Brat continues to oppose free trade, has failed to pass any notable legislation, is already openly considering a bid for U.S. Senate without even finishing his first two-year term, and now has proposed his very own version of the Fugitive Slave Act (just with illegal immigrants in mind)?

Well, when your immigration policy is informed by former Planned Parenthood executives, is it any small wonder?

Dave Brat pro-abortion stances are a Virginia embarassment.

Upshot though?  Rep. Rob Wittman answered YES across the board… as did Republican congressional candidates Mike Wade (VA-04) and Tom Garrett (VA-05).

This was not a hard test, folks.

UPDATE: Brat responds that he answered the survey with the same answers as in 2014:

As a matter of note, this is the same survey that I completed in 2014, where I answered all questions in the same way, with attached comments.

Small problem?   That is absolutely not true.  

Here’s the 2014 survey.    In 2014, Brat supported bans on sex-selective abortions (4), supported parental consent (1) and supported a 48 hour cooling off counseling period (2) — all changed in 2016.  Brat’s neutrality on RU-486 in 2014 moved to a negative in 2016.

In short?  Brat lied.

Brat responds further that his answers were the same answers Donald Trump gave during the debate.  Small problem with that as well — Trump answered the survey perfectly: Y in every instance with no prevarication.  Even if one accepts the idea that Brat doesn’t believe the federal government should involve itself in any question regarding the defense of human life?  Then Brat would have answered each question as he did the question as to whether or not he would vote for the Human Life Amendment — leaving it blank.

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