Dave Bossie, Not Stewart, is the Story

Let’s be honest.  72 hours ago, what PWC Chairman Corey Stewart was about to do would have been applauded by most Trump supporters.

Today?  That seems like an odd move, protesting in front of the RNC on a glorious Columbus Day weekend.

What folks are missing in the schadenfreude is that Stewart demonstrated a rare and powerful quality not often seen in politics today: loyalty.

I want to give you some insight here that folks may not have considered previously.  From the Washington Post:

Shortly before the rally began, Bossie texted, warning him to stop the rally, Stewart said.

“He threatened me,” Stewart said. “I let everybody know he was threatening me. They said, ‘there are going to be dire consequences’ unless I shut down the rally.”

Stewart said he did not respond to the message but knew that it meant that he would be fired if he went forward with his plans. He went ahead to make his point, that establishment Republicans — he referred to them at the event and on Facebook as “establishment pukes” — were trying to undermine Trump.

Stewart said he never heard back from the campaign afterward and only learned from a media report that he had been fired.

You mean, there’s internal fist-fighting between the old Lewandowski, Manafort, Bossie/Bannon, and now Kellyanne Conway camps within the Trump campaign?

Perish the thought.

David Bossie, of course, is known as a bare knuckles fighter more than happy to do whatever it takes and sacrifice whomever necessary to get that extra inch.

Yesterday’s burnt offering to the gods just happened to be Corey Stewart.

Now some of the folks who chimed in to denounce Stewart’s actions?  Were simply participating in the mummery of politics.  There is no added benefit for spiking the football as some folks tap danced on Stewart’s dismissal from Trump campaign leadership… that sort of activity belies a certain weakness of character that seems to typify success in certain quarters.

To wit?

Stewart still remains RPV Victory Co-Chairman alongside former Governor Jim Gilmore (as of publication).  Virginia Women for Trump — who organized the event — find Stewart’s willingness to “do the right thing” in spite of consequences honorable, even admirable.  Internal squabbling among the Trump campaign’s higher-ups notwithstanding… Stewart appears to be a rod of iron in a sea of spaghetti noodles masquerading as backbone.

That last part right there is the real story most folks are missing here.  In the wake of crisis, David Bossie just made a power move against a deep-pockets Virginia notable.

Stewart will more than likely continue to support Trump regardless of his title.  That’s not why he’s involved; not a single Trump supporter will waver from supporting Stewart at the end of the day because of this event.  In an odd twist, Stewart gained from this incident — lost a title; gained some trust.

That’s notable, folks.

Yet at the end of the day, Stewart is a bright shiny object.  Focus on what’s behind the curtain here… the internal politics of the Trump campaign squabbling over who gets to sit at the table in the event of a Trump victory.  The knifing of Lewandowski, then Manafort, and now Stewart — that’s the story here.

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