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New Bearing Drift Sponsored by Gillespie, Davis and Adams

We thank Ed Gillespie’s Let’s Grow VA! PAC, Del. Glenn Davis of Davis for LG, and John Adams of John Adams for Virginia for their support in helping launch the new Bearing Drift.


“Congratulations to Bearing Drift on more than a decade of covering Virginia politics. Yours is a voice sorely needed, and I’m proud to sponsor the next iteration of your site.

Virginia is at critical juncture, and in desperate need of strong conservative leadership. I created Let’s Grow, Virginia! to lay the groundwork for winning back our statewide offices next year. With our vast natural resources, our fertile lands, our ports, our people, our colleges and universities, our natural beauty and historic landmarks, Virginia should be in the top five states when it comes to economic growth. And we can be—with the right policies. Those policies are ones based on our Constitutional principles of limited, effective government. I look forward to working with the Bearing Drift community to help bring those about.” -Ed Gillespie


“Congratulations to the Bearing Drift team on being the go-to source for Virginia conservative news! I’m proud to sponsor the site’s new version, and appreciate all BD does to help move our conservative principles forward in Virginia.

Virginia used to lead the nation in business and job creation. However, now we’re no longer even in the top 10, we have the 30th worst tax policies in the nation, and we’re losing jobs to DC. It seems the only thing Virginia leads in now is felon rights. It’s time for the Virginia Turnaround, my four point plan to make Virginia #1 again for business and job growth. As an entrepreneur and businessman, I look forward to focusing on the things that provide opportunity and economic prosperity for all Virginian’s.” -Del. Glenn Davis


John is a native of Chesterfield County where he currently resides with his wife and four children. He attended the Virginia Military Institute and served two tours as a United States Naval Officer before attending UVA School of Law. He went on to clerk for Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, worked in the George W. Bush White House under Ronald Reagan’s former Chief White House Counsel Fred Fielding, and then returned to the Richmond area to serve as a federal prosecutor. He is now in private practice and leads a team of more than 60 attorneys across the United States and abroad.

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