VPOD: Ed Gillespie, Let’s Grow VA

Ed Gillespie has a PAC – Lets Grow, Virginia! – which is designed to elect Republicans here in 2016 and beyond.

It also serves as a launching point for his gubernatorial aspirations in 2017.

gillespie_road_tripGillespie and his wife of 29 years, Cathy, have embarked on a cross-Virginia excursion along U.S. 58 that began Thursday in the Eastern Shore of Virginia. They were in Virginia Beach Friday and I had the chance to catch up with him for a few minutes to talk about the PAC, his likely campaign, and current events.

Specifically, Gillespie discusses his desire to be a servant leader, growing Virginia’s economy (without having to get into bidding wars with other states), having respect for the rule of law, among other topics. I asked him how a Governor Gillespie would differ from our current governor, Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Regarding current events, we delve a little into McAuliffe’s restoration of civil rights for 206,000 Virginia felons and his support for the Virginia GOP lawsuit.

We also discuss primaries v. conventions and he did talk about Attorney General Mark Herring’s job performance.

  • Richard Statman

    I don’t know how the Gillespie for Governor campaign 2017
    Would be different from the Gillespie for Senate campaign of 2014.

    Would the results from Charlottesville , Albemarle , Norfolk ,
    Newport News , and Petersburg be any different ?

    Before the PAC “Let’s Grow, Virginia” locks down the campaign contribution flow,
    Perhaps in the coming months we can hear from Mr.Stewart, Mr Wittman , and perhaps
    A new face like Joe Whited , and have an open discussion about the issues facing
    Our Commonwealth.

    • we regularly interview Rep. Wittman and I’m looking forward to talking to Corry Stewart. I appreciate Gillespie reaching out to me and being available. Maybe Wittman and Stewart will do the same? Thanks for listening and your comment.

    • Peacemaker

      I would really appreciate hearing from Rob Whitman, as I am a new member of the 1st. And while I am certain he’ll be better than that jackass Brat, I like to hear that one on one.

      I would also be interested in hearing more from Mr. Whited. I have very limited information, but I appreciate what I’ve seen thus far.

    • DJRippert

      What was different between Terry McAuliffe’s 2009 gubernatorial campaign (where he failed to secure the Democratic nomination) and the 2013 campaign where we won the general election? Needless to say I could ask the same kinds of questions about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The mood of the electorate changes. Candidates that once seemed un-electable suddenly are front runners.

      After this Fall’s presidential election the electorate may be quite ready for a calm, even tempered candidate like Ed Gillespie.

      However, hearing from all the potential candidates is a very good idea. Somebody ought to tell Wittman, Stewart, et al that it’s time to wake up!

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