Kim Davis Is No St. Thomas More…

st_thomas_moreSt. Thomas More, when his conscience was challenged by the duties of his office, did the right thing.

He resigned.

Now I’ve seen Wolf Hall and think that the whole effort to demonize More and lionize Cromwell is a despicable thing to behold.  Cromwell was a rotten soul, a man without a constituency who eventually ended up getting devoured by the Leviathan he hoped to cage.  Sic transit gloria mundi…

Cromwell famously wept and blathered like a child before his execution.  More’s advice to his executioner, who dropped to his knees and asked More’s forgiveness before the deed, was simple and straightforward:

“Be not afraid of your office.  You send me to God.”

Alas, in Kentucky we have the example of Kim Davis…

I won’t bore you with her details, nor is it worthwhile to expound upon her own personal background as some have attempted to do.  It’s not worth it, nor is it germane… nor does one relish mentioning the attacks even passively but to remark on the odious and hateful tactics those who are pushing faux marriages constantly employ in the name of “love” — or whatever point they are trying to prove.

St. Thomas More, when his conscience conflicted with his duties, did the right thing — and resigned.

I’ve been there.  I’ve done that.  I’d rather not talk about it.

…but Ms. Davis is not suffering any sort of martyrdom here.  Certainly she will write a book, make lots of money showing her battle scars, and be appropriately rewarded here for her semi-courageous obstinacy.

Certainly no one can look at the condition of Christianity in this country and be proud.  As Mr. Hoeft noted on Facebook earlier, we are slowly seeing a day where professing one’s Christianity will earn you the right to be torn down in the public square in the most hateful of ways.  It’s no small secret that many Christians whisper about how we are inches away from religious persecution here in the United States.  Here.

We are already at an impasse where professing Christians can no longer serve as Clerks of the Court in Virginia with conscience.  Some may be able to do so (many in Tudor England did), but others may not be able to reconcile such things.  This wave of secular liberalism is breaching into a form of laicization known to the French model of government, but totally alien to the American experiment.

We may indeed have white martyrs in the modern era, in contrast to the red martyrs who survived the Roman Empire.  This fear — and it is a legitimate fear — having been expressed, Kim Davis is no St. Thomas More when it comes to marriage.

The right thing to do is resign, as More did, and then let come what may.

After all, More was executed for his silence… not for standing between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn sneering “no.”

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