Really RPV? Chris Christie is Bernie Sanders?

I am sad to report that RPV messed something up, again.  This time on their Twitter account.

Let me begin by saying I love Saturday Night Live, and one of my favorite segments they used to do on Weekend Update was called REALLY? with Seth and Amy.

Let’s do this. Welcome to the the Bearing Drift edition of “REALLY?!” with Matt Colt “HallMighty” Hall.


Yesterday, the Republican Party of Virginia decided to tweet out a congratulatory message to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for entering the presidential race. They have done this in the past, no harm done. But … they got something a little wrong.




















Does anyone notice the problem with this tweet? Anyone? ANYBODY? BUELLER!?

Oh, that’s right. This is a picture of Chris Christie, Republican from New Jersey:

And the picture in the tweet is of Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders. Who is running as a … wait … what’s that party Bernie Sanders is running for their presidential nomination? No, not the Communist Party, the other one. The donkey one.



Right – he’s a Democrat. Glad I cleared that up quite nicely. You see, RPV got the “Big Boy” Chris Christie confused with a socialist who looks like he’s trying to throw me into a DeLorean and take me back to the 1950’s. Or Dr. Strangelove, whichever floats your boat.

I mean for crying out loud. Chris Christie is from New Jersey, a state famous for:

And this is what Bernie Sander’s home state is famous for:

And RPV, while I’m at it, RPV I know you are controlled by the Tea Party, but seriously, never try to call people Democrats based on their views. Trust me guys, been there, done that, got lambasted for it, and I’m never going to do it again! Don’t ever try to do that.  If that had been it, we could have just laughed and called it a day.

But then it happened again:


SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES LATER, after already confusing the Governor of New Jersey with the Senator from Vermont, RPV tweets this:




















I mean, if I got fired, I couldn’t clean my desk out in seven minutes!  Talk about bad timing.

IS THIS A CRY FOR HELP? I mean, is this state party so incompetent and broke that they have to leave the state GOP twitter to an 18 year old kid in high school?

You fired your entire staff, you have to beg on Twitter for interns, and then you have to scratch your head and wonder why this happens?

Darn. Someone maybe shouldn’t have pissed the donor class off, maybe ran more electable candidates, and maybe worked with donors. But instead, you chastise donors and consultants. RPV runs silly Grassroots Challenges that doesn’t even retire all of the debt, much less pay any staff. And you support silly lawsuits against incumbents, thereby encouraging incumbents NOT to donate. No wonder why RPV has zero staff – you cannot pay them! Much less get them to run a half decent Twitter account!

And then . . .



After you have tweeted twice and ruined yourself, you tweet this out.





















Yes, somebody on RPV Chairman John Whitbeck’s staff thought it was a good idea to use RPV social media to promote his re-election as RPV Chair. This is a big no-no, which is why it was removed relatively quickly. Everyone knows not to do this kind of thing, because it’s an unfair advantage to incumbents. And it’s not like they could pass this off as a mistweet from the wrong account.  The RPV Twitter jockey blew it, three times in a row.

That’s where this crossed the line from hilarious incompetence to utterly ridiculous.

When RPV decides to cut staff, not raise money, piss off donors, worry about litmus’ tests on incumbents instead of trying to get more Republicans elected, it’s easy to lose sight of the details. And when you lose sight of the details, no wonder you mess up like this. 

In the end, all I have to say is:

The tweets are real, the comedy is from the author (and Lorne Michaels).

Look, I know this is a small ball article, and I’m probably mocking some intern who is way younger than me who probably feels bad about screwing up. But when you’re running the Twitter account of a state political party, expect to be lambasted when you make booboos, big and small.  This is a lesson as to why you need someone with actual experience running messaging and social media.

Hopefully, you can laugh at your mistakes, as we laugh at you, ok?

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