John Foust Election Eve Rally With Warner and Kaine CANCELLED

DPVA has just pulled it down, but a GOTV Rally with John Foust, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner in Sterling scheduled for Monday night was CANCELLED:


Are Democrats fleeing from John Foust? Or was the unorganized and suddenly vulnerable Mark Warner relying on John Foust’s campaign to set up the event only to find out that Foust is in no position to save himself let alone Warner?

Either way, this is a terrible sign for both campaigns in the 10th Congressional District. Either they’re both so disorganized they can’t get this event together, or they’ve both given up.

Because this is the only event cancelled for Monday. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine will otherwise be barnstorming the state, appearing with Rep. Bobby Scott and nominee Don Beyer:


Republicans will rally in the 10th District Monday night at an event featuring Ann Romney and Gov. George Allen firing up the troops for Barbara Comstock and Ed Gillespie – an event announced late last week and expected to see overflowing crowds.

Looks like the Democrats have given up on competing in the 10th District.

UPDATE: Perhaps Mark Warner was trying to avoid a repeat of the visual from competing rallies in Virginia Beach today:

Mark Warner and Tim Kaine rally about a dozen volunteers

Ed Gillespie rallies a huge crowd of excited voters and activists

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  • Craig M Kilby

    Interesting contrast between the indoor coffee-clatch and the outdoor crowd. Here in the Northern Neck, one would hardly there is an election campaign going on. I have never missed one election since living in Virginia these past 15 years. Not one. Has anybody sent me any mail? Phoned me? Asked for my vote? Nope. I’m sorely tempted to just skip it. But I won’t.

    • Indiana Blotto’s Last Crusade

      We definitely have the chance to sneak up and score some upsets in a low-turnout election where the GOP is motivated and Dems aren’t (I’m looking at you two, Warner and Connolly.)

    • AnninVA26

      Gillespie was relatively unknown before he ran for the Senate….Conquering the entire state with a lot less money than his well-known opponent has been a challenge. He’s doing a great job because he has a message. It’s OUR job to research our candidates. They cannot possibly court every single one of us! go to his website and look at his plans for the future. If you are a true conservative, you will be excited to read them!

      • Hawa Coulibaly

        Lol, you folks are funny… Gillespie was known alright; he was known as the dude who lobbied for Enron, the crooks and he had plenty of money. Let’s not spread misinformation!

        • AnninVA26

          He was an EMPLOYEE, he didn’t do anything regarding the scandal. This connection is the ONLY thing Warner can say, since he accomplished NOTHING as our senator. Warner owned stock in Enron and made a ton of money. He also is heavily involved in a bribery effort to keep Puckett in the state senate…to expand the ACA in Virginia. Warner is the insider. Gillespie understands free-market principles and capitalism. By the way, Warner is the 2nd richest person in Congress. He is worth $250 million. gillespie doesn’t come close. Warner is the one with “plenty of money”.

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  • Bojac

    Democrats are getting in a sweaty desperate panic. They will soon realize that we the people are sick and tired of Obama and his lying Democrat administration.Time to clean the Senate out.

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  • AnninVA26

    Shaneen was involved int eh IRS scandal with Lerner. Hopefully, that news will make the rounds quickly in NH today.

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