Warner goes negative and it’s only July

So, Mark Warner must know something the rest of us don’t.

The last poll in the Virginia US Senate race has Warner comfortably ahead by 17 points.

Yet, today, we get this from candidate Warner:

And this from his campaign political director Kenyanna Conner:

“As reported by NBC 12, D.C. superlobbyist Ed Gillespie says that minimum wage jobs are “where you play in a softball league and go for a beer after work.” Gillespie also believes there should not be a federal minimum wage.

“For too many Virginians, you don’t go out for a beer after work, you go to a second or third job. And for working mothers and fathers, there’s certainly no time for softball.”

First of all, ignore the fact that the Obama economy has, indeed, caused families to have to work a second and third job instead of enjoying time with friends and family. I do appreciate Kenyanna’s honesty in that regard, noting that our economy is absolute disaster under the current Obama-Warner leadership.

That said, this is exactly why everyone hates politics.

Once again, a man whose grandfather came over from Ireland and worked as a janitor at a bank until 2 am to make ends meet for his family and a man who started off his life shuttling cars at the US Senate parking lot, is suddenly going to be taken out of context on his value of hard work?

First, listen to his appearance in Virginia Beach where the so-called quote comes from. You’ll hear it’s clearly taken out of context.

Next, watch his interview with MSNBC for yourself and tell me if Ed doesn’t value working Americans and what America must be doing to improve job growth – including creating entry level jobs:

Senator Warner knows better. His story is also to be valued, considering that the now wealthiest member of the US Senate began his private sector life living out of the backseat of his car.

But to take a disagreement on policy – whether or not to raise the minimum wage – and turn it into class warfare?

It’s unethical and telling all at the same time. The Warner campaign must sense that this campaign is on the verge of changing.

  • Warmac9999

    Obama will tear down everything – including the Democrat party. Warner is one of those who understand the growing anger associated with Obama so he has to change the subject.

  • Twinkie Breakfast

    Warner doesn’t have nearly the lead in the polls that Cantor had.

  • Brad Froman

    I wonder how deep those two will get on the issues that matter. If it’s going to be all negative, which it could very well be, voters are going to tune them out.

    • Chris

      Tune them out, and then just vote for the candidate with greater name recognition – Warner.

      Cantor lost because it was an off-cycle election and Brat could afford to engage with voters in a way that Cantor couldn’t be bothered too. I don’t think that will work in a state-wide November election, even in a midterm year.

  • Tell Warner that working minimum wage is no, er, “day at the beach.” LOL

    • Indiana Blotto’s Last Crusade

      Or day at the “beach house” with “the boys.”

  • louexis

    It seems that republicans running for office have a bad habit of saying things in private that they wouldn’t say in public, (47%) and then they scream bloody murder when they get caught. So how is that going negative? it isn’t like someone put words on Gillespie’s mouth.

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  • Lawrence Wood

    Exactly what is your expectation of Warner, he is a progressive Obama surrogate for God’s sake! He will spin, misrepresent, distort and outright lie whether his poll numbers are up 17 or down 20, it is the nature of this political beast. Ed Gillespie better put on his BIG boy pants and start counter-punching or he’s in for not just a beating but an embarrassment on November 4th.

    • Bronx_Native

      You are so right. 1000% right.

      So far, the smart analysis is that Ed is in this race to build name-recognition to then run for Governor. I don’t like it, but it rings true.

  • Alex70

    “The Obama economy”?

    You mean like “the Obama wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” right?

    I seem to recall the nation collectively peeing in its pants as it faced the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression when, in 2008, George W. Bush (R) turned the White House over to Barack Obama (D). Obama
    undoubtedly felt a sense of kinship with FDR (D), who–in 1932–inherited from Herbert Hoover (R) an even worse fiscal calamity.

    A quick refresher for those with short memories:

    Employment? (Note the effect of the Republicans’ slashing of public-sector jobs):

    1) http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/07/05/the-lagging-public-sector/

    and how about the Dow?

    2) http://blog.b92.net/user_stuff/upload/282/Dow-Jones-Industrial-Average-2007-2013.16282.jpg

    Sorry those charts aren’t quite up-to-date. They’d demonstrate much greater improvement. (I think the Dow is way, way up to 17,000, right?) Don’t get me wrong, though. There’s still tons of room for improvement.

    And “class warfare”? Cut me a break. Mr. Orwell must be turning over in his grave over that absurdity. (I’ll bet you a beer that sophistry owes its origin to Frank Luntz).

    Best wishes,
    Alex Leidholdt

  • Charles Reichley

    BTW, since minimum wage jobs are largely held by school children and college kids, they probably aren’t going out after work for a beer.

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