Why would you want to be a Democrat

Democratic Senator Phil Puckett was born in Russell County, Virginia. He and his wife, Jeanette, reside in Lebanon. They have three children: John, Joseph, and Martha.

Puckett graduated from University of Tennessee, where he earned a Bachelor of Science and later earned a Master’s in Administration from Virginia Tech.

Puckett was a Principal and Teacher in public schools and a member of his local volunteer fire department.

Here’s what Democrats say about him now.

Benedict Puckett
bribed to resign
an a$$hole complicit Democrat
send hate mail to Puckett
If you haven’t been following the news and the name “Puckett” doesn’t yet make you want to puke
fanatic..horrible…corporate shill
And this is one of Democrats’ cute graphics making the rounds:
Phillip P. Puckett :: Criminal At Large

Democrats, THIS is what other Democrats do to you if you dare to think for yourself. If you even think about stopping a government takeover of healthcare, or anything else for that matter, they’ll throw you off a cliff quicker than you can say “Puckett.”

The Democratic Party doesn’t care about you. Never has. It wants you to need them. It wants you to follow them. It wants you to sit on your couch sipping Starbucks collecting unemployment and getting free healthcare from the government while you complain that rich Republicans are holding you down. Jobs? Forget about that. You’ll have government.

There’s no negotiation with Democrats. So long as you agree with them, they’ll allow you to stick around.

But do anything without their approval, and this is what they do to you. They’ll ruin you, your family, your reputation and the media will be their willing accomplices every step of the way.

Democrats don’t even care about Democrats.

Why would you ever want to be one?

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