Why would you want to be a Democrat

Democratic Senator Phil Puckett was born in Russell County, Virginia. He and his wife, Jeanette, reside in Lebanon. They have three children: John, Joseph, and Martha.

Puckett graduated from University of Tennessee, where he earned a Bachelor of Science and later earned a Master’s in Administration from Virginia Tech.

Puckett was a Principal and Teacher in public schools and a member of his local volunteer fire department.

Here’s what Democrats say about him now.

Benedict Puckett
bribed to resign
an a$$hole complicit Democrat
send hate mail to Puckett
If you haven’t been following the news and the name “Puckett” doesn’t yet make you want to puke
fanatic..horrible…corporate shill
And this is one of Democrats’ cute graphics making the rounds:
Phillip P. Puckett :: Criminal At Large

Democrats, THIS is what other Democrats do to you if you dare to think for yourself. If you even think about stopping a government takeover of healthcare, or anything else for that matter, they’ll throw you off a cliff quicker than you can say “Puckett.”

The Democratic Party doesn’t care about you. Never has. It wants you to need them. It wants you to follow them. It wants you to sit on your couch sipping Starbucks collecting unemployment and getting free healthcare from the government while you complain that rich Republicans are holding you down. Jobs? Forget about that. You’ll have government.

There’s no negotiation with Democrats. So long as you agree with them, they’ll allow you to stick around.

But do anything without their approval, and this is what they do to you. They’ll ruin you, your family, your reputation and the media will be their willing accomplices every step of the way.

Democrats don’t even care about Democrats.

Why would you ever want to be one?

  • kelley

    Well, the Republicans–or those that call themselves such–haven’t been much kinder to Cong Eric Cantor. or in the 5thCD, Cong Robert Hurt.

    • Britt Howard

      Or to the “liberal professor” running against Cantor. Or to the people slated. Or to fellow Republicans demonized as “tea baggers” and “Paultards”. You are right Kelly. Democrats don’t hold a monopoly on attacking their own. Just ask chairmen Curtis Colgate and Chris Stearns.

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  • Turtles Run

    I also remember the GOP calling General Powell a traitor for supporting Obama for President. Seems like outrage at party members that do not follow the script is a common trait between the parties.

    Matt Suarez
    A heck of a nice guy.

  • Markos_Anderson

    If you have fewer than three brain cells, that person would probably want to be a Democrat.

    • Jesus Jones


  • Timothy

    Ever heard of Will Sessoms?

  • MD Russ

    I seem to recall some Republicans saying some very nasty things about Bob McDonnell when he signed a bi-partisan transportation plan. And please don’t give me the old chestnut about “the largest tax increase in the history of the Commonwealth.” 99% of the tax is paid by wholesalers who cannot and have not passed it along to consumers.

    • MaidMarion

      How, specifically, do the wholesalers NOT pass on the tax increase to the consumer?

      • MD Russ

        Gasoline is a commodity, not a product or a service. The price is determined by consumer demand and not by supply quantity. That is why the price of heating oil and natural gas rises in the winter and falls in the summer, regardless of the supply. Economics 101.

        BTW, examine the price of a gallon of unleaded regular in Virginia before the transportation plan was passed and compare it with the per-gallon price one year later. You will find that the price at the pump declined significantly despite the wholesale tax.

        • MaidMarion

          I’m asking about the “tax” on the gallon of gas…of course the base price of the gallon fluctuates according to consumer demand…as well as supply for that matter (Economic 101). It’s the tax that is in question. McDonnell’s transportation plan increased “the tax” on a gallon of gas. Did McConnell’s transportation plan preclude wholesalers from passing on “the tax” increase to consumers? You have claimed “99% of the tax is paid by wholesalers who cannot and have not passed it along to consumers.” I want to understand how, EXACTLY, the law was/is/could be written to preclude “99% of the tax” from being passed along to the consumer. Politics 101.

  • Anonymous Is A Woman

    Brian, that is just silly. Phil Puckett did not resign because he was an independent thinker who wanted to save the commonwealth from an Obamacare takeover He actually claims in his resignation letter that he supported Medicaid expansion. He made it clear that he was stepping aside so that his daughter could be confirmed for the judgeship and it is clear from the timing that the position on the Tobacco Commission was thrown in as a deal sweetener, though he later withdrew himself from consideration because of the public outcry.
    When Republicans stop complaining about the treachery of Boyd Marcus, whose appointment by Governor McAuliffe was blocked by the GA, then maybe I’ll take a bit more seriously the GOP’s claims that there is something unseemly about Democrats’ stark sense of betrayal here.

    • BrianKirwin

      Unfortunately, Dick Saslaw says you’re wrong.

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  • Gretchen Laskas

    I’m a Democrat and I’m also from the Appalachian region, and I have spoken out very publicly about how complicated this is, and been very outspoken that the tone they have taken is oftentimes inappropriate.

    Both sides have people who don’t chew their own and spit them out.

    • BrianKirwin

      I completely agree with you.

  • Cowabunga1000

    You have to be kidding. The TeaNuts think the whole rest of the GOP are RINOs, and if Ronald Reagan himself was in politics today he’d be run out of town on a rail for having the nerve to sign tax increases just because the country needed to pay its bills. The level of routine intraparty vitriol in the GOP far exceeds anything the Democrats engage in, which is pretty much what you’d expect from what is really little more than a coalition of loosely aligned single-issue ideologues.

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