Pro-Abortion McAuliffe Bullies State Health Reps. to Resign, Takes Aim at Clinic Safety Standards


Pro-abortion Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has successfully bullied at least four members of the state board of health to resign in order to appoint radical pro-abortion replacements.

As Jim explained yesterday, Governor McAuliffe directed the board of health to begin a review of recently enacted health and safety regulations of abortion clinics. His aim is to overturn regulations put in place to prevent the ghastly situation of an abortionist like Kermitt Gosnell being allowed to endanger women and babies with impunity.

This move comes on the anniversary of Gosnell’s conviction of murdering babies born alive after botched abortions and “practicing” in such unregulated and unsanitary conditions that led the death of women seeking an abortion.

It was after a Virginia woman was killed in Gosnell’s clinic (for which Gosnell was convicted of involuntary manslaughter), that Virginia passed stringent new health safety regulations over the largely unregulated abortion industry in order to prevent a similar situation from ever occurring in the Commonwealth.

It’s no surprise that McAuliffe and the radical pro-abortion triumvirate of statewide elected leaders would take aim at these safety regulations. McAuliffe campaigned and even fundraised off of shutting down these lifesaving regulations. Yet, demanding duly appointed members of the state health board resign before the end of their term in order to appoint radical pro-abortion members is beyond the pale.

It serves as yet another example of the Culture of Death’s desperation. They are losing in the public sphere and are looking to public leaders to bend the rules at every turn in order to protect their cash cow business of death.

Ignoring the rule of law, inciting mobs, and spreading lies is their mantra.

Now the safety of women is at stake in Virginia and many other states across the nation. Regulations instituted to ensure that abortion clinics meet the most basic of health and safety standards are indiscriminately attacked. The abortion industry cares about nothing but abortion. Its extremist pro-abortion allies in state governments, city councils, federal bureaucracies, and the courts will stop at nothing to protect abortion, on demand, without apology.

We cannot remain silent. We must speak out for the millions of unborn children who have no voice and for the women who are poised to suffer at the hands of a ruthless, unregulated industry of death.

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  • Hysterical hysteria is hysterical.

  • This is an abortion issue we can win on.

  • Turtles Run

    This is where the anti-choice crowd goes off the rails. Kermitt Gosnell performed illegal extremely late term abortions on mainly immigrant and low income women. These TRAP laws would have done nothing to stop his actions and in fact could contribute to further such events occurring.

    Gosnell and his staff lured women into his facility by offering very low pricing for abortion services. If the health of women were really a priority then the right wing would be pushing for easier access to clean safe abortions that is affordable. Instead they rather prop up this murderer as the face of abortion while at the same time push for laws that remove safe clean facilities.

    • Arlingtonvirginia

      Unless the abortion is for rape, to save the of the life of the other, or some horrible birth defect, then the doctors are all sick, sociopaths. Killing perfectly healthy babies because might cramp some selfish person’s lifestyle. One day, hopefully soon, abortion as a form of birth control will be viewed even more badly than slavery was, because at least slaves could escape. They could fight, they could have hope. They had a CHANCE, unlike fetuses who have mommy hell bend on dismantling in them womb.

      Imagine what kind of person it takes to rip a fetus apart, limb by limb, to get it out? Merely because they want to make money. Sick.

      And anyone who can’t see anything wrong with it is sick, a sociopath. And you wonder why why have so much crime and killing in society? if you can kill your own child because it is inconvenient to you, what do you think you could do to a stranger? And how does that impact others?

  • Arlingtonvirginia
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