At last, a ray of humor in the 7th district congressional race

As May grinds forward, the date of the 7th district primary between David Brat and Eric Cantor gets closer. And with that grim reality comes the latest radio ad of the campaign, from the Brat campaign:

It seeks to make a serious point about Eric Cantor’s congressional record. But my God…the voice actors…they are hilarious.

This primary’s end cannot come soon enough. But at least it has provided, at last and however unintentionally, a bit of humor.

  • My favorite part was when the one VOer complete lost the fake southern accent. Yowza.

    • Not just “fake southern accent” but like a fake of a parody of an old timey movie about Southerners played by Connecticut yankees. As in, completely made up. Sheesh…

      • NormLeahy

        Vivian Leigh is rolling over in her grave.

        • MD Russ

          Frank-lee, mah dear, Ah don’t give eh damn.

  • Wow.

    • I hate to say I can’t stop laughing…but, damn. Even I have a better southern accent than that.

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  • Matt Hall

    I swear David Brat and his voice makes me twitch. Hope he loses on primary day.

  • Most of the people I’ve met in the 8th don’t have Southern accents. So wtf.

    • Downstater

      It’s not the 8th, the 8th is near DC, it’s the 7th, Henrico Co/Richmond. A much milder Southern accent – Central VA, not Savanah, GA. What did they get these people from Southern Accents Central Casting in Hollywood?

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