BREAKING NEWS: Comstock paid for her daughter’s wedding!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

Barbara Comstock has been about as conservative as you can get regarding life issues.

She also has as fiscal conservative a voting record as one can get.

Yet, she has been attacked by her opponents on life and, today, while I was compiling the morning newsletter, I came across this last-minute hatchet job by no less than the Washington Times. The article had an opportunity to highlight that of the six candidates running for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 10th district, three (Marshall, Savitt, and Wasinger) have failed to file their financial disclosure forms.

Instead, they article focused on Comstock’s family having to use credit cards to help pay for her daughter’s wedding.

And we wonder why media is dying?

As we are less than 24 hours before electing A REPUBLICAN to represent us in the 10th District to attempt to hold the seat by retiring Rep. FRANK WOLF (think about that as you contemplate GOP purity) and a REPUBLICAN chairman in the 2nd and 6th Congressional Districts, can we please stop tearing down each other?

No one. No ONE. Even Tea Party members. Are 100 percent pure.

Reagan once said that a person he agrees with 80 percent of the time is far better than someone who is his polar opposite.

Why are we so quick in today’s modern conservative movement to dismiss our brothers and sisters?

To get to the point, not only did Barbara weather attacks for missing a forum to attend her daughter’s bridal luncheon, now she is being criticized for having to take out loans to pay for her daughter’s wedding. Personally, and please ask me or my wife some day, I prefer these things low key. But ask anyone getting married today – weddings aren’t cheap, even if you don’t go big with all the trappings.

So, really Bob Marshall, Steven Hollingshead, etc. You’re going to say taking out a few bucks on credit to pay for a wedding is a bad thing?

Given today’s view on marriage, as a conservative, I’ll give her a loan.

  • Stephen Spiker

    Unfortunately, it has become crystal clear that Bob Marshall, Howie Lind, and Rob Wasinger in particular, are more interested in tearing down other Republicans as a means to inflate their own sense of righteousness and self-worth, than they are in accomplishing anything that benefits the conservative cause.

    Wasigner has stated publicly, the few times he’s left his house this campaign, that he’s in the race because Comstock annoyed him at some point in his staffing career.

    Lind, through his brazen lying and attacking Boehner and Cantor more than any Republican, is pretty clearly running a scorched-earth campaign–I trust that it’s an implicit realization that he will not be able to run for anything else after his embarrassing performance.

    Marshall, as he did in 2008 and 2012, and will likely do again in 2016 and ad infinitum, is running to prove that he’s the most pro-lifiest pro-lifer to ever pro-life, and the most anti-gay marriegest traditionalist to ever not gay marry. His legislative record and accomplishments are full of examples of legislation and public statements that don’t advance the pro-life cause, but only advance Marshall’s status as a pro-life “leader”.

    I’m proud to support Comstock, and I’m especially proud that throughout this entire campaign, Comstock has focused her attacks on John Foust and Barack Obama. That’s why conservatives are going to nominate her tomorrow.

    • Kate

      “Marshall…is running to prove that he’s the most pro-lifiest pro-lifer to ever pro-life, and the most anti-gay marriegest traditionalist to ever not gay marry.”

      *Slow clap*

      • Grandma Fox

        I agreed that the guys have been great mud throwers at the only WOMEN in the race. For that great reason they have furthered the Democrats claim that Republicans have a War On WOMEN!! They have shown it every time they spin a lie. I am so glad that they are all are signing the pledge to support Barbara Comstock in Nov. I can not wait to hear them all campaigning for her.

        • Nick Bukowski

          Any “attacks” on Comstock have been focused on her record and whether she’ll make a good congresswoman. Nothing has been about her being a woman. Comstock has been the frontrunner the whole race. If you’re trying to win a race, it makes sense to differentiate yourself from the perceived frontrunner and that’s going to involvr bringing up her record and stance on issues.

    • Doug Brown

      Not necessary and not smart.

  • DJRippert

    This should disqualify Comstock from consideration on Saturday. Taking out sky high levels of credit card debt to pay for her daughter’s wedding is not the fiscally conservative approach adhered to by the RPV. Her appalling inexperience is showing. Has she lost Jonnie Williams’ phone number? Doesn’t she have any political cronies who want favors who can pay for her daughter’s wedding? What next – will she buy her own Rolex?

    • MD Russ

      Agree. As a minimum, Jonnie would have paid the catering bill and for the shopping trip to New York to buy the wedding dress. And it all would have been legal until she got elected to Congress and had to play by Federal ethics rules. Virginia has the best politicians that money can buy. Barbara is going to fit right in with the Congressional culture of only taking bribes when they are carefully disguised as campaign contributions.

  • James Young

    You really need a “Like” button.

    • Stephen Spiker

      Some places have a “tip jar” where the author posts the first comment without any text, and all the likes intended for the OP go there.

      • Guest

        There’s the “Favorite” link in the upper right corner of the Comment section that might do the trick.

  • Downstater

    My depression era parents would have given me a lecture on how putting my wedding on a credit card would jeopardize their long-term security, and how they had a low-budget wedding at a county courthouse so as not to involve friends and family. However, I am still sick at the thought that Bob Marshall would use this against Barbara in a political race. My depression era parents would have also thought that was uncouth and violated the rule not to inquire about others’ finances. Unless the candidate is in violation of some law, this is really really bad form.

    • Doug Brown

      Did he use it? Nothing in the above suggests he did.

  • Lori Carlson

    This is the sort of crap that keeps serious business professionals from seeking office. It is bad enough to have to put up with it from Democrats, you expect that. But the constant attacks from your own “side”… Sure, everyone needs to be vetted, but this is so tiresome even for me as an outside observer. I can not imagine how overwhelming and exhausting it must be for the candidate. Thank the Lord it is almost over.

  • MD Russ

    Damned if I know why everyone is hyperventilating over this. We’re talking about the Moonie Times, for God’s sake. The only people who read that rag in northern Virginia are going to vote for Sideshow Bob or Howie Lind anyway. If a reputable newspaper was publishing this, I would be concerned.

    • Timothy

      Lol. Reputable like what? The Washington Post? Sadly, none of the major news outlets are that much better, their bias is just different than that of the Washington Times. I read that rag, but I have to read all of the “news” rags in order to sift through the nonsense. Sadly, you’re right though. Anyone who gives credit to that story already has their mind made up for anyone but Comstock.

      • MD Russ

        There is a thin line between incompetent and biased. The Washington Post is on one side and the Moonie Times is on the other side. Neither is a reputable newspaper.

  • Imagine how much more shocking this may turn out to be. I mean, maybe she gets “cash back” or “frequent flyer” points and pays off her entire balances!

    Barbara is in trouble now. From what I understand, when she went to college, she “matriculated.” Expect a major attack from Democrats on this point. Doesn’t this make you wish you voted for Wasinger?

  • John Ub

    The problem they are trying to hi-light is that her own personal spending pattern exactly matches the spending problems she will be tasked with solving. Using a credit card to pay for expenses, spending money she does not have and keeping projects within budget scope. The talk does not match the actions. The credit card debt also do not match wedding expense time frames.

    • How do you know she doesn’t have the money? A lot of people use credit cards to earn cash or frequent flyer rewards and pay off their balances.

      • David Obermark

        Hey, that is why I use my credit card in my business. If I use the credit card they give me money back. If I pay cash I do not get the reward. My current reward level for using my credit card is over a thousand bucks!

  • David Obermark

    In a moment of self interest, hoping to influence the Republican Party towards reasonableness I am going to highlight the Buckley Rule that used to be the norm for the Republican Party.

    Here is the rule:

    “The wisest choice would be the one who would win. No sense running Mona Lisa in a beauty contest. I’d be for the most right, viable candidate who could win.”

    But today these reasonable Republicans who can win elections are described as being establishment Republicans and I guess they need to be run out of office.

    Please, Republicans help me out. I am a Blue Dog Democrat and I realize that if everything goes the liberal way we are headed towards damnation. But you guys have got to offer a reasonable choice to win elections. You guys are headed towards only the most pure conservative can win the primary and the winner of the primary ends up being a clown who can not win the general election.

  • Conservatronic

    I really don’t have a problem with the story. It’s just reporting on financial disclosure filings. I don’t find it to be a “hatchet job.” The lead is a rather bland attempt to make the story seem more interesting. Having the details of one’s personal finances exposed is just a part of political reality.

  • michael jordan

    lol this is so silly…

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