…Better Yet, Let’s Stop Calling People Twats

whatwhatwhatIn the latest of point-counterpoint between Schoeneman and myself, witness the latest debacle of online with RPV Treasurer Bob FitzSimmonds calling Barbara Comstock… a twat.

It was Comstock’s name that elicited FitzSimmonds’ online ouburst.

Responding to female commenter who voiced support for Comstock and touted the strength of GOP women voters, FitzSimmonds posted “I have nothing against Barbara Comstock but, I hate sexist (expletive).”

One definition for the word he used is a vulgar term for female genitalia. An image of the comment is posted below.

Here’s the basic truth.

Reaching into your mental catalog for the word twaddle and producing the word twat?  Is like reaching for the word denigrate and coming up with the n-word.

Quite frankly, I don’t want to be a part of a GOP that views women this way.  Or tolerates viewing women this way.  Or even appears to be tolerating women that way.  I certainly wouldn’t tolerate it had a Democrat, for instance, bemoaned about who would mow her lawns and do her dishes if immigration reform was not enacted.

Why should we give our team a free pass?

To the contrary — we should be even more allergic when it happens on our side of the fence.

Chris Beer over at Mason Conservative laid out the argument very well:

I don’t know him well, we’ve engaged in debate on Facebook .. but we can’t have this shit anymore!  It is killing us!  He posted this over an hour ago and hasn’t had any response since them, despite pleading to apologize.  THIS is why we are losing.  We need to clean up our own house before we can take on the Democrats.  Having leadership in RPV using the word “twat” at any women, whether it is a FB commenter or in reference to Barbara Comstock … we just can’t stand for this anymore.

It’s a war on women, remember?

Lesson here?  If you wouldn’t say it to your own mother, don’t say it to a lady.

RPV now has a decision to make, and unfortunately it will be a saccharine one.  Remove FitzSimmonds and detractors will still argue that the grain of sexism still runs very deep in the Republican Party of Virginia.  Keep FitzSimmonds and the theme becomes a narrative… and narratives play into stories.

…and it’s not just women.  Republicans are viewed to have problems with African-Americans, Hispanics, Catholics, and just about every other demographic that doesn’t fit into WASP.

If we can’t self-police ourselves, then expect MSNBC to parachute in and do it on our behalf, and in the most unflattering of lights.

  • As I said before, this isn’t a question of policing ourselves. Real people say stupid things all day, and if we throw everybody who says something dumb out of the party, we’ll be sitting in an empty arena at the next convention.

    Sometimes it’s just better if we just call them morons and move on.

    • MD Russ

      I think that what Shaun is trying to say is that FitzSimmons is a dickhead for calling Comstock a twat…oops.

    • …and that’s where the struggle lies. DPVA certainly protects their own (when’s the last time you saw a Dem bow out after having said something terminally stupid?) but the real question here is whether or not it plays into a long-standing narrative.

      No easy way for RPV to deal with this one — and either way, we have reparations to make.

      • That’s the problem. It’s a false narrative, but that won’t stop the Democrats from making it.

        The Steve Martin thing is a perfect example – they took what he said sarcastically and used it to attack him because it played into their narrative. Even if our guys don’t say what they want us to say, they’ll just make it up.

        • Two totally different scenarios. Martin was trying to explain something in jest. FitzSimmonds was deliberately intending offense.

          …and that’s the distinction I would immediately draw. Especially as RPV Treasurer, we’re supposed to be building the party through addition. Not subtraction or detraction.

      • Perhaps if RPV went on offense?

      • Bill Steinbach

        Hope they have a good press team. This should be fun.

    • Meg Jaworowski

      May I observe here, that Mr. FitzSimmonds did not SAY this, in a heated verbal discussion. He used his fingers to type it out, and looked at it while doing so, and then, pushed “send.”

      I find that to be far more imprudent and telling.

  • Catherine Stone McNickle

    Good grief, everyone calm down. I think Bob was trying to say women shouldn’t vote for women merely because they are women, but instead typed something really stupid. “Sexist Twattle” still doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the real problem I have is Bob (or anyone) telling women not to vote for someone based on – well – anything. If we reject the instructions from the democrats that women need to vote with them because of the false “war on women” (or whatever else they dream up) than we need to reject republican’s telling women (who are their equals) what criteria to use when they chose a candidate.
    I don’t know any women that are supporting Barbara just because she is a woman, she has too many other qualities. She is an excellent candidate that happens to be a woman. Is that a bonus in my book? Yes, but I am biased 🙂

    • Downstater

      yeah, I’m not voting for hillary just because she is a woman, and I’m told it is “Time for a Woman President”. Wondering if this is just another one of many Republican “Macaca moments”?

  • I’m all for forgiveness. But let’s get realistic too. There is also room for rebuke when necessary – this is one of those times.

    Mr. Fitzsimmonds has everything he wants coming to him…now it’s in the media, DPVA is raising money off of it, etc. It’s a gift to the left and he made a terrible, terrible error in judgement.

    The fact – as was taught to me as far back as I can remember – is if you have no idea what you’re talking about or you feel way to impassioned, take a walk. IF he was even REMOTELY questioning the meaning of that word, he should of checked it.

    We all fail. Lord knows I have. And I’ve been punished for it too. Bob will be forgiven, but right now he’s having to endure the ramifications of his actions.

  • Dem Rep. in Alabama called Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom and also said he didn’t like him because he was married to a white woman. No outrage yet at the Left.

  • Your analogy is off. The N-word starts with an N. Denigrate starts with a D.
    Tw** and Twaddle both start with TW.
    The excuse is plausible….I think. What’s a twaddle?

  • Doug Brown

    Self-police ourselves using Democratic memes? Okay Andy.


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