Comstock rolls out Catholics for Comstock

1909118_10101605331594666_38735942_oAs I’ve been saying for a while, I’m not exactly sure why folks are lining up to lose to Barbara Comstock.

While some candidates try to orchestrate and astroturf support in the 10th Congressional District race for the Republican nomination, Comstock backs it up with an impressive list of supporters – today announcing the first coalition of her campaign: Catholics for Comstock.

This was a shrewd move for Barbara, demonstrating that she’s not going to shrink from a fight, nor is she going to let Rob “Lamb Chop” Wasinger define her using his patented “find six friends to pretend they’re constituents” approach.  This is what I’ve been saying for a while – when it comes to campaigning, there is nobody better than Barbara Comstock.

This isn’t astroturf, folks.  This is real. The coalition is a veritable who’s who of Catholic local, state and national figures and shows a range of support that has expanded since the announcement earlier today.

The coalition will be chaired by The Honorable Jim Nicholson, former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, and Kate O’Beirne, former Washington editor of the National Review and former Board Member of Ave Maria Law School.

Regarding the launch, Kate O’Beirne said, “While seeking common ground for the common good, Barbara has remained deeply committed to her strong values. She is a staunch supporter of working to create a culture of life and has led the fight on behalf of victims of human trafficking. I am proud to stand with Barbara as she stands up for the most vulnerable among us.”

The list is growing, but so far the Comstock for Congress campaign has released the following members:

The Hon. Jim Nicholson, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See- Chairman
Kate O’Beirne, Former Washington Editor, National Review – Chairwoman
The Hon. Newt and Callista Gingrich
The Hon. Rick and Karen Santorum
The Hon. Gene and Trish Scalia
The Hon. John and Michelle Engler
The Hon. Pat Herrity
The Hon. Carl Peed
The Hon. Tom Seeman
Mary Ellen Bork
Rick and Susan Valentine
Neil and Ann Corkery
Dr. Sebastian and Katharine Gorka
Virginia Rowell
Robert and Nadia McConnell
Michael Kelley
Victoria Newton
Derek Gianino
Austin and Cathy Ruse
Staci Cayci
Pat Buckley
Beth and Chris Caron
Daniel Tillson
Nathaniel Kulyk
Ed McFadden
Frank Kelly
Leonard Leo
Dr. Gregg Pane
Brian Pedati
Tracy and Mary Mehan
Marc and Emily Lampkin
Lucia Boone
Edward Yap
Frederick Costello

Many of these folks are people I’ve worked with for years and they are the real deal.  When you can put together a list like this, you’re not screwing around with fake websites and planted stories on websites few read.

It’s refreshing to see a campaign fighting the right way.