So it appears as if physical threats and the threats of violence are OK with Democrats hovering over the Fairfax Board of Elections.  Witness this clown:

…as you can see from the video, this Democratic operative (volunteer?  attorney?) is clearly agitated, tossing chairs and tables back and forth while treating the opposition as… well, less than human.

So when the cameras came out, the agitation went up.  At least it stopped getting physical.

The Democrats hate us — they truly do.  This is the routine for Republicans dealing with Democrats, and we’re going to have to be more aware — not aggressive, just aware — that in a world full of camera phones we can start documenting their violence against us.

This is how elections get stolen, folks.  Share this with friends.  With 55 votes separating Obenshain and Herring as of today, expect the Dems to become more and more aggressive.  Certainly the media and the authorities aren’t coming to the rescue, and the Dems won’t police their own.

UPDATE:  Apparently this man is the general counsel for the Fairfax Democratic Committee.

His job?  Apparently, John Farrell’s job with the Fairfax Dems is to specifically prevent voter fraud.


…before or after he gets in your face?

No word on whether or not he is still permitted in the building or not, but this is literally the talk of Richmond at the moment.  More soon.

CORRECTION (per Brian Schoeneman):  We have corrected this story. After interviewing the security personnel on site at the Fairfax County Government Center, we are removing any references to a physical touching between John Farrell and the unidentified individual who filmed this video. Security staff interviewed the unidentified individual who said that at no time did he believe he was being threatened with physical injury, simply that he felt “intimidated.”


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