You Can Do The Jackson Shake


…though apparently Ralph Northam can’t.

That’s cheap.  You may not like what Jackson stands for… you may not even like the man.  But you have the decency to shake his hand.  Refusing to do so simply isn’t the Virginia Way.

Virtucon gets first dibs:

E.W. Jackson extended his hand to Northam in such a gesture, so you would expect it to be reciprocated.


So, Jackson extended his hand EVEN FURTHER, practically into Northam’s hand.

Still nothing.

Brian Kirwin expounded on Krauthammer’s Axiom earlier: “all conservatives think liberals are stupid; all liberals think conservatives are evil.”  If you needed any more exemplary an instance to demonstrate how much rank-and-file Democrats seem to hate Republicans, look no further than how their presupposed leadership cares to behave towards guys like E.W. Jackson.


Disgusting, but expected.

 Watch the full video here and check out the 6:30 mark for the snub:

  • Doug Brown

    What a jerk. What a creep. He should be photoshopped wearing a white sheet. The new progressive Democratic Party of Virginia same as the old Democratic Party of Virginia.

  • If it was the other way around all you’d hear is RACIST! RACIST! RACIST

  • catholicgal

    Thanks for showing this. E. W. Jackson is a class act. And he has been getting vilified in every quarter. He has had his face spray painted white on his banners, his signs pulled out of people’s yards and replaced with McAuliffe/Northam signs – this has been happening everywhere. But not a peep from the DPV or Northam about any of it. I am praying hard for Jackson.

  • BrianKirwin

    I’m shocked that Northam wouldn’t shake the hand of a person from another race.

  • Qwanza

    Ralph was thinking that E.W. should have been aborted like all of the other black “non-persons” that he supports as “choice”…

  • erikwhittington

    How did the debate go?

  • Dan

    So they did shake hands, just not right then. Who knows what happened, but I do know that context is very important.

    • Dan

      Upon further review, those aren’t even the same settings. But it should at least put an end to the stupid “he won’t shake the hand of a black conservative” nonsense.

      So turning to this clip, what was that .gif from and does anyone have the actual video clip? It looks like a local TV interview. It also looks like there was ongoing conversation. What was the context of the attempted handshake? As I said, context is everything.

    • Doug Brown

      This was at the end of a debate. Northam slipped Jackson a 5er and was heard to say: ” Bring my car around to the front.”

  • isophoroneblog

    In fairness, Northam forgot that Jackson was black. It wasn’t until after the extended hand episode that smeone texted Northam about this.

  • Downstater

    During the debate, all Northham could do was to keep mentioning the “LGB community” over and over again, like it was scripted from the Democratic Party playbook. A big thanks to us Virginians who are un or under employed, facing losing the healthcare plan that we liked, and facing paying for more Medicaid expansion for yet more people who think the government owes them a living at someone else’s expense.

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  • Doug Brown

    Drudge just did put up a link. Context sure is important . I can’t believe a black man would have the nerve to question this highly educated white man concerning civil rights and homosexuality.

  • Catherine Stone McNickle

    EW’s response to the snub from the intolerant Northam, from the WMAL interview this morning: “It was insulting, but, on the other hand, I thought it was consistent with the way he behaves. Because, this spot he’s been running, saying that I believe that a child born with birth defects is born that way because of their parents’ sin is just a damnable, palpable, despicable lie. I don’t believe that. I never said anything like that. And it’s that kind of dishonesty that, to me, says this is not the kind of person that needs to be holding state-wide office. Not shaking my hand really just confirmed that.”

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