EXCLUSIVE: Bill Bolling to Endorse Terry McAuliffe? [Updated With Denials]


Bearing Drift has learned exclusively that Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has allegedly made plans to endorse Terry McAuliffe, I’m told in the ‘very near future’ (…speculating, I would guess sometime in the next two weeks.) Not only is the endorsement considered, quote, ‘a done deal’, but I’m told that Bolling has also ‘likely’ filmed a television commercial on behalf of McAuliffe. (filmed, as in already happened)

This would be the final straw for the Republican Party, with whom Bill Bolling has been attempting to drive a wedge between for the past eleven months, since somehow being blindsided and losing his choice of a primary for the gubernatorial nomination method. Despite being a heavy underdog in both a primary and convention to eventual nominee Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Bolling interpreted the conversion of method from a primary to a convention as a personal affront, something he has somehow never gotten over. This would also run counter to remarks made by Bolling in August:

After saying that he would not endorse Cuccinelli, Bolling added in an August interview, “I’m a Republican, and because of that I’m not comfortable endorsing the other guy’s candidacy, either.”

An endorsement of McAuliffe would cap off a thinly veiled wooing of McAuliffe by Bolling, who has done little, if anything, in support of fellow statewide officer Cuccinelli, choosing rather to continually and at every opportunity refuse to endorse/support the Attorney General. Bolling has made numerous ill-timed remarks, in some cases stretching the truth beyond belief, such as suggesting McAuliffe had a key hand in the transportation deal reached earlier this year, despite numerous Democratic (and Republican) sources confirming the exact opposite, the Terry McAuliffe played no role whatsoever. As the Associated Press put it:

[a]s a high-profile booster, McAuliffe certainly did no harm. But to imply a role much beyond that is like hailing a team mascot for a decisive buzzer-beating 3-point basket.”

This would also be a complete insult to the Republican Party and the few remaining Bolling supporters left in the party. Despite Bolling’s repeated gestures towards McAuliffe, the Republican Party has hesitated to publicly call out Bolling’s actions. After it was revealed the the Lieutenant Governor called the influential Northern Virginia Technology Council to ask how they reached their endorsement decision (a completely puzzling phone call, that played no purpose whatsoever), RPV Chairman Pat Mullins had allegedly prepared a public repudiation of Bolling, which would have been completely deserved. Rather than alienate Bolling’s pocket of support in the party, Mullins ultimately stood down, according to the Washington Post.

Now, if Bolling goes through with this elected career AND legacy destroying decision, Bolling will be publicly rejecting those Republicans still supporting him, choosing instead to follow the inept, greedy (and already sold out) Boyd Marcus, who ‘defected’ to Terry McAuliffe earlier in the cycle. Bolling would be telling those Republicans who continued to support him despite his waffling and refusal to back Cuccinelli that they were wrong; wrong in supporting him, wrong in believing him, wrong in trusting him. Bolling would destroy his legacy of public service, falling into the same category of annual running jokes as Russ Potts, Linwood Holton and John Chichester, as ‘Republicans’ endorsing Democrats.

If that’s the company that Bill Bolling wants to keep, and be known as just another ‘Republican’ who backstabbed the party in the desperate attempt at keeping their names in a press release, good riddance.

I’d like to believe that the Bill Bolling who campaigned willingly and ably for numerous Republicans over the past eight years, since becoming Lieutenant Governor, would prevail. I’d like to believe that the Bill Bolling with a more conservative voting record than Ken Cuccinelli when they were both State Senators would prevail. (look it up, it’s true) Yet, principles, conviction and loyalty to the Republican Creed have somehow apparently taken a backseat to a perceived political slight.

Maybe Bolling will come to his senses, refuse to go forward with the endorsement, and no one will be the wiser. Denials are sure to come in response to this. If Bolling cares at all about saving his legacy, career and relevance, he’ll call the whole thing off.

If he doesn’t, he insults his remaining supporters, the Republican Party and the voters of Virginia.

It’s not a hard choice, Bill.

[UPDATED 10/3 1:30 PM]

As predicted, denials abound. Courtesy of Julian Walker:

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