Cuccinelli unveils the best campaign ad of 2013

On Friday, I wrote that my first hint of how the campaigns intended to shake off the pre-season dust and get focused for the real political season would come from my Tuesday morning emails.

Like clockwork, the Cuccinelli campaign had a note waiting at 7 AM. And it contained a link to this new ad:

This is the best ad I’ve seen from either side in the race so far, humanizing Cuccinelli, and even showing that, yes, he can get choked up over something.

In this case, it’s getting justice for a wrongly accused man. And then giving him a job.

More of this, please.

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  • Gammi2Anna

    Please proof-read your campaign messages before you post. The miss-spelling and incomplete sentences makes it difficult to understand or take your statements seriously.

    • NormLeahy

      Need more coffee. But snark from anonymous pedants will do the trick, too.

      • Gammi2Anna

        I always have enough coffee and I am not bookish. I do appreciate any effort to promote Ken Cuccinelli as our Governor. It serves no purpose if the article is written in such a way that it makes little sense. Terry McAuliffe’s campaign operatives will use such mistakes just like Obama’s toads used such errors to make Mitt Romney appear incompetent. The story, I thought, was meant to show Mr. Cuccinelli’s humanitarian side, which is a good thing. However, it does not counter the McAuliffe ad’s depicting Cuccinelli as a tyrant that has stolen land and mineral rights from elderly people in SW VA, or being involved in taking or paying bribes. Our local (liberal) newspaper carries stories nearly every week about such claims but we hear no dispute from Cuccinelli’s camp. Romney/Ryan lost the election by being “nice guys” and taking the high road.

        I have seen nothing about McAuliffe’s political or personal life while serving under Bill Clinton. There is an abundance of evidence of unethical, if not criminal, activity, yet we hear nothing. If McAuliffe is going to make unsubstantiated accusations, they why not hold him to the same standard? Remember how he borrowed money from the Clinton’s and invested it in a company that went bankrupt, right after he sold his shares for over 18 million dollars? It seems to be a repeat practice of McAuliffe to acquire companies that end with everyone involved losing their investment, except Terry. McAuliffe and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, both Democratic leaders are key figures in the Democrats “war on women” strategy in order to win the female vote. I have not head one word from the GOP political operatives that reveal to females in VA that McAuliffe refused, in 2011, to call for Anthony Weiner’s resignation at the height of his original sex scandal. At the time Terry was quoted as saying “I don’t like to get into peoples personal lives and all that.” With the recent return of the Weiner’s sexual antics, Terry once again has refused to denounce Anthony Weiner’s disgraceful activity revealed during his Mayoral campaign in NY. McAuliffe has accused Cuccinelli of being a part of the “war on women” by not supporting late term abortions, all while he refuses to support a candidate that makes a habit of posting sexually explicit photo’s online and sending the unsolicited photo’s to young girls, as well as supporting the murders in the womb of viable babies.

        The stories that McAuliffe’s influence peddlers have used in campaign ads about Ken Cuccinelli taking money away from landowners in SW VA have no merit. I lived most of my life in that area and know the accusations to be misleading and in some cases downright false. The residents making the claims against Cuccinelli in the ads have been recruited by Democrat political operatives such as Richard Trumpka, Rick Boucher, present UMWA officials. The lands mineral rights were sold to the coal mining companies as far back as the 1950’s.

        I am supporting Ken Cuccinelli and pray that he will win the election as Governor of VA. Our state is just now seeing recovery from the Tim Kaine era. Again, my comment was meant as constructive criticism only.

    • Turbocohen

      How about we proof read Terrys tax returns, Gammi2Anna

    • As long as we’re being picky, “proofreading” and “misspelling” aren’t hyphenated words. #weedittheworld

  • daisypony

    What a great ad. A positive ad too!

  • jdripper

    Cuccinelli is sliding slowly but surely over the abyss. His soft support is now called squishy support. The only firewall the GOP has now is Obenshain. The VA GOP is discovering winning elections this year come from having intelligent candidates, money, and brilliant campaigns. The wave that carried these guys into office in Richmond in 2009 is not there now. Now it is voter turnout and Pat Mullins over the past three years has shown that he is clueless in accomplishing that. Right now internal polls are showing Cuccinelli could easily suffer a 10 point or more defeat.

  • DJRippert

    That is a great ad. Knowing what I know about the case I’d assume that any Attorney General would have taken the same action. However, Cuccinelli did what he did in the Haynesworth case and he deserves credit for that. Now, if he could just explain why he hates gay people so much.

    • David Obermark

      I think there is more hatred shown by the pro gay marriage advocates towards those of us who oppose gay marriage then it is the other way around.

      In my opinion, those who oppose gay marriage are more tolerant of the opposition then is true of the intolerant hyperbole that comes from the other side. That side reflexively reacts with hatred towards anyone who gives any science based reason for opposing them.

      • dlampo

        Just amazing how you can write that with a straight face. The proponents of SSM simply propose giving same sex couples the same legal rights as straight ones, imposing in no way on those who don’t want to sanction or support SSM in their places of worship. Your allies, on the other hand, want to keep same sex couples as second class citizens when it comes to a whole host of legal rights and privileges, and many of your friends want to outlaw homosexuality itselfs, ban adoption by gays, and not protect them from employment discrimination even in the public sector. And you have the nerve to say we’re more intolerant than you? What planet are you on?

    • Britt Howard

      DJRippert, I don’t know that I agree with you that “any” AG would have taken the same action. I’m sure most (not all) would have taken a personal interest if they believe there was a person wrongly convicted. However, give the guy a job? I don’t think that is the likely scenario. Cuccinelli deserves credit for that and a wonderful ad.
      All that said, his position on wanting gays and even married straights to be legally felons for having consenting adult oral sex/sodomy is absurd. His position on that law is in direct opposition to the limited government, look for the root cause and remedy approach he takes with nearly everything else. The correct approach to the situation he claims necessitates reconsidering the Sodomy Statute decision is to make a law that only affects predators and child predators without making the rest of us felons for expressing affection other than in the missionary position.
      Cuccinelli is a man of faith. Gays can feel perfectly safe with an AG that finds homosexuality to be sinful and who among us is without sin? As long as that AG recognizes the difference between man’s law under which he has jurisdiction, and the relation between that individual and God. A gay person’s relationship with God is way beyond Cuccinelli’s pay grade. He needs to stick to the function of government which is to protect the individual from force and fraud while leaving the appearances of enforcing divine justice alone. When he takes the position that he did on Virginia’s sodomy statute, I can appreciate the perception that the difference between his true jurisdiction and his god’s jurisdiction might be a little too blurred due to this. I now question it. Before, I just thought him to be an AG that happened to be Catholic and holding views as such. Something that shouldn’t be a problem. Personal appeals and peer pressure is fine. That’s first amendment. Felonizing good people on religious grounds is not. He could make that problem go away, by suggesting a law that only affects those that take rights away from rape victims and children and repudiating a tool that can be used to selectively to convict somebody of a felony charge. That would prove his only motive was to protect children as he claims.
      To take his positions on that and homosexuality in general in mind alone and not consider the rest, is a mistake. There is a real reason why very many libertarians have just about adored this guy for a long time. In most cases, he stands for freedom. Some of us will have to try our best to remind him that “Natural Law” is a concept that refers to the natural rights inherent in being an individual person and not the context he wanted to use it. MOST of the time, Cuccinelli has done wonders fighting for Natural Law. Natural Law which was used in crafting our often abused founding documents, is what protects all of us. That includes human beings that happen to be gay.

      • Layne Morales

        Many of those who advocate a libertarian attitude towards homosexuals are very comfortable with public health laws, just not when it comes to homosexuals. If any other activity approached the health problems that homosexuality causes, it would be banned.

        • MD Russ

          News flash, Layne. Sexually-transmitted disease is not limited to homosexual activity.

          Brit, you make a refreshingly compelling argument for government getting out of people’s bedrooms and personal lives. Thank you. And this is why KC is going to lose if he sticks with the social agenda garbage. Virginia is not turning blue, it is joining the 20th Century a little bit late.

        • reluctant activist

          Over 50% of college age women contract HPV virus by the time they graduate. HPV is a major contributor to gynecological cancers. The incidence of HPV is FAR higher than the AIDS virus. And by the way, AIDS is transmitted through heterosexual interactions as well as homosexual – the largest pool of people contracting AIDS these days are straight women.

        • dlampo

          Worldwide, AIDS is a disease primarily of heterosexuals. Shall we ban heterosexuality? You dirty disease spreader, you.

  • dlampo

    It’s too bad he doesn’t have the same open mind about people born differently than he was, people like gay men and lesbians. He’s never learned the lesson that there is more to freedom than just low taxes and gun rights: people have the right to be who they are without having their rights denigrated because they don’t comport with Cuccinelli’s view on “natural law.” That’s why Cuccinelli deserves to lose; he does as much to hurt the cause of individual freedom as he does to help it.

    • MD Russ


      Didn’t you get the memo? People are not born gay. They make a conscious decision to adopt a life style that makes them social outcasts and the object of discrimination and ridicule. And, according to Layne Morales, much more likely to get a sexually-transmitted disease. But through the power of prayer and by accepting Jesus Christ in their lives, they can be cured.

      • dlampo

        No normal, rational people ever got that memo, let alone believe it, just the wingnuts like you. Even many of your anti-gay colleagues don’t believe people simply choose their orientation, anymore than you chose to be straight. Fortunately, your breed is dying out, literally, and that’s a good thing.

        • MD Russ

          I am afraid that my sarcasm and satire was too subtle for you.

          • dlampo

            You have no idea how many people on rightwing blogs and websites make these same arguments while absolutely serious. You have their talking points down quite well, and you got me good.

          • MD Russ

            Your tip-off should have been the ludicrous assertion that anyone would voluntarily adopt a life style that would make them socially unacceptable to their family and to mainstream people. I do not condemn gays nor do I feel sorry for them. I simply accept them for who they are without judgement. BTW, the bit about “accepting Jesus Christ” was a poke in the eye with a sharp stick for the evangelicals. I am a practicing Christian (Roman Catholic) who abhors the arrogance of the fundamentalists.

          • dlampo

            As amazing as it seems, many, many fundamentalists believe exactly what you stated as a joke. I certainly share your distaste for the fundies. Unfortunately, the Republican Party in Virginia is home to many of them, which is why we ended up with the ticket that we did (speaking as a Republican).

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  • Constitutional Reset from Va i

    Ken Cuccinelli gets it:

    The purpose of our judiciary and each one of its officers is JUSTICE – Not convictions – Not plunder – NOT DAILY CUSTOMARY FELONY of the Va18.2-111, Va18.2-481(5) varieties. And for EACH & EVERY officer’s conclusively evidenced Va18.2-482 – such that each and every lawyer should voluntarily plead the Governor for pardon under the virtue of parole oath.

    Perhaps, by those pleas, Bob McDonnell will see his own compelling need for pardon and so embrace his own ‘Constitutional Reset’.

    Gift-Gate’s October surprise is almost upon us.
    Each Va Republican lawyer has a duty to make that plea for pardon NOW.

    Upon my diligent search I can find nothing in the Constitution or statutes of Virginia
    to support the Va judiciary’s custom that proceedings are “adversarial” (or UCC) in nature, particularly so “adversarial” that the officers of the court have license to
    Va18.2-111 “Embezzle” that law that is their office to faithfully administer.

    On the contrary, the code of Va requires that ALL judges and officers of the court, all of whom are under judicial supervision,

    The presumption of true Va law is that every attempt or act of Va18.2-111 “Embezzlement” of the law by an officer of the Va court is felony perpetrated with criminal intent. *And* is also VA18.2-481(5) “Treason” of “Resisting the execution of the laws under the (mere) color of its authority”.

    Given that presumption of Va law on officers of the court
    for every countenancing of Va18.2-481 “Treason”
    they are GUILTY of felony Va18.2-482 “Misprision of Treason”.

    The count of guilty felony offenses for each officer of the va courts is legion.

    Practically all officers of the court have perpetrated Va18.2-482 felony after they countenanced signs at the court house like this:

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