Cold Fusion – Missing Vacation Edition

elephant beach

August usually means summer vacations, but since I grew up in the family beer and bottled water businesses – summer meant work.

And baseball.

Lots of both.

This year it means moving our family to Richmond. Again, no vacation. Certainly no picnic either.

With three of our kids growing into new school levels – William to college, Nora to high school, and John Boy Billy Bob’s move to middle schooling, Michele and I decided a year ago that if there was a time to make a move, now was it. So we did. Well, are anyway.

The constancy of change compelled us to focus on its management this summer. No vacation.

Overall, the results have been favorable.

William will be a Gamecock at South Carolina a week from today *sniff* and Nora made the varsity volleyball team at Mills Godwin High School- as a freshman Eagle! *sniff*

The teariness subsided when I learned that our new next door neighbors are Pittsburgh Steeler fans! Not only that – they are from the ‘Burgh! So, yeah…it feels like home already.

Political Notes throughout the week.

No, Virginia does not need a Special Session to deal with its “issues”. Campaigns exist so that candidates can listen to the people. Elections exist to determine who will represent those people. The session exists for those representatives to make adjustments based on what they heard during the campaigns – from the people.

Yes, Virginia should ban all gifts to politicians at all levels. Period. Can’t split the baby on this one. Not now. No caps. What about wedding gifts? Less is more. Hold off on the gifts until the anniversary party.

Yes, Virginia legislators deserve a pay raise. $17,642 a year BEFORE taxes is inadequate. Let them pay for their meals from campaign accounts as long as it is disclosed and political in nature.

Yes, Virginia should let 18 year olds buy and consume Light Beer a.k.a 3.2 beer. It’s time to replace binge drinking with training wheels.

Yes, Republicans should try to defund ObamaCare. No, it won’t work. Want and won’t = Tough Shit Category. Spin again…

It looks like turnout in the Governor’s race will be under 40%. 2001 – 46. 2005 – 45. 2009 – 40.3. Follow the trend and you get below 40. This year – take the Under.

The Unemployment Rate is no longer relevant. The number that matters is the Labor Participation Rate.

Tough love is love nonetheless – Hello, Detroit! We LOVE YOU!

If you want to see what a political pro looks like on the Sunday morning news shows, watch – closely – Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. That guy is amazing. Always on message. Always delivered well. Always. Kids, that’s how you do it.

Note to Republicans going on those shows – lose the ties, the cufflinks, and the defensive postures. Stop explaining. If you’re explaining, you’re losing. Chin down, smile, and stay on message.

Face the Nation is kicking Meet The Press’s derriere these days. Bob Schieffer seems nicer and more trustworthy, whereas David Gregory is biased and edgy. If it’s Sunday, it’s time to be nice and trustworthy. I miss Tim Russert.

Bad policies on food and fuel hurt the poor and middle class the hardest. Good policies on food and fuel help the poor and middle class the most. Send help. End the ethanol mandate. We’ll still buy corn.

The Boston Globe and Washington Post were both bought by wealthy individuals. One owns the Red Sox, the other Amazon. Hope and Change have arrived!

Saturday marks twenty-two years of marriage to the best person I have ever known. No one ever explained just how much work marriage actually would be, but thankfully Michele is also the hardest working person I have ever known.

But we need a vacation….

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