Pro-Abortion NARAL is Ready for Political Retribution over Pro-Life Laws that Work

NARAL Supports the Pro-Abortion triumvirate in VA
In Virginia, a law was recently enacted that, like in many other states, requires someone seeking an abortion to obtain an ultrasound first. If the abortion clinic doesn’t provide that ultrasound free of charge, it requires the abortionist to provide a list of locations where the expectant mother can obtain that ultrasound for free.

This requirement was included to ensure that no financial burden was placed on any woman seeking an abortion.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is “troubl[ed]” that the only places in Virginia that offer free ultrasounds are … pro-life pregnancy centers. In a “yearlong investigation” conducted by NARAL, it discovered that these pro-life pregnancy centers encourage women facing incredibly desperate circumstances away from making the problem worse by killing a baby.

In fact, these pro-life centers are saving lives, something NARAL says is an “unfortunate unintended consequence” of Virginia’s law.

Going even further, as the Washington Post reports, NARAL “says some crisis pregnancy centers have used the ultrasound image to try to intimidate or shame the woman into changing her mind.”

Here’s what they offer as proof of this pro-life intimidation. “In one case, a center employee printed ‘Hi Dad’ next to the image of the fetus before handing it over to the patient.”

So let’s get this straight. A woman went into a pro-life pregnancy center to get an ultrasound of her baby, and the pro-life technician wrote “Hi Dad” next to the image. Aside from the many assumptions that could be made about the situation since it was “Dad” and not “Mom” that was mentioned (maybe Mom and Dad went in together) and aside from the fact that there isn’t even any indication from the report that this particular person communicated the purpose for which they were seeking an ultrasound, how was that intimidation?

The reality is that NARAL isn’t in any way pro-“choice.” They are pro-abortion. To them the only choice is abortion, and when women are presented with an alternative to abortion, they are outraged.

And so it is for this very reason that NARAL has endorsed the “100%” pro-abortion triumvirate of Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam, and Mark Herring in Virginia because they are willing to take up NARAL’s cause to fight any “regulations on abortion providers.”

The fact is NARAL chooses not to provide the ultrasounds for free, and apparently so has every other so-call pro-choice organization in Virginia.

The attempt to drum up public outrage because they are unwilling to take the steps necessary to comply with the law and to impugn the integrity of organizations devoted to helping women in their time of greatest need and saving lives is in itself outrageous.

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