Hi folks,

After all the speeches and balloting, things are FINALLY moving along.


AG :

Mark Obenshain wins the nomination
Rob Bell eliminated


EW Jackson in first place  3732.39
Stimpson  1798.43
Stewart  17e69
Snyder  1739.17
Lingamfelter  1375.18
JMDD  861.68
Martin 662.10

UPDATE x2 : You can still listen live here


We’re hearing the second ballot still has Jackson in the lead, around 38%
Snyder in second place
The battle for that third spot is between Stewart and Stimpson
Lingamfelter in last of the five, around 12%, will be eliminated

UPDATE x4 (6:50) — Unofficial tally
Jackson 4500 votes
Snyder 2000+
Stewart 3rd place?

UPDATE x5 : Shaun Kenney Tweet (6:54)

— recount btw Stewart and Stimpson, w/ Susan on the short straw.

(This means Lingamfelter delegate votes go to Snyder, likely keeping Jackson under 50% in the next/third ballot)

You can still listen live here

 Update x6 (7:02)

Stewart email: “Stay! It’s not over!” #rpv2013

Update x 7 (7:15)
2nd ballot:
1 Jackson
2 Snyder
3 Stewart
4 Stimpson out
5 Lingamfelter out
3rd ballot underway.

Jackson 38.2%
Snyder  17+%
Stewart 16%
Stimpson 15.7%
Lingamfelter 12%

Update x8 (7:24)

Where do Susan Stimpson delegates go??

Update x9 (7:27)

Will Cuccinelli intervene? Who will he endorse? When?

Update x 10 (7:28)

#RPV2013 I will be voting for @petesnyder

Update x 11 (7:34)

@SusanBStimpson won’t be endorsing on next ballot. #RPV2013

Update x 12 (7:45)

Pete Snyder gets the endorsement of Martha Boneta

Update x 12 (8:10)

Report: Jackson *not* at 50% — Stewart out. #rpv2013

Update x 13 (8:15)

Stimpson Manager Russ Moulton also endorsing Pete Snyder

Update x14 (8:17)
BREAKING; It’s a 2 man showdown: Pete Snyder Vs. EW Jackson on the final ballot..

Update x 15 (8:19)
#robocall from @KenCuccinelli announcing #HRVA stop on ticket fly-around tmrw. #rpv2013

Update x 16 (8:21)

Jackson had mid 40%
Snyder had mid 30%
Stewart had 20%

How does it go?
Also, only 5,000+ votes in 3rd round vs 8,000+ in first round –3,000 left between the 2 rounds
Will more leave?
Will Cuccinelli weigh in?

Update x17 (8:25)


Update x 18 (8:40)


Update x 19 (8:55)
Amos Snead ?@AmosSnead3m

! RT @MichaelLeePope: Delegates buzzing about @CoreyStewartVA and @MarkObenshain potentially endorsing @petesnyder #RPV2013

Update x 20 (9:00pm)

Obenshain endorses Pete Snyder
Corey Stewart endorses Pete Snyder

Update x 21:  (9: 06pm)

4th and Final R;0ound of Ballot Begins

 Update x 22 (9:09pm)

Official results. EW got 49.7, Snyder 30.6, Stewart got 19.7 #rpv2013

 Update x 23 (9:10pm)

Corey Stewart seen with EW Jackson — now endorsing EW?!

Update x 24 (9:13pm)

Pic of Stewart with EW on Convention floor

Update x 25 (9:17)

Obenshain did NOT endorse Snyder

Update x 26 (9:21)

The #rpv2013 is trending on all parts of Twitter. A truly interesting race today.

Update x 27 (9:28)

Nothing from Cuccinelli

Update x28 (9:31)

Cuccinelli aide “@LaCivitaC: Ken Cuccinelli will not be endorsing any candidate for Lieutenant Governor.” #vagov #rpv2013

Update x29 (9:38)

Voting still going on

Update x 30 (9:41)

Mystery with the endorsement fliers

Update x 31 (9:49)

Very close to announcement. The GOP ticket will come out in a few minutes

Update x 32 (10:02)

Any minute now

Update x 33 (10:04)
whitesmoke billowing from the ballot room at #RPV2013. We have an LG!! #RPV2013AfterDark

Update x 34 (10:06)

Delegates are coming down to the floor, those that are left for the final announcement

Update x 35 (10:07)

Should we still have a Convention in 2014?!

Update x 36 (10:11)

Pete walking out of his suite. Not backstage.

Update x 37 (10:12)

Pic of the stage



(Pete Snyder withdraws)

Final tally (10:21)
 Jackson wins with 58% of the vote.



UPDATE x1 :  Chopra’s Statement on EW’s win