Gay Marriage Is Back In The News Again

Gay Marriage? I made my opinion known several years ago. Read it here. Basically, I believe government has no legitimate place there. It’s a religious thing, and the first amendment quite clearly spells out that separation.

It’s sometimes tough being a very religious guy, a very conservative guy, and a very constitutional guy. All at once. But I try.

I suppose it’s much easier being a liberal guy, where whatever feels good is right. No real thought required.

As a conservative Christian I have to think. And reason, before I reach a conclusion.

In the first of those modes I abhor all sins. I do not abhor any sinner. Hell. I’m one myself. Adultery? That’s a sin. Clear and simple. Gambling or drinking away your paycheck so you can’t meet the family’s food budget? That’s another. But which is the bigger sin?

They each can hurt other people. Other innocent people. But one is not bigger than the other in God’s eyes.

My biggest problem with this issue that some of my Christian friends actually do think there are big sins and little sins.

gay-marriage-anywayBut tell me, if a homosexual couple truly love one another, and want to commit that love to a lasting relationship, and they never consummate that relationship in the bedroom, have they actually committed a sin?

If they do have sex, why is it my business? In their own bedroom. Or, more importantly, my government’s business? In their own bedroom.

Consider this. A local pub’s clientele is not my government’s business. A workplace romance is not my government’s business. Why should Ralph and Bill’s relationship be the government’s business? Or Bob and Alice’s for that matter?

Some time ago Virginia decided that a marriage license would be required to get married. I see that as a clear violation of the first amendment. Especially since it was devised solely as a means to prevent interracial marriage. It was probably a Democrat invention, since they were the racists of the day. Nowadays I suppose it’s just another county revenue vehicle.

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