UPDATE: The Committee for Growth and Opportunity?

Robocall from 571.234.5931

Recording states to the effect that Lingamfelter says he’s conservative, but he voted for Howell’s tax hike in 2007.  Asks the listener to tell Lingamfelter to be conservative all the time, not just when he’s running for public office.

Paid for and Authorized by the Committee for Growth and Opportunity…

Anyone else get this?

UPDATE:  The Virginia Pilot has the audio…

The roboball bills itself as “an important update for Virginia Republicans” and claims Lingamfelter’s rhetoric on fiscal discipline doesn’t match his record.

“While in Richmond he voted to raise spending by more than 70 percent and hiked multiple taxes, including Speaker Bill Howell‘s transportation tax hike in 2007,” the female narrator of the call says about Lingamfelter.

“Thankfully, the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. But Scott Lingamfelter did what what Bill Howell wanted him to: Raise taxes on you and me. Call Scott Lingamfelter and tell him we expect him to act conservative all the time, not just when he’s running for office.”

The ad’s legal disclaimer says it’s sponsored by the Committee for Growth and Opportunity, a group whose name didn’t register any hits in searches of Virginia Public Access Project records, the State Board of Elections or the Center for Responsive Politics.

The number in question has been used by the Committee for Truth In Politics (Texas), Dominos Pizza, Americans for Tax Reform, a pro-Obama group in Ohio, Texans for Economic Growth, and apparently is connected to a large firm with more than a few complaints.

Whomever did this had money to burn.


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