March 2013 snow: Augusta County final accumulation 19″ west of Staunton

Snow from the March 2013 snowstorm seems to be finished for now with a final accumulation around 19″ in our corner of Augusta County west of Staunton. The last flakes stopped around 2:00 Wednesday afternoon. High winds moved in by late morning, driving snow horizontally, and is expected to cause additional power outages as it continues this afternoon and into the night.
Thousands are without power as Dominion Power and others work to restore heat and lights for the upcoming cold night. Our electricity surged throughout the day and finally went out at noon but was back on by 2:00. There were reports of 19.3″ in Craigsville to our west, and 20″ in Staunton and Fishersville to our east.




“Neither rain nor snow nor dark of night.” Our mail was delivered around 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon. Thank you to Mike our mailman and the
U.S.P.S. They take their share of dings … kudos for their dedication during this storm.



Under all that snow, it’s difficult to identify the garden bench.


Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
March 6, 2013

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  • Holy Cow! Hope you guys are faring well.

    And BTW, it’s great that you know your mailman’s name. It’s a little thing, but illustrative of a certain habit of life that is far too uncommon.

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