Will the real Bill Bolling please stand up?

Richmond’s Style Weekly cover story is all about Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and his possible run as an independent candidate for governor (to be announced, or not, on March 14th).

I spoke with the piece’s author, Ned Oliver, at some length for this piece. My take on Bolling boils down to this:

Leahy says that Bolling has, in a matter of months, completely abandoned the core principals for which he’s fought throughout his career. “He was always someone who said, ‘We can find savings elsewhere in the budget,'” Leahy says. “Now he’s doing things that just run counter to the person who was in the Senate and, for that matter, was lieutenant governor up until he suspended his gubernatorial campaign.”

As for Bolling’s concerns with the future of the Republican Party in the hands of Cuccinelli, Leahy likens it to a “cranky old man with pants pulled up over his waist, saying, ‘Get out of my yard.'”

“This is, in many ways, Cuccinelli’s party,” Leahy says. “Bill Bolling and his friends — they don’t understand it. They can’t control it. And that’s why they fear it.”

There’s a lot more at the link.