Obenshain/Bell Win as Attorney General with Mark Herring’s First Ad


That was my reaction to seeing Mark Herring’s first television ad of the year for the Attorney General’s race. Granted, it’s a primary but…….


So Herring’s consultants, with the blessing of the candidate, have decided that running a ‘Ken Cuccinelli has tainted the Attorney General’s office’ campaign is the winning ticket for the AG’s office.

Apparently no one on Team Herring knows how to work a search engine.

Cuccinelli gets a 48 – 27 percent approval rating for his job performance as attorney general

Just type in ‘Attorney General Virginia job performance’ folks, and you’ll find the above Quinnipac January 2013 poll with the facts.

You’re going to run an anti-AG office campaign against an office with a +21 favorability rating. Sure, there’s ‘technically’ a Democrat primary to win and this ‘could’ be designed to fire up the base, but if you need to fire up the base in the first place…bigger problems.

Mark Obenshain or Rob Bell may as well just start writing their victory speech now.

Thanks for making it easy, Dems. See you in 2017.

  • Larsele

    I doubt Herring would have the brains, let alone the guts, to take on and PROVE to the EPA that WATER is not a pollutant. Oh, and in so doing, save Ffx voters AND the Ffx Board of Supervisors, $500M. Cuccinelli is in no way “extreme” or “radical.” Should those words disappear from the lexicon, liberals would instantly be struck dumb! They need to move on to more productive rhetoric.

  • You have to “fire up your base” in pretty much every primary.

    Move along. Nothing to see here, folks.

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