Well Look Who Else Loves Higher Taxes!

TERRY MCAULIFFE — come on down!

Another person who had a hand in delivering those votes was Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic businessman running to replace McDonnell, according to Republican and Democratic sources around the State Capitol.

“He’s been working the phones” said one GOP source of McAuliffe and his role in aiding passage of the revised version of HB 2313.

Earlier this week, McAuliffe came out in favor of the plan whose key elements include conversion of Virginia’s 17.5 cents per gallon gas tax into a wholesale tax on gas and diesel fuel, and raising the state sales tax to 5.3 percent from 5 percent when the accord was brokered this week.

The plan would also increase titling taxes on the sale of automobiles, boost by $100 fees on alternative fuel vehicles, and further raise wholesale gas and sales taxes in Hampton Roads to raise $200 million annually for regional road projects.

Of course, why 34 House Republicans would support a bill championed by veteran tax hiker Terry McAuliffe is a mystery to the rest of us.

HB 2313 passed the House of Delegates this afternoon 60-40, with bipartisan opposition and support.

Bearing Drift gets a hat tip from the Virginia Pilot as well.  Good to know we have friends out there!

Meanwhile, here’s some video footage of the House Republican Caucus just moments after the transportation tax hike passed:

Pretty tough having two parties of big government to contend with, folks.