Cuccinelli Supports Marijuana Legalization; Frito-Lay Stocks Rise

Well now this is just a tad bit surprising:

An article in The Cavalier Daily, a U.Va. student newspaper, said Cuccinelli took on the topic in response to a student’s question.

“I’m not sure about Virginia’s future [in terms of marijuana legalization],” the newspaper quoted Cuccinelli saying. “But I and a lot of people are watching Colorado and Washington to see how it plays out.”

Cuccinelli’s marijuana comments surprised U.Va. political science professor Larry Sabato, whose class Cuccinelli address.

“I was surprised he went as far as he did,” Sabato reportedly said. “Frankly, if people hear that whole answer, it may change his image somewhat. It was not stick-in-the-mud, that’s for sure. It was suggestive of a willingness to change marijuana policies in Virginia eventually.”

Cuccinelli’s evolving stance on marijuana notwithstanding, the more folks get to know Ken the more they learn that he’s not the stodgy ol’ conservative that liberals assume him to be.  Which is probably why Democrats are so deathly afraid of Cuccinelli.


  • MD Russ

    Wouldn’t you know it? Just when Hostess Twinkies went bankrupt.

  • Shaun forget the issue of marijuana, sadly many in the minority community have tremendous concerns about the AG and not hearing some compassionate language about our difficult immigration history warts and all and support for Senator Marco Rubio and his realistic views on immigration. Until more outreach and dialogue is held by establishment Republicans like Cuccinelli proud Americans of Hispanic decent will continue not to support them at the ballot box. Keeping to the same outdated immigrant ideology that keeps driving Hispanics and other minorites and veterans away are part of the “establishment” problem.

    • MD Russ


      I had a stinging rebuttal to that point of view, but then I forgot what it was…

      • So, let me get this straight, Daniel – conservatism, which includes protection of international borders, should be ignored in order to outreach into the Hispanic community? Can’t both be done?

        • I hope it can my friend but we need votes to strengthen our base and the support of patriotic veterans of all minority groups. Sadly the insensitive presentation of people like Mr. Banks who clearly has a history be damned mentality will not bring in the voting base of Hispanics who have conservative values but are driven away by insentive presentations of out of touch conservative candidates. I totally agree with you on border protection but that is only one issue…there are many when it comes to our immigration overhall. And again presentation is the issue.

          • We can and will bring the Hispanic voting base in WITHOUT capitulating on immigration. The Hispanic voting base is conservative, family-oriented, and appreciates economic opportunity and the Rule of Law.

            You one-issue amnesty-or-bust voters are not typical of Hispanic voters so don’t try to represent yourself as such.

            You see, immigration without assimilation – which is what the legal naturalization process is for – is not really immigration as the US knows it. It goes by another name, which is “colonization”. And those Americans who love their country will NEVER sit by and permit their nation to be colonized by foreign powers. Never. Should you manage to nominate your boy Rubio you will lose just as badly as Romney did, and for the same exact reasons, because he is just more of the same.

            McCain was as pro-amnesty as you get, and he didn’t win the Hispanic vote, which puts the lie to your key assertion that amnesty is a necessary or even desirable method of winning over Hispanics. George W. Bush was also pro-amnesty and he didn’t win the Hispanic vote either.

            It’s the War on Drugs and military interventionism which are the barriers to winning the Hispanic vote. The former affects actual Americans who can actually vote, and the second is the continuation of the US policies that wrecked many South and Central American civil societies, imposing dictatorships and empowering violent gangs to rule those nations, forcing many to seek asylum elsewhere to live their lives in peace.

            I know exactly what you are doing – ever since the election I have seen the usual suspects from the establishment who led us to the McCain/Romney disasters trot out their token Hispanics to talk about nothing but Rubio and amnesty.

            Real people don’t talk like that. Political charlatans do. And I can spot your type from a mile away.

          • You are totally out of touch with Hispanic reality. Fortunately you will never be a candidate who can unite the masses.

          • I’m in touch enough to know there is no such thing as a “Hispanic Reality”, just as there is no such thing as a “Caucasian reality”. Your average Cuban-origin American, for example, is a loyal Republican who is horrified by proposals of amnesty.

            And your ethnic-group ideology exposes you as someone with beliefs fundamentally hostile not only to the GOP, but to the basic principles on which America was founded. Take your tribalism somewhere it belongs.

          • Now there is outreach for you…you are everthing the party does not need…It is fine to be color blind…but ignorant to be blind to the realities and history of color.

          • If you read what I wrote, you’d see that I’m not only well informed of those realities, but have been urging people here to address them head-on.

            Amnesty is not the way to do it. Telling the truth about the damage US intervention in Central and South America has done to those nations, and ending the policies that perpetuate the situation is the way to do it.

            For example, how can we ask Mexicans not to come here when we’ve turned half their nation into a drug cartel occupation zone? This is fueled entirely by the profits generated from the War on Drugs, same way Prohibition fueled the rise of organized crime in that era. We have done similar things to quite a number of other nearby nations as well, Panama and El Salvador and Colombia and the Dominican Republic and so on. The history of US intervention is utterly shameful and it is this, not amnesty, which is the real issue at hand.

    • Why would you “forget about the issue of marijuana” in an article that uses a Cuccinelli quote about his view on the issue of marijuana?

      Oh, because you wanted to change the focus to what you wanted to talk about.

      Sorry. Shaun’s article. Shaun’s topic.

    • I don’t think the immigration issue drives Hispanics away nearly as much as the War on Drugs issue (where the racism in enforcement is well-quantifiable) does. I find the Hispanics I talk to – legal Americans who can vote – are just as likely to take umbrage at suggestions of amnesty as be in favor of it, having gone through the difficult and lengthy process of naturalization.

      Any suggestion of amnesty will drive away more conservative voters than it will bring in Hispanics, anyway. It’s not the route to a winning coalition. If amnesty of illegal aliens is your #1 concern, I don’t think you’re very American, I question your loyalties, and heartily invite you to join the Democrats. Rewards for lawbreaking isn’t very conservative.

      On the other hand, it would be good for the GOP to admit that the root cause of massive Hispanic illegal immigration is the fact that we have militarily intervened in almost every country in the western hemisphere for political and economic exploitation, and the reason so many Hispanics have come here is that we have destroyed their home countries.

      One thing we should be careful of that I’ve seen is a cynical ploy of establishment types to trot forth token Hispanics to advocate amnesty, something the establishment has wanted for a long long time. These tokens are in no way representative of your average Hispanic voter.

      The sell to Hispanics should be the same sell to everyone else: freedom and liberty. Government out of your business so you can live your life the way you want to. Economic opportunity and prosperity from genuinely free markets (which also requires a policy change, since what masquerades as free trade isn’t). Equal treatment under the Rule of Law. Freedom of religion. The right to self defense. Real liberty. That is the product that can be sold to a majority of the electorate.

      Amnesty is bad policy and if adopted by the party could shred the GOP. It was done not all that long ago, and proved to be a horrible mistake. Rather than solving the problem, it led to a situation where the problem became ten times worse.

      There are measures short of “deport-em-all” that can be adopted, but certifying the outright flaunting of our laws and the will of the people to have controlled – not uncontrolled – immigration, is something that will not be accepted.

      • Mr. Bank you will never suggest to me that my uncles who sought a better life and were not legal citizens at the time that fought for your future existance during WWII were not American enough. The last member of my family who was part of our greatest generation just passed away. He was and is more American than the cowards who hid in Canada during the time I was in Vietnam rather than serve. I have know many who have served this country in spite of a broken immigration system that refuses to expedite their citizenship but will profit on the back of their familes by a corporate America that helps keep them in the shadows. Such conservative claptrap is why your out of touch comments drive thousands of potential voters to the liberal side. To refuse to look at our jaded history when it comes to immigration reform and use conservative elitism as the answer will continue to cost Republicans elections by votes of men and women that are more American that you will ever be. There is a reason for uncontrolled immigration….and half the problem is conservatives who refuse to acknowlege our history of abuse of our immigrant class and lacking the moral courage to admit our faults and fix the problem with firm action and compassion….Too many of my immigrant family and friends who have seen shots fired in anger defending your right to your views as insensitive as they are with regards to history will continue to cast a vote to a candiate who is at least making an attempt to remedy the issue…Sadly they appear to be not conservative. But I am thankful we have a Marco Rubio that will continu to suggest your presentation is weak and insensitive. And they ask why we don’t join the Republican party. Your attitude sir….is the reason. You are not man enought to suggest my patriotism after 20 years in our military service with a purple heart and decorated for extraordinary heroism, or that of my family or question my loyality as an American. Be careful when you invite our patriots to go to the liberal side….When you have little to offer when it comes to reality….they will…And you will continue to lose elections. You reap what you so poorly sow.

        • A person who puts the interests of foreign nationals over the interests of Americans is the opposite of a patriot. I doubt Republicans would ever get your vote anyway, and there aren’t enough of you voters disloyal to America to matter. We can and will create a solid winning coalition based on respect for the Rule of Law, and not based on pandering to provincial interests. Go take Rubio with you and join the Democrats where you belong.

          • You are out of touch with reality young man and are the problem with many in the Republican party. Fortunately there are many such as George Allen, Jim Gilmore and Bob McDonnell and many fine folks who run this blog we still respect that gives us hope. I will vote my conviction and the person…not the party, like the majority of America. I embrace any man or woman as an American Patriot legal or not when they serve in our armed forces and fight for your right to pomposity and ignornace.

          • Boy you are a fossil, aren’t you?

            Look, your time ruining the GOP by pushing big government types and left-wing policies on us is OVER. It is a proven failure after being given many, many chances to succeed.

            The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, the GOP signed off on amnesty, your pet issue, once – and didn’t get the loyalty of Hispanics (which is not the monolithic voting bloc that you represent it to be) that you claim is at offer.

            If all you have to offer is more Bushism, it’s time to wake up to the fact that not only has the whole nation soundly rejected it, but so has the GOP. The GOP had a revolt over it, if you don’t remember – it was called the Tea Party.

            The ONLY future the GOP has is as the champion of liberty and freedom. Being Democrat-lite as you propose is a sure loser and recent elections have repeatedly proven it.

            So please leave the GOP. By getting rid of your type we will have room for 10 others who would be in our camp – but for the damage your type has done.

          • I am not a member of the GOP but acknowledge your antiquated presentaton keeps many of my fellow veterans and proud Americans of Hispanic decent from believing there could be parity in your party. Again fortunately for you I acknowlege you as simply misguided with the Marco Rubio, Allen, Gilmore and Bob McDonnells who have the leadership for change…You lack maturity in followship…That is where conservatives like you fail. Your perspective continues to be one of driving votes to the liberal establishment.. What have Republicans to crow about with their recent “victories”….Again thanks to an out of touch presentation like yours that will guarantee more liberal control…Enjoy it…you caused it…with your visions of grandure…and arrogance.

  • The GOP really needs to lead on hemp legalization, it will be a disaster for us if the Democrats manage to brand it as their issue. It’s a liberty and role-of-government issue that is true and consistent with the heart of both the Republican Party and the American tradition – and it’s one we can win on.

    • MD Russ

      Yeah, lets legalize pot. And how about over-the-counter date-rape drugs? You cool with that, Ms. Banks?

      • Couldn’t you come up with a drug that kills little children when you take it to use as an example? Come on, I know that strawman closet of yours is the best-stocked in town.

        • MD Russ

          Move to strike, your honor, as non-responsive.

          You know, Rose, it is bad enough to show up for a gun fight with a knife. It is even worse to show up with an empty gun.

          • LOL another lawyer. Figures. Dishonesty as a way of life seems to be the theme with left-wing fauxpublicans around here.

          • MD Russ

            I really don’t which is sadder, Rosie. Claiming that I am a lawyer, which I am not, or calling me a “left-wing fauxpublican.”

            Trying to put people you disagree with into little boxes is the sign of a very insecure and limited intellect. You are a basket case and I won’t engage you in the future. Buh-bye.

      • Tom Dykers

        A legal date rape drug is sold over the counter- alcohol.

        • MD Russ


          Alcohol is not a date rape drug because you cannot surreptitiously administer it to an unsuspecting victim. Date rape drugs are tasteless and odorless, allowing them to be administered by being mixed into a seemingly harmless non-alcoholic beverage.

          Wrong answer, but thanks for playing.

          • Tom Dykers

            You may have a narrow definition of “date rape drug” that excludes alcohol, but it is factual that alcohol is a drug, and a very dangerous one at that. And, more rapes and other abuses of women have been facilitated by its use than GHB and similar compounds by a huge multiple.

            The subject of alcohol and its legality is far more relevant to a discussion of the legality of marijuana, than GHB, etc.

          • Russ obviously has not been educated by life in the past five decades.

          • WTF does this have to have to pot?

      • Yes. Let’s do legalize Mary Jane, Russ. Can’t you stick to the subject?

        • MD Russ


          That depends. Is the subject legalization of a gateway drug or legalization of all recreational drugs?

          • Maybe you’re right, Russ. Let’s ban alcohol while we’re at it. Oh. Sorry. Tried that. Got the T-shirt. Get real. And no, I don’t smoke pot but if you waived a joint in front of me I wouldn’t turn it down.

          • MD Russ

            You are hyperventilating again, Craig. Maybe you should smoke pot–I understand that it slows down your brain processes and that might be a good thing for your obviously over-active id.

            I am also disappointed by your assertion that you are somehow being oppressed by unconstitutional authority. As a former legislator I would have imagined that you, better than most people, understood the concepts of democracy and the rule of law.

          • Russ, are you on purpose? I have no idea what you trying to convey here. I kind of think you don’t either.

          • Further, Russ. Who the hell are you to tell me I can’t take a hit of pot now and then? Really. Under what constitutional authority do you get all this power?

          • Russ. Maybe YOU should try pot. The subject is legalization of a weed. Call it Vegan Alcohol.

  • Wow. Ken’s stock just rised considerably in my view. I just hope he doesn’t come up with a plan to tie the tax revenue to transportation funding.

  • Wow! Ken’s stock just went WAY high! I hope he doesn’t kill this buzz by tying the new tax revenues to transportation funding. Seriously, though, this does change my opinion of him for the better. There is no doubt the man is an attractive candidate: good looks, good smarts, very articulate and definitely committed to his causes. He did a great job on the legal challenge to Obamacare. I hope his new-found interest in civil libertarianism will stick.

  • The Attorney General clarified and expanded on his UVA remarks today at the Albemarle County GOP’s monthly breakfast. He views the Colorado and Washington pot legalization as a federalism matter:

  • Do I sense Shaun’s stance is also evolving?

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  • I’m not going to argue the merits for or against legalization, I just want to point out one thing.

    I’m confused by how the statement: “I’m not sure about Virginia’s future…but I and an lot of people are watching Colorado and Washington to see how it plays out.” Is turned into: Cucinelli is for legalization!!

    It seems we are in danger of being duped by the media’s hyperbolic extrapolations, again.

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