Cuccinelli Supports Marijuana Legalization; Frito-Lay Stocks Rise

Well now this is just a tad bit surprising:

An article in The Cavalier Daily, a U.Va. student newspaper, said Cuccinelli took on the topic in response to a student’s question.

“I’m not sure about Virginia’s future [in terms of marijuana legalization],” the newspaper quoted Cuccinelli saying. “But I and a lot of people are watching Colorado and Washington to see how it plays out.”

Cuccinelli’s marijuana comments surprised U.Va. political science professor Larry Sabato, whose class Cuccinelli address.

“I was surprised he went as far as he did,” Sabato reportedly said. “Frankly, if people hear that whole answer, it may change his image somewhat. It was not stick-in-the-mud, that’s for sure. It was suggestive of a willingness to change marijuana policies in Virginia eventually.”

Cuccinelli’s evolving stance on marijuana notwithstanding, the more folks get to know Ken the more they learn that he’s not the stodgy ol’ conservative that liberals assume him to be.  Which is probably why Democrats are so deathly afraid of Cuccinelli.