Poll: Should there be uranium mining in Virginia?

Yesterday, Senator John Watkins pulled his bill from committee that would have lifted the ban on uranium mining in Virginia.

“The emotion and fear that some have inspired on this subject have, for now at least, overcome the science and the engineering that we have worked so hard in Virginia to elevate in our educational systems and in our research facilities,” Watkins said.

He suggested that the McDonnell Administration should begin to write regulations, so that a future legislature then would have a basis to vote on lifting the ban:

“I am striking the bills today, then, in deference to the momentary political realities, but also in deference to those who say they want answers to the unanswered questions. I hope the Governor will direct his agencies to proceed under the APA to answer these questions via duly adopted regulations. And if he feels he lacks authority to do so, he certainly has the means to put that issue expeditiously before this Legislature.

“To do anything less than proceed with regulations is to bury our heads in the sand along with the Nation’s most valuable uranium deposit.”

So, tell us what you think? Should there be uranium mining in Virginia? Let us know in this simple survey! We’ll discuss the results in next Thursday’s newsletter. Subscribe today!

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  • Larsele

    I can think of several good reasons. The “science” is debatable; jobs in the area are desperately needed; the country needs the resources; last, but not least, this is on PRIVATE PROPERTY

    • Micah Robinson

      then use that money to make clean energy…oh wait they don’t care about that just that fact they can make BILLIONS while destroying other peoples health, livelihoods and PRIVATE PROPERTY over the next 50 years..and that’s assuming there is not major accident.

    • 1555

      Private property is no place for RADIOACTIVE BUSINESS not matter how many jobs are needed. If the radioactivity could fully stay of that property – air particles, water pollution etc. it may be something worth pondering . Yet those ideas are a pie in the sky. Radon and radioactive particles atach to water – in the air and water. The taxpayer inevitably seems to get stuck with attempt to clean which is NEVER a perfect restoration to previous condition.

      When I asked the EPA how often they actually come to monitor any of these operations: – occasionally – every few years they may come and OBSERVE how the regulatory agency takes samples. Does the EPA take any samples ? “No, we don’t ” was the answer I received. This was on a conference call attended by many.

      The problem is – private property is not required to be monitored by the EPA or the NRC as stringently as if this was a federal project. Here is western Colorado Energy Fuels has a proposed uranium project on private land therefore no full Environmental Impact Study (EIS) required.

  • TerryTom

    The argument against lifting the ban is that it would be “too risky.” The Governor’s Working Group has already said that the dangers are minimal at best, and that essentially you have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning that of dying of uranium poisoning.

    I understand the residents of Southside’s concerns, but if it can be done safely, there is no reason we shouldn’t. If the Founding Fathers hadn’t taken a risk, we wouldn’t be here today. This nation was built on risk-takers, it’s who we are, and we need to stop retreating into the clutch of fear when it comes to developing our natural resources.

    • 1555

      Would like to know what kind of expertise does the Governor’s Working Group have.
      Regarding the Founding Father and risk taking- good try. Yet in case of uranium extraction it does not hold ground ! Uranium operators are known to not live right next to the radioactive and other pollution they cause. They take their money and run. The Founding Fathers stayed.

    • FossilFreedom

      Oh what a tangled web we weave when we substitute

      The Uranium Working Group repeatedly stated it was not
      their directive to make such a risk recommendation. Nor has the baseline
      natural background in VA EVER been measured. Your assertion that the UWG
      blessed Uranium Mining is ridiculous.

      They told you in that report…which i doubt you ever
      read that that was NOT their charge, and could not be because no such data
      exists. The VDH and the VDRH both complained in every meeting I attended and
      participated in as an expert witness, that they have never had a budget to
      allow for baseline studies.

      Curiously, that report is apparently being suppressed now
      and an no longer be downloaded from the Governors website…No 404 errors. It just
      never downloads when requested anymore.

      Conservative Virginians should pay close attention to
      this, and stop trying to substitute dogma (or non-scientific bare assertions
      for facts) because if you read the top of the south wall of the old VA State
      Library building you will realize what a mistake and what a state’s rights
      issue turning over VA radiation-health-physics safety to the feds via the NRC is.
      That south wall reads :

      “Truth and free Inquiry are the Natural Enemies of Error…They are Antithetical of Errorand of Error Alone” —Thomas Jefferson

  • I can think of a thousand reasons why uranium should not be mined in Virginia (Coles Hill or other places). For starters Virginia is situated in an area that is subjected to significant and sudden heavy storms (also known as hurricanes, tornados, and tropical storms). These have been tracked for the last 100+ years and amazingly many have passed directly over this location. I suppose you are not concerned about the radioactive waste product being placed into open-air pits near the local waterway, which happens to feed into the Roanoke River Basin, for which Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads including the U.S. Navy draw the majority of their water (60%+), no business in its right mind will want to relocate to an air with an active uranium mine; the studies done by the National Academy of Science as well as other groups all tend to indicate that stringent enforcement of the mining needs to be done, but the milling is even more frightening; the wastes will remain hazardous for 1000s of years – do you really want to be responsible for this enormous cost for maintaining a significant waste heap? The Canadian company who will mine the uranium will sell it to the highest bidder. The USA already has plenty of uranium from decommissioned Soviet weapons. So any uranium mined in Virginia will not go to U.S. facilities, instead it will be shipped to China or India. How does that help our energy needs? And the comment about this being private property, well yes it it, but once you begin dealing with radioactive materials the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, the EPA,and a host of other federal and state agencies get involved to try to protect the lives and livelihoods of those not making a killing from the minerals. I think before your website blankly endorses the mining of uranium in Virginia, you need to look a little deeper into the issue. I suppose you haven’t talked to any of the Virginia state delegates and senators from the region where Coles Hill is situated – all are against lifting the moratorium and most are “CONSERVATIVE Republicans!

    • “…but once you begin dealing with radioactive materials the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, the EPA,and a host of other federal and state agencies get involved to try to protect the lives and livelihoods of those not making a killing from the minerals. “

      • 1555

        And the EPA has allowed Powertech to radioactively pollute “just a portion of an aquifer”…A peeing portion of a public swimming would be an analogy here.
        That is the protection Virginia public could depend on..Not !

        Regarding the NRC. Prior to Fukushima it has allowed over HALF of nuclear power plant to operate without meldown protection – why ?Because upgrading wiring would COST the operator more… After Fuskushima and a bit more of public scrutiny the NRC has stepped a bit more up to the plate, still far from enough.

    • Do you know the phrase “hoisted on your own petard?” You just did it.

  • I’m pretty sure lead mining has its hazards. Maybe we should ban that?

  • FossilFreedom

    Many people think nuclear power is so complicated it requires discussion at a
    high level of technicality. That’s pure nonsense. Because the issue is simple
    and straightforward.

    There are only two things about nuclear power that you need to know. One, why
    do you want nuclear power? So you can boil water. That’s all it does. It boils
    water. And any way of boiling water will give you steam to turn turbines. That’s
    the useful part.

    The other thing to know is, it creates a mountain of radioactivity, and I
    mean a mountain: astronomical quantities of strontium-90 and cesium-137
    and plutonium–toxic substances that will last–strontium-90 and cesium for 300
    to 600 years, plutonium for 250,000 to 500,000 years–and still be deadly toxic.
    And the whole thing about nuclear power is this simple: can you or can’t you
    keep it all contained? If you can’t, then you’re creating a human disaster.

    You not only need to control it from the public, you also need to control it
    from the workers. Because the dose that federal regulations allow workers to get
    is sufficient to create a genetic hazard to the whole human species. You see,
    those workers are allowed to procreate, and if you damage their genes by
    radiation, and they intermarry with the rest of the population, for genetic
    purposes it’s just the same as if you irradiate the population directly.[27]

    So I find nuclear power this simple: do you believe they’re going to do the
    miracle of containment that they predict? The answer is they’re not going to
    accomplish it. It’s outside the realm of human prospects.

    You don’t need to discuss each valve and each transportation cask and each
    burial site. The point is, if you lose a little bit of it–a terribly little bit
    of it–you’re going to contaminate the earth, and people are going to suffer for
    thousands of generations. You have two choices: either you believe that
    engineers are going to achieve a perfection that’s never been achieved, and you
    go ahead; or you believe with common sense that such a containment is never
    going to be achieved, and you give it up.

    If people really understood how simple a problem it is–that they’ve got to
    accomplish a miracle–no puffs like Three Mile Island–can’t afford those puffs
    of radioactivity, or the squirts and the spills that they always tell you won’t
    harm the public–if people understood that, they’d say, “This is ridiculous. You
    don’t create this astronomical quantity of garbage and pray that somehow a
    miracle will happen to contain it. You just don’t do such stupid things!”

    Licensing a nuclear power plant is in my view, licensing random premeditated
    murder. First of all, when you license a plant, you know what you’re doing–so
    it’s premeditated. You can’t say, “I didn’t know.” Second, the evidence on
    radiation-producing cancer is beyond doubt. I’ve worked fifteen years on it, and
    so have many others. It is not a question any more: radiation produces cancer,
    and the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest doses.

    The only way you could license nuclear power plants and not have murder is if
    you could guarantee perfect containment. But they admit that they’re not going
    to contain it perfectly. They allow workers to get irradiated, and they have an
    allowable dose for the population.[28] So in essence I can
    figure out from their allowable amounts how many they are willing to kill per

    I view this as a disgrace, as a public health disgrace. The idea of anyone
    saying that it’s all right to murder so many in exchange for profits from
    electricity–or what they call “benefits” from electricity–the idea that it’s
    all right to do that is a new advance in depravity, particularly since it will
    affect future generations.

    You must decide what your views are on this: is it all right to murder people
    knowingly? If so, why do you worry about homicide? But if you say, “The number
    won’t be too large. We might only kill fifty thousand–and that’s like
    automobiles”–is that all right? . . .

    People like myself and a lot of the atomic energy scientists in the late
    fifties deserve Nuremberg trials. At Nuremberg we said those who participate in
    human experimentation are committing a crime. Scientists like myself who said in
    1957, “Maybe Linus Pauling is right about radiation causing cancer, but we don’t
    really know, and therefore we shouldn’t stop progress,” were saying in essence
    that it’s all right to experiment. Since we don’t know, let’s go ahead. So we
    were experimenting on humans, weren’t we? But once you know that your nuclear
    power plants are going to release radioactivity and kill a certain number of
    people, you are no longer committing the crime of experimentation–you are
    committing a higher crime. Scientists who support these nuclear
    plants–knowing the effects of radiation–don’t deserve trials for
    experimentation; they deserve trials for murder. . . .
    John W Gofman MD PhD; First person to extract 1/100th of a gram of Plutonium for the Manhattan Project, Co-discoverer of protactinium-232, uranium-232, protactinium-233, and uranium-233, and proved the
    slow and fast neutron fissionability of uranium-233.

    • Liquid thorium reactors don’t have most of those problems – the problem is we’re using the wrong nuclear power technology.

      • fossilfreedom

        was Dr. John Gofman that discovered the thorium fuel-cycle was possible when he
        determined that U233 is fissile.

        In fact he discovered the 4+1 radioactive decay series

        Thorium melts at far too high a temperature to use in molten form. Instead the
        Thorium must be dissolved in a fluoride salt. The fluorine is often used with
        toxic beryllium which is very toxic. The fluorine must be kept free of isotopic
        fluorine-6 which kills the reactions

        The use of a graphite moderator causes numerous problems that could result in
        several failure modes .

        Tellurium corrodes the Hastalloy, and limits the operating temperature.

        Noble metals plate out inside the reactor and could destroy the integrity of
        the design and alter the power, and poison the reaction.

        Neptunium-237 buildup is a HUGE proliferation problem , especially in a design
        allegedly intended to reduce proliferation.

        The old 1960s Oak Ridge National Labs test were short, ridden with problems and
        hardly comprise a basis to assume the Thorium cycle will ever

        be really safe .

        It is unlikely that the purported real-time integrated fuel recycling could be
        made to work.

        That is terribly complex by itself.

        Integrating reprocessing with reactor operation has MANY unsolved technical

        When all is said and done, you still have lots of actinide wastes as well as
        intensely radioactive.

        The Thorium Cycle proposal, is in my opinion the last gasp of the dying fission
        industry, that nobody needs or wants.

        Fission is intrinsically unsafe anyway you look at it.

        Continuing down the dead-end fission road became silly when the Condensed
        Matter Nuclear Weak-Force reactors were operated successfully in many
        laboratories PROVING that fission is best suited for nuclear war and
        environmental destruction with intentional terrorist dirty bombs or slowly
        increasing the background radiation levels until the polonium-210 build-up in
        our environment eventually makes all women sterile before puberty, effectively
        exterminating Homo-Sapiens within 60n years of the

        last woman becoming infertile.

        We should switch our existing nuclear plants over to Weak-force Transmutation
        reactors that do not require ANY radioactive fuel

        at all.

        They also produce no radioactive waste products with a half-life of

        more than a few seconds (and very little of that) all of which decay to a

        stable elements.

        As of August 2012 some thirty thousand engineers and scientists have witnessed
        the new Condensed Matter Nuclear Weak-Force reactors were operated
        successfullyall week in the convention-hall environment, with

        free and open acess to one and all to view, while looking intomthe heart of the
        transparent nuclear reactor in a place of public assembly, watching power being
        produced with no radioactivity concern and no 14.1 MEV neutron production at
        all, PROVING that fission is now obsolete because Condensed Matter Nuclear
        Weak-Force reactors are now a reality and accomplish the same thing as a
        Tokomak would have,but withoutal the the 14.1 MEV Neutron flux, or wondering
        pollodial mag-fields and such.

        Sadly, Tokomaks were yet another dead-end and likely will never be perfected,
        because it has proved to be WAY too hard totame 100 million degrees of pure
        thermal chaos.

        Condensed Matter Nuclear Weak-Force reactors are now a reality, and we now have
        a clear engineering path to up-scale them to power densities of 750-1500 watts
        per cubic inch without needing any high level of containment or isolation of
        any waste or exotic coolants, because neutron conservation is not even an

        The Condensed Matter Nuclear Weak-Force reactors use ULTRA-LOW momentum
        neutrons, and use exactly the opposite of chaos…an easy to tame, manipualte and
        control Bose-Einstein Condensate.

        That we know how to control preciselyto excite atoms electrons, neutrons
        Protons in a way that lets them hear the “Symphony of the Cosmos” that makes
        them groove and share their wave-functions as they dance the Dance of creation
        as they obey the irresistable quantum-choreographic resonance that demands that
        the slightly excited particles precisely unite in a new form of matter at lower
        energy binding energies which results in a delta mass defect that is just
        crying out with atom-orgasmic

        pleasure, demanding to be multiplied, and gratified by the constant 90

        Quadrillion to release Energy =?M(90,000,000,000,000).

        The Condensed Matter Nuclear Weak-Force reactor microchip hits the market real
        soon, THAT will be the KILLER APP that ends the fission age, and the petroleum
        age and the fossil-fuel age, and chemical rocket age, and the energy scarcity
        age forever (except…hope not…for warfare).

        Show me a fission reactor or any actinide fuel cycle that can do all that.

        Too bad conservative Virginians are too busy pounding their chest as all
        powerful nuclear alpha-males, to realize that the real answer to safe, clean nuclear
        energy passed them by when they took the wrong turn back at the dawn of the
        fission age when we rally needed a fission bomb. (fissioning) Atoms-for Peace
        by pursuing fission for power was as Hyaman Richover said, a mistake.

        went for the “Strong Force” because we needed a bomb that did not
        need to be controlled.

        need to use the weak force insted for power, and finally we know how.

        Force = Fission-BOMBs; Fusion-Bigger Bombs ALL UNCONTROLLED

        Force = Energy lots of it with precise control and no fuel cycle waste…Got



  • KalevEfrayim

    Too many unknowns about uranium mining.
    Until we have better knowledge we should not allow it.

  • Rachel Beneke

    Where’s the poll?

  • Shekinah11

    The United States used to be the center of industry, technology, and education. Now we are forbidden to pump our own oil, mine our own coal, frack our own gas and mine our own uranium…our industries, technologies and energy is given to countries who don’t really like us…Uranium mining can be done safely…It has already been proven…The fear is unfounded (but it is co-ordinated by our enemies…)

    • FossilFreedom

      Well, we do not need to invent the falsehood that uranium mining has EVER been done safely just to obtain prosperity. Every Uranium mine that has ever operated killed many of the miners with cancer, which of course ins VERY unsafe!
      If it is prosperity you want, then read on…and welcom to a brand-spanking-new 10 trillion dollar a yea,r Virginia-based US industry, if we just do the following:
      August 5-8, 2013 – Austin Convention Center,
      Austin, Texas

      NIWeek, the annual global conference on graphical system design, brings
      together more than 3,200 leading engineers and scientists across a spectrum of
      industries, from automotive to telecommunications to robotics to energy. They
      gather each year to learn new technology that provides disruptive competitive
      advantages when developing software-defined systems for measurement and
      control. Since its inception 19 years ago, NIWeek has delivered technical
      networking and instruction with interactive sessions by NI R&D engineers
      and guest lecturers; targeted industry summits; hands-on workshops; exhibitions
      on the latest advancements in design, research, and test; and keynote
      presentations from leading technology thought leaders. Past keynote speakers
      include Dr. Neil Gershenfeld of MIT Media, Dr. Michio Kaku of City College of
      New York, and Tim Samaras of Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers.” Past
      attendees include engineers, scientists, and executives from organizations such
      as Boeing, CERN, John Deere, ST-Ericsson, UC Berkeley, and hundreds more. Join
      us to learn how you can accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery with
      National Instruments.

      National Instruments, a major U.S. company that
      produces tools for engineers and scientists offers an annual ‘NI Week’ trade
      show, this year at the Austin Convention Center in

      National instruments is the major instrumentation
      provider for CERN.

      Francesco Celani, a physicist with the Italian
      National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Frascati, Italy, brought a LENR device
      he developed that uses hydrogen gas and a specially treated nickel wire.

      Daniel Rocha sums up the demo on
      Brian Wang’s NextBigFuture site with these details.

      Celani has shown that excess heat was produced during
      the conference for 6 hours, but it continued after the conference for 55 hours,
      up to the time when this email was sent. The short summary lists:

      -Celani’s demo reactor was turned on for about 6
      hours before NIWeek 2012 started, on Saturday.

      – On Sunday the demo reactor was brought to the NIWeek 2012 hall where it got
      turned on before 12:00 and *still is working*, so for a total of 55 hours as of

      – The reaction is stable. Peak excess heat power was 22W, currently stabilized
      at about 14W.

      – Testing performed in front of a wide audience.

      – Celani’s testing wire is made as a Cu-Ni-Mn alloy, a good sample that was
      already previously used 4 times by him at his labs in Frascati (Italy).

      The Fission Reactor was first done by an Italian., Enrico
      Fermi under the squash courts at the University of Chicago.

      Now another Italian has shown working that E=MC^2 energy
      production without radiation at the most prestigious Instrumentation and measurement company on planet earth; the USA’a own National Instruments Corp.

      Are we so-called innovative entrepreneurial free-enterprise Virginia conservatives going to continue to pledge allegiance to the backward-looking Heritage Foundation, NRC and obsolete fission establishment’s BS about fission
      being safe, and keep arguing about whether the radionuclides dancing on the fission pin-head are good or evil when we already agree for sure, that actinides are incredibly deadly when they get inside of us?.

      The annual NIWeek Conference in Austin, spearheaded by the
      National Instruments kicked off last August 6 where a video of an LENR research
      that produces anomalous heat effect was presented. University of Missouri
      Professor Rob Duncan showed an interesting video about his LENR research before an enthusiastic audience. In LENR events in the past days, Duncan has become one of the LENR enthusiasts talking about the influence of Fleischmann and Pons Effect to the recent LENR technologies. He has been presenting his device to the many forums and conferences on cold fusion/LENR in the hope to introduce the new technology to a wider audience.

      In his video, National Instruments’ Greg Morrow was also featured talking about the involvement of NI in measuring the anomalous heat effect. Duncan remains unperturbed by the skeptics and continues to prove the worth of the device presenting where the data brings it. At the National Instruments conference, Duncan is likened to a rock superstar taking the main stage spreading the good news that anomalous heat effect is not a work of fiction. With regard to the numerous criticisms he received, Professor Duncan underscored that it is important to follow the scientific method dispassionately and follow the data. This kind of attitude is what we need in order to be successful with the intention to bring the LENR research to its ultimate level.

      NIWeek conference featured the private company’s work in developing hardware and software used for measurement and control in science and engineering highlighting various activities like workshops, presentationsand exhibitions.
      NI has been involved in the development of LENR for many years now.
      As a matter of fact, they have been presenting new trends and developments
      featuring experts in the LENR field.
      The company has been deeply involved in working with LENR researchers around the world, according to the National Instruments Director of Science and Big Physics Segment Stefano Concezzi.

      The recently concluded NIWeek Conference also featured interesting discussions and presentations including:
      “The Quest for Alternative Energy—Anomalous Heat Effect (a.k.a. incorrectly, Cold Fusion)”,
      “The Status of CMNS/CF/LENR (Condensed Matter Nuclear Science/Cold-Fusion/Low Energy Nclear Reactions)Research at Kobe-Technova” by Akito Takahashi of Technova Inc.,
      “The Commercialization of LENR Technology” by Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy.

      Aside from the well-respected panelists, NIWeek also featured big names in LENR
      as presenters in the 30-minute seesion. They were Alexandros Xanthoulis, George Xanthoulis, James Dunn, John Hadjichristos and Symeon Tsalikoglou of Defkalion Green Technologies; Francesco Celani of INFN; Peter Hagelstein of MIT; and Frank Gordon retired of SPAWAR.(the Navy Research labs Space-Warfare Center)

      That’s right…the Naval Research Labs has been researching this for
      years secretly. In Fact the University of Utah reagents were so eager to take
      credit for this new energy breakthrough when they got a hint that one of their scholarswas working on it that they “Blew the Cover” back in 1989, so the whole thing was quickly discredited back then, to protect National Security interests.

      I have proof that Dr. Martin Fleishman was working secretly for the US Navy labs in 1997 two years before the University of Utah coined the erroneous term “Cold Fusion,” to use in its unauthorized press release.
      The truth is that this new technology in neither “Cold” (really quite hot…about 2,200 F Degrees), nor “Fusion” (actually a third type of Nuclear Reaction that is
      safe because it does not rely on the Strong Nuclear Force (Like Nuclear Fission
      and Nuclear Fusion do); instead evoking clean nuclear energy from the Weak
      Nuclear Force. I also have proof that Dr. Martin Fleishman continued working
      with the US Navy Space Weapons Labs (SPAWAR) many years after his work was supposedly debunked and discredited.

      I propose that Fiscally Conservative and environmentally conservative patriotic Virgiunians realize that the answer to prosperity in VA has now arrived, and reject the dogma and go with the scientific facts and travel that road to prosperity as follows…you will soon be very glad you did:

      1) New carbon nano-fiber production technologies have
      recently been discovered that could allow a revival of the Virginia textiles
      industry to once again prosper, by reconfiguring existing moribund textile
      plants in Roanoke Va, Martinsville VA, Danville VA, Hurt VA, Lynchburg VA and
      other economically depressed areas of VA. These very high temperature heat-resistant engineering fabrics are high value textiles that are increasingly sought , and urgently needed, in large quantities, for numerous applications such as heat shields for spacecraft, thermal management cooling systems in electronics and photonics and lasers, protection of aircraft and ships from directed energy weapons, ultrafast and high powered microchip production, ElectroMagnetic Pulse shielding, and for heat transfer in chemical reactors, Strong Nuclear-force fission reactors, Strong Nuclear-Force fusion reactors, Weak Nuclear-Force thermal and electrical power sources, and for the newly discovered Weak Nuclear-Force high temperature Condensed-Matter Plasmon-Polariton mass-defect energy production reactors

      2) The Newly discovered Condensed-Matter Weak-Force nuclear transmutation
      reactors will require large amounts of the high-temperature woven
      carbon-nanotube engineering textiles, for commercial production of millions of
      appliance-like Low Energy weak-force, non-fission clean, nuclear waste-free nuclear energy reactors designed to power individual homes, or apartment buildings, typically providing 10-25 Kilowatt-years per annum, slashing electric bills, reducing power grid and fossil-fuel dependency, and most importantly thereby creating an intense mass-market demand for high-temperature woven
      carbon-nanotube engineered textiles.

      3) Virginia has an opportunity to take the lead in the
      research and development of the critically needed thermal infrared energy
      emission nuclear core material for such newly discovered Condensed-Matter
      Weak-Force Nuclear Transmutation Reactors, which need to be very highly
      engineered textiles to excite and promote the controlled nuclear energy
      releasing reactions; particularly; for use as a combined structural support
      matrix, and high temperature/high energy-density infrared energy emitter surface
      at the heart of the newly discovered nickel-lattice reactor quasi-matter
      transmutation lattice for Condensed-Matter Plasmon Polariton controlled Weak
      Nuclear Force Ttransmutation mass–defect-to-infrared energy production and
      conversion process.

      4) The Newly discovered Condensed-Matter Weak-Force nuclear
      transmutation reactors will be required by NASA and private commercial
      spacecraft in the development and implementation of the Virginia Spaceport at
      Wallops Island VA, as well as other spacecraft launching locations, to allow
      for access to space without using chemical rockets which have a much lower
      specific impulse, compared to the super high specific impulse that the newly
      discovered quasi-matter / Condensed-Matter Plasmon –drive rocket engines will

      5) The same highly engineered thermal infrared energy
      emission nuclear core quasi-matter / Condensed-Matter Plasmon –Polariton reactor-core fabric material needed by NASA and private commercial spacecraft companies tolaunch Plasmon –drive rocket engines, can also be used by;

      a) The US Navy, should it choose to transition it’s nuclear
      fleet by replacing the soon to be obsolete nuclear fission reactors onboard,
      with lighter and more powerful , Uranium-free , Plutonium-free, and
      fission-product-free Weak-Nuclear Condensed-Matter Plasmon –Drive ship
      propulsion system that are intrinsically safe and therefore cannot release any
      ionizing radiation harmful to the crew or military operations in the event that
      ant enemy strikes a direct hit on a shipboard nuclear reactor.

      b) US military and commercial pure jet or turboprop-jet
      aircraft to vastly reduce the fuel loading of the airframe and vastly increase
      the payload. This can be accomplished by replacing the hydrocarbon fuel
      injection and combustion chamber in conventional Brayton-Cycle jet engines with
      a non-radioactive protium -nuclide mass-defect injection system and a Virginia-
      built thermal infrared energy emission Weak Nuclear-Force Condensed-Matter Plasmon–Drive fabric nuclear energy emitter core, to replace the combustion chamber and provide the same thermal energy, or even somewhat greater energy (as the old –fashioned hydrocarbon chemical fuel did) without the need for large
      amounts of nuclear fuel and thus vastly extending the aircraft range without

      c) Virginia-built unmanned Aerial Vehicles, (Drones) that
      can loiter for months at a time without refueling.

      d) Virginia-built Mass-Market Micro-turbine Weak-Nuclear Force
      Condensed-Matter Plasmon–Polariton Drive vehicular engines that can be used
      power automobiles, trucks, busses, and trains that rarely need refueling.

      e) Virginia-built Mass-Market Micro-turbine Weak-Nuclear
      Condensed-Matter Plasmon –Drive engines that can be used to power
      intrinsically-safe personal hovercraft and safe personal commuter aircraft,
      greatly reducing wear and tear on roads and highways, reducing highway
      maintenance costs and greatly recuing the need for new road construction.

      f) Allow for a “Bold Virginia Future Initiative” upgrade
      development of the Wallops Island Spaceport in VA, by upgrading it to become
      the world’s first Interplanetary Spaceport, allowing Virginia to open the
      “Virginia Interplanetary Space Portal” to lead the way to the true “New World” by
      providing the launch site and the very high specific- impulse Plasmon–Polariton
      Rocket-Drive engines required to create a fleet of “Interplanetary Ferries” to
      allow, initially scheduled flights to Luna and Mars, which using the new intrinsically-safe Nuclear Plasmon-drive rocket technology would allow travel from Earth
      to Mars in 3 to 10 days and return trips from Mars to Earth in 2 to 8 days;
      irrespective of the position of Mars with respect to Earth in their orbits
      around Sol.

      g) Allow Virginia to lead the world in exporting products
      designed to solve world energy shortages and eliminate or drastically reduce
      energy distribution infrastructure cost in the third world.

      h) Allow Virginia to lead the world in exporting products
      designed to solve world energy shortages, and eliminate greenhouse gas

      i) Allow Virginia to lead the world in exporting products
      designed to solve world energy shortages, and eliminate dangerous radionuclide
      gas and particle releases stemming from coal burning, oil refining, and natural
      gas fracking.

      j) Allow Virginia to lead the world in exporting products
      designed to solve world energy shortages, and eliminate dangerous toxic metals
      releases, and toxic metal vapor releases such as mercury vapor, stemming from
      coal burning, oil refining, and natural gas fracking.

      k) Allow Virginia to lead the world in developing methods to
      stop the accumulation of high level wastes at nuclear fission plans, to allow
      the conversion of the several hundred nuclear fission plants word-wide to the newly discovered Condensed-Matter Weak-Force Nuclear Transmutation Reactors, which will need to use the very highly engineered Virginia-made textiles to promotethe nuclear energy releasing reactions. The Conversion will be simple… just decommission the old fission reactor boiler and reroute the turbine steamsupply pipes to a new Virginia-built Condensed-Matter Weak-Force Nuclear
      Transmutation Reactor.

      Allow Virginia to lead the world in
      developing methods to stop the proliferation of fissile nuclear fuel that can
      be used to make atomic bombs. By allowing the use of Virginia-made materials in
      the conversion of the several hundred nuclear fission plants word-wide to the
      newly discovered Condensed-Matter Weak-Force Nuclear Transmutation Reactors, Virginians can help make Virginia and Earth, hopefully, a safer and more peaceful Commonwealthand planet, respectively.
      Best Regards,
      Patrick Ward


  • Lorene Womble

    Absolutely not. No one can guarantee the safety. Mining uranium would be a death sentence for Southside Virginia.

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