Virginia Legislative Black Caucus doing Saslaw’s dirty work?

Last week, Sen. Mamie Locke (D-Hypberbole) was railing about a “revolution” that Democrats supposedly couldn’t sleep through. This week, she and other members of the Virginia Black Legislative Caucus gathered in Richmond to chant “No Justice, No Peace!”

What has Sen. Locke in such full-throated rage that she’s willing to toss aside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s advocacy of civil disobedience and passive resistance in order to raise the rhetoric to a level with violent overtones?

Adding a minority-majority district.

Apparently the notion of having another minority senator in the state senate is just too much for black senators like Locke, Marsh, McEachin and Lucas to bear, despite it being an excellent platform to launch successful campaigns for higher office (Rep. Bobby Scott and former Gov. Douglas Wilder were both State Senators when elected to these positions) and ensuring greater say in minority representation in government positions, such as judges.

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  • Cute. So conservatives, heretofore advocates of a colorblind society, are now supporters of race based redistricting? Don’t be surprised if that comes back and bites you in the behind on other issues.

  • Doug Knack

    Seriously? If the Republicans did this to advance the cause of minority/minority districts, why didn’t they do it at the cost of one of their own. If you believe something is valuable for all, you should be willing to sacrifice somethng of your’s to accomplish it. Again, seriously?

  • Larsele

    Not shocking that the historically racist Democrat party would quietly work to ensure a new minority majority district didn’t see the light of day.

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