Henrico and Chesterfield meals tax bill passes Senate

Senator Don McEachin’s bill to give Henrico and Chesterfield counties the ability to impose a meals tax without first putting it to a voter referendum passed the full Senate yesterday 23-17. That the measure would garner some Republican support is not entirely surprising, and the floor arguments over the measure from proponents were predictable.

What was of some interest, though, was the vote tally. Republican AG hopeful Mark Obenshain was against the bill, was Republican lieutentant governor candidate Steve Martin. But joining them was Henrico Sen. Walter Stosch, who also happens to be my Senator. Voting for the measure was Stosch’s one-time ally in the GOP tax hiking caucus, Sen. Tommy Norment. have the bonds of old frayed a bit? Or is it just an instance of local politics (and 2015 politics) raising its head?