And a little child shall lead us…

This week President Obama nailed his 23 Theses to the door of the National Archives. He’s apparently got some problems with the Constitution. He did this in the company of children who had written to him asking him to do something about guns, saying “Their voices should compel us to change.”

Look it’s understandable that children get scared. After all, we adults get scared as well. Children get emotional. Children tug at our heart strings. No one is denying that the events in Sandy Hook wreaked havoc on our emotions.

But while our children (yes, I’m a father) are many wonderful things in our lives, they are not Hollywood props. Nor are they policy advisors.

As Rich Lowry wrote: We can safely assume that the kids onstage with Obama don’t have a fine-grained sense of the limits of gun control or a proper regard for the Second Amendment. That’s OK, though — neither does he.

With this week’s event, Barack Obama has completed his transition into Jimmy Carter. After all, Carter turned to young Amy for advice about nookular weapons.

It’s hard, really, not to compare Obama to other self-important men who have used children as marketing props to spread their propaganda. But in fairness, the comparison to Carter is bad enough.

It’s rather callous to suggest that the Obama Administration welcomes events such as Sandy Hook, but they certainly wasted no time in standing on the graves of 26 children and adults to advance their Constitution destroying agenda. After all, you can only kill Osama bin Laden so many times.

The larger point is that nothing in his list of 23 executive actions would really have stopped what happened in Connecticut.

Meanwhile, we’ve never really heard all the truth about Benghazi and no one is really sure what’s going on in Algeria.

No one in the main stream media will call Obama out for this, any more than they did for telling his campaign supporters “if they bring a knife, we bring a gun.” No, they’d rather spend their time castigating Sarah Palin for shopping at Target. Work with me.

What we’ve heard instead is the President whining about the conservative media being mean to him.

The President didn’t just surround himself with children this week. He surrounded himself with his peers.

I miss the days when grownups were in charge.