Cuccinelli book “The Last Line of Defense” to hit shelves Feb. 12

Ken Cuccinelli will join the ranks of politician/authors, with the publication, on February 12th, of “The Last Line of Defense.” The publisher’s blurb says the book “…provides a behind-the-scenes account of the myriad of legal battles in which our states were the only instruments of resistance to federal abuses of power. It is a must-read for every patriot.”

The folks at Politico take a slightly different approach, saying that it will play right into Democrats’ hands as they seek to portray the AG as a snake handling Visigoth.

The most intriguing thing to me is Ken’s co-author: my old colleague, and Cuccinelli’s communications director, Brian Gottstein. Politico goes out of its way to play-up Brian’s libertarian bent (because “libertarians” rank right up alongside “fifth columnists” in the lexicon of political evil).

Yup, Brian believes in liberty and, horrify as it may be to some, has advocated for its expansion.

My only real beef is that he didn’t tell me he was working on this project. But now he should be prepared for the inevitable questions: did he do any of this work on the state’s time, was he compensated for it, etc. I have asked those questions, and will be posting the answers once they are in hand.

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