Cuccinelli and McAuliffe have over $1 million

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (who, on Monday, became the presumptive Republican nominee with no other candidates filing) and Democrat Terry McAuliffe (who still faces the prospects of a primary) reported their final 2012 numbers yesterday and both came in with more than $1 million to operate their campaigns.

Cuccinelli has $1,178,624 in the bank, as of Dec. 31 and McAuliffe, $1,039,740.

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  • pinecone321

    I wonder what it is costing McAuliffe to run an add implying that Cuccinelli wants to ban birth control, and falling right in line with the liberal position that the Republicans are “waging war on women.” I’m sure that is what you were referring to Brian S, in a reply to me elsewhere.

    I have no idea how the website ad revenue thing works. It has been appalling to me though to go to my daily stops on many Republican/conservative sites and see his misleading if not outright false add against Cuccinelli displayed proudly, by those that proudly claim to be Republican/conservative. I look to the right and see Cuccinelli’s scoffing face and misleading info about him, and read an article to the left slamming the liberals for all of their lies and deceit. I can only assume that those ad revenues must be pretty significant, so much so as to make it worth it to run attack ads against the very same people/party they claim to support. I wonder if the liberal supporting websites run ads slamming their candidates, or their positions. I am all for everyone making money, Lord knows in the Obama economy that’s getting increasingly difficult, but eating your own for a few dollars just doesn’t justify that source of revenue.

    I have an idea. How about someone starting an ad selling source where website owners can choose Democrat or Republican ads, or just advertising products. I’d put money on that being a very successful venture.

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